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~The son of Oogie Boogie~

© N.B.C. fan freak

Well this story about the son of the great Oogie Boogie. Louie is his name and he came back from the real world just for jack. He had a grudge on Jack ever since he can remember. Now that he is here, he plans to stay and rule the holiday of Halloween day.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

The son of oogie boogie

~ Louie memory~

Time has past, not much though. I still remember that skellington fellow. I rather not remember what happened to the world and me. I think I should leave it be. However, I still wonder about Jack. He did try to make me have a nice vacation. At least he had good intentions. Well I better get back. Christmas is around the corner. And I think Halloween town needs Jack.

"Well, finally a plan that decent enough to work." The son of Oogie said in a childish voice, as he looked at the piece of paper he just wrote on. "Well master only your genius could of written a plan like that," said the three evil henchmen in unison as they took the paper from Louie in a rush. "I think it time to start getting my revenge on Jack, for taking the only thing in my life that really cared for me. That bone man is going to pay for what he did, Boogie said in a frustrated voice as he pointed to the door. Go and follow task number 1 and do not fail me you three or I will make sure you will suffer the same torture I will give to jack." Boogie said and the three henchmen took off running knowing they were about to get in trouble if they did not. But Lock stopped when he noticed he had only written two tasks only. Then he left with a confused look.

Louie was never a bad kid, he was just brought down with disaster all his life. Louie had been born like no other kid in Halloween town. His father made him of course but not the way we all think. Well before Oogie, meet Lock, Shock, and Barrel. He was a lonely gambler in Halloween town. Always by himself cursing at Jack because he had everything Oogie wanted.

He had fame fortune and the whole world, sure, Oogie had those entire things except for the world, but he would have that too someday. Well one day he was checking over the list of thought and saw something that was obvious to any person, Jack did not have any children. It seemed that Oogie took this as a gain. Making the pumpkin king miserable knowing that the least father like person in the world had a son and Jack did not, made Oogie mad with happiness. Therefore, he created one. He looked just like his father but skinnier and smarter.

After a month he was created, Louie learned everything that his father knew. Therefore, his father showed him off to everyone in town. He especially showed Jack. Jack did not really care, he was to busy and cranky cause he did not get a well disserve sleep, because of that annoying Mayor.

"Jack look at my son, is he not the scariest little thing you ever did see." Oogie said as he shoved his son towards Jack. "Oogie he looks just like you and frankly I do not think you are scary at all." Jack said as he was writing down thing on his desk. Oogie could not believe what he was just told. He was so blinded by rage he took jack by the by his suite shirt and swung him around and slammed him against the wall. Jack recovered quickly, and jumped on Boogie head and ripped a seam, and half of his bugs came out. Louie was horrified and ran to his father aid. "Take them away I do not want them to step another foot on this town." Jack said to the Halloween cops as they entered the room. "Yes master." One of the ghost cops said. As he and his partner took them both and sent them home. One holding the sack that was now half way filled with bugs.

After that, Oogie could not stand having his son suffer like that. "Louie you must go I can no longer have you with me and suffer to see your father death." Oogie said trying to reattach himself. "Father please I wont let you die." Louie said as he helped his father. "Louie I want you to go to the real world and scare all the children for me, that the only way I can help you ok." "But father why can I not stay and live with you." Louie said crying between the words. "Louie you would never understand go know before I disown you." Oogie said in a mean way but crying too. "Fine I will leave." Louie said as he took of into the night. After that, they had never seen each other, even if he was still alive, thank to himself because he repaired his own body. But Oogie did not want his son in reality he just created him just to show off, but he did not know why he cried that day with his son, maybe he did have feeling, but it is to late to think about that now he is dead.

After 5 month had past, Oogie meet Lock, Shock and Barrel. They were about 6 year old except for barrel he was five. Anyways Oogie took them in because they were all alone when he found them in the woods, he promised them that no one would leave them again and that they can do what ever they pleased but they had to obey him. Therefore, they agreed having no other choice and that pretty much what happen.

"Well, what the first thing on that list." Shock said as she tried to take the paper from lock right when they reached the gate. "Here have it." Lock said as he tried to stuff the paper in her mouth. "Hey, quit you two the mayor calling a town meeting." Barrel said as he saw the hearse car past by. "Well task number 1 is finished. Shock said as she looked at the paper in an angry manner. It said we had to wait for the next town meeting." "Well that was fast, so what next?" Asked Barrel an anxious voice. "It says we have to be in that stupid meeting and report with what we know about it." Said Shock as she folded the paper and put it in her pocket. "So what are we waiting for, let's go before Barrel does something stupid." Lock said as he took of to town hall laughing the way there. "Hey, what that so post to mean." Barrel said as he and shock took off running to catch up with Lock.

"Well Sally how do I look?" Jack said as he turned away from the bathroom mirror and looked at his roommate. "It looks good, I thought I never finish that piece of clothing. Sally said as she turned from Jack and looked at her hands." "What wrong Sally." Jack asked as he went to comfort his friend. "Nothing, I was just wondering why I cannot go to the town meeting with you." Sally said in a way that made Jack fell pity for her. "Sally I told you it is a surprise, if I told you it wont be a surprise anymore, Jack said as he held her hand and gave her a kiss on it when he finished his last word. Please sally trust me I want this to be special for you, ok. Jack said as he let go of her hand and went to get his suitcase. Sally I will come back ok, why don't you and Zero spend quality time and play fetch or something, I will be back before you know it." Jack said as he ran out the door and slammed it shut, and took a normal pace again right after the door closed. "Sigh, I will never tell her at this rate, at least the town meeting is keeping me on track." Jack said as he saw the people of his town gather around outside of town hall.

"How am I going to keep this away from Sally?" Jack said as he took something from his coat pocket. "I want this to be a big surprise but how am I going to hide this little thing from her she is clever." Jack said to himself as he made a smile and put his present away. "Well I better make this town meeting work out or all my planes will go down the drain."

Well what will happen in town meeting with boogie boys being there and what is jack trying to hide from sally, and what is this whole meeting about anyways, only one way to find out.

So how was it tell me please R&R please.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

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