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Sally, a ragdoll; waits for her dearest friend; Jack to come back as the Mayor tries to presuade her to choose a plan for the upcoming halloween.
It has been fifty-five days since the last halloween. My dearest friend has once again gone looking for discoveries to make halloween much better. I never knew how much I would miss him. I work on the plans of this year's halloween with the mayor. I never noticed how much my heart yearns for him. Without him I feel like a doll tossed aside. I can't decide on these plans without him at my side, she thought. He was her tall long skeleton.

It has been two years since he decided to ruin a holiday named Christmas. The ragdoll shook her head. She was thinking about her friend again who has been gone for awhile. She looked down on the plans again. "I can't do this," she muttered. She rolled the plans up and looked out the window. She sighed as she remembered last halloween and what came after that.

"Sally, I'm leaving." he told her. "Where to?" she asked. He looked away. "It doesn't matter." he said. She watched him leave Spiral Hill. A white dog with a pumpkin nose barked. "Zero please follow Jack." she told the ghost dog as it stopped by her. "I think we are all in trouble if he leaves." she told the ghost dog. The ghost dog barked and sped on his way to follow his master.

There was a knock on the door. She shook the memory out of her head. She opened the door. "Hello Sally," the creature at the door. He was an odd figure. He was short and chubby. He had two faces, she knew but his happy face was facing her at the moment. "Have you decided on the halloween plans?" he asked. "Shouldn't we wait-" she was interupted. "He's not here is he? You decide." he told her and invited himself in.

She closed the door and sighed. The townsfolk made the plans. Two different plans while the pumpkin king was away. It seems that he was always away now. They couldn't wait any longer. The needed to start on the plans-whichever she picked. They needed to start working right away. "None will make Jack happy. Both plans are not scary enough." she said to the creature. "Nonsense!" he said. "Mayor! We must wait for Jack!" she said. "Well then," he said and paused. "If he is not back by Friday then at the next town meeting we shall choose!" he said as his face turned depressed. With that he left.

She wandered back into her bedroom. "Oh Jack where are you?" she whispered. She took out the plans again. "Only you can make these plans much better Jack." she said sadly. She sighed and looked away. She walked over to her bed and sat down. Maybe I should check on Zero, she thought. She agreed to herself that a night walk would calm down her nerves.

She began to walk to Spiral Hill. The one place her dearest friend and herself shared. She stopped at Zero's grave and knocked on the ghost dog's grave. He barked. "Hi Zero," she said and petted the ghost dog. She smiled to herself as they continued to Spiral Hill. She saw a tall skeleton at Spiral Hill. "Jack! Jack!" she cried. She ran up on top of the hill. He vanished. "No," she said quietly. The ghost dog barked. She curled into a ball and cried. Maybe this halloween the pumpkin king decided to take a vacation....
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