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Proposals of A Different Kind

© JackAndSally4Ever

A short ficlet of how Jack proposes his love for Sally... Rated G for fluffness! XD
There isn't much to say about love once the invitation becomes evident in a situation like this. Jack had never felt it until an exact year ago, on Christmas eve. Even then he was still delirious, holding her in an overwhelming embrace. Lips locked, Sally's long arms wrapped around his slender neck, Halloween Town was forgotten, the very earth they were standing on disappeared, they were lost in a sea of stars, delirious to those outside of their kiss. Jack remembered that night one year later, as clear as if it were just yesterday.

The pumpkin king stepped lively among the weeds of the graveyard, fingers interlaced with undoubtably the most beautiful woman Halloween Town had ever embraced. She watched him with a smirk, doe eyes set on the back of his skull as they made their way towards Moonlight Hill....the very hill they had set together on, gazing up at the stars last Eve of Christmas. It was mid evening, the sun was barely beginning to set in the horizon, meaning Christmas was about to arrive.

Jack, honestly, after all of his preperation... felt light headed, almost sick. He had hoped his demenor and kingly staight would be on mind, but ironically it was set aside for...her. All for her, Sally. She is what made him feel this way... not sickly or in despair, but she made him feel...complete. In a sense, this is what he'd been longing for all of those lonely From another creature. Not praise for him being a king, not longing to be with him simply because of his place in Hell.... Sally loved him for who he was. Jack Skellington.

"Jack, what is this about?" Sally giggled as he patted the ground beside him. The king had already taken a seat on the foot of the hill, and was relieved when Sally made way by his side.

"Sally..." Jack looked into her eyes.... feeling even more dizzy than before. He managed a smile, followed by a deep gulp.

"You are..." Thank heavens he couldn't blush, Jack thought. He smiled at her cuteness, her lips pursed in thought as she looked to him with confusion. "What is it, Jack?"

Jack closed his eyes. "I love know that? Deeply, Sally. I dont think any he monster in this world could ever be happier."

Sally stiffled a smile. He managed a smile too, as she moved her body closer to his. "You make me complete too." She drew long, dark bangs away from her cheek and lay against Jack's shoulder. He smiled, nuzzling her scalp. "I brought you here...because I wanted to talk." Jack felt the small box in his chest pocket, glancing down at Sally to see if she had noticed.

She just lay there, content as can be. He smiled at that... how he could give so much to such a pretty girl... such a timid ragdoll, falling in love with the fearless king of Halloween. He slipped a long arm around her stomach, careful not to alarm her. Her smile grew.

"You've come for somthing important, haven't you Jack?"

Jack felt a little uneasy at her words, as she glanced up at him. She sat up, fixing her collar. "Are bone demons really this overawe?"

"Sally..." Jack held her hands and slowly stood up.

"Sally... Finkelstien."

Sally frowned. "It sounds better.... with Skellington."

Jack gasped a little, Sally just giggling pleasantly. She carefully set his arms back against his side. She gave him the most pleasing smile he had ever seen... his heart almost melted in the beauty of it. He wanted to kiss her.... no, no, Jack... moving too far ahead of yourself.

The moment was perfect. His ragdoll was waiting. With trembling fingers, Jack produced a small, black box from his coat pocket. Sally's eyes widened, her lips gasping for breath as it opened. Inside was a small, silver ring, with a tiny embeded ruby in the center. She could feel tears in her eyes, Jack, the same, as he took it out of its cushiony frame.

"It...was my mothers. She wanted me to give it to the one I loved... which is you, Sally."

"Jack..." Sally whispered. "Jack...I..."

"Sally? Do you... do you want to marry me? To be my wife, my queen? To bare the future children of Halloween.... to be with me until the end of eternity?"

Sally didn't know what to was happening so fast. In a furry of heart beats, she did what she felt. "Always, Jack, always!" She threw herself into his arms and drew her lips to his. Jack's eyes widened as she let go, giving him her hand. He carefully slipped it through her ring finger, and returned to the safety of her arms.

A perfect fit....

"I love you, Sally." Jack whispered. He felt he could never let go.

"Forever?" Sally whispered.




Was it cute, you guys? I hope so XD just a random quick story i felt like writing. I hope you liked it! Please r and r!!!

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