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What is Hope?

© SoraSkellington

Things turn for the worse. And its all proven in this chapter of pain.
He boldly went through the door, as he longed for something.
A purpose.
As to why a simple door had to do with Sora. He made it a note to himself that he would, indeed, find out about Sora, and her connection to the door.
His heart pounded rapidly, as he knew this was it.
The one door out of them all.
The one that would lead him to Sora's destiny.
Courage grew upon him, as he went to reach for the door. When suddenly, its knob vanished.It transformed itself into a keyhole.
A keyhole to darkness and yet, something other than it. Then he heard it, the beating of a heart.

He got a sick, twisted feeling to his gut. As though all the pain in the world was pressuring upon him.With no clue whatsoever, as to oppose to what was happening. Instinctively, he grabbed the area where his stomach used to be. It was overwhelming him like Sora's unknown pain.
Jack was unconscious so he never saw the hurt in her heart, unleashing itself. And even though she hid it from everyone, he could see a very faint image of her.

Grabbing her heart.
He could feel the blood trickling down her fingers.
See her, just struggling to free herself of this assault within.
She wanted it to end.

" Please......," he heard her cry," stop it.....thy father Poseidon...what have I done? You told me, when I was only five, to use the attack in emergency. I did, and..........and....I just done so to save my friends.....and...and my love........for he knows who thou he I ask of you..........please........hear me.......stop this....please......"

He saw her let go of her heart.
Those lovely eyes of her meet the darkness, as she collapsed in her own agony.

" SORA!"

He jolted his bony hand away from his heart only to realize, the miserable pain was defeated.Yet, in the very center, was a drop of blood.
He ignored that, as he stood.
The keyhole in his wake and there, through the shadows, he saw something.

A sunset.
Bloody scarlet with a hint of murder and pink for the love that once surpassed all.Its yellow resembled the very morning, her father died. A true ruler to his word. The waves now thrashing violently, as though trying to say something. They kept at it, as a small, floating island appeared.
Not that distant in the sky.

He desired to touch and grab her destiny. For it started out mysterious but curiously beautiful.

And then, clouds of black loomed over the glowing,rising sun. Like the keyhole of hell, they burned with ashes of the departed. For the departed were not always the hated. In this case, they were.
A palace of silvery blue, appeared upon the island. It hit the ground with the roar of an explosion.
And from that place, emerged a shadowy being. Unkown to all, as it walked slowly, more alikely trudged, towards the end.Meteors and stars began to fall from the darkness clouds.

" Did you really kill your father or did Osiris"
The human of black shaded whispered in a manner of question.

" I - I don't know"
A random voice replied, it sounded stunned, horrifed. With an eternal tremble.

" Well, you should................Sora."

The figure grinned evilly.Jack observed the malicious twist to the fiend's face. For whatever it was, it lifted a crossbow towards the sky.
The bow in one hand, the weapon in the other, she began to chant something. The second time, Jack was able to make it out. It was a prayer to the gods and goddesses.

" Oh thy Mars, I wish for you to help me slay. Slay the forgotten who should be destroyed!

And to you, greatest Poseidon! I wish upon your arrow to strike thy hated to thy very soul!"

Then, he felt his heart, just drop.
Like shattered glass to a hardwood floor of elegant loathe.

He saw her, Sora.
Just falling.

- " You're giving me too many things
Lately, you're all I need............"-

He began to understand why she sang that to him when he was hurt.
All she could do was smile at him, as he trusted her. Then all he could do, was faint. Confront the darkness and lose.

He was giving her too many adventures, he was all she needed to seal her heart. But now, that it was torn in half due to the monstoursity of the dead villain.
But was her emotion torn?

The arrow was shot at Sora and it all faded away, as Jack saw it nearly penetrate Sora's flesh. Leading into the sharpened edge to dive into her heart. And making her die.
The effect of seeing her demise affected him, as the darkness brought him to his knees.

" SORA!!!!!!!!!!!!"

He tried to touch the keyhole. But when he did, it was worse than before.
The shadows dragged him down, taking him to a world of the future. Not of his world, but somewhere so close to him, yet so forgotten.
It was cold, barren.
Just like a world seen in a simple minded video game. He was nearly buried in the frozen field.Everywhere was the white glory of nature, leaving him defenseless to the darkness.
He was only in his pinstrip outfit, as he forced himself to stand.

Somewhere music sounded its tune

A dove gave its call


A single leaf fell from its perch on a maple tree.
But to Jack, it was just a memory.

Long since past.

And now, a faint barking was heard. He had been walking for more than an hour and he felt himself nearly on the verge of death. The snow, beating aganst his arms. They crossed over each other, as he was desperate for that warm feeling again. He always had that whenever he was around Sora or Sally.
He loved them both, but now, he wondered..........where was Sally?
Sora said she gone missing.
Come to think of it, where was Sora?

Where was anyone?
Where was he?

That barking grew louder, as for a moment a firey feeling seared across his body. He let himself go for a minute,only to feel a quick hard breath of freedom.
He enjoyed it while it lasted, as he now felt himself.
In a way, falling, as Sora, even though she trudged through the snowy fields.

The barking was so close to him, as he managed to whisper out one single message.He wished Sora was there, like she usually was.
To catch him when he fell.
All those times. From the failure of Christmas domination to now.

Moving slowly in the snow, looking for her.
He loved her as a young sister and didn't want anything terrible to happen to her. If so, he'drescue her, and triumph of course! But now, he was losing it.
Losing it all.

" Zero? Come here me......."

His arms feel to his sides. He sucked in all the energy he had, as he bellowed aloud for her. His little sibling.

" SORA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Harsh winds answered him back and as though one got him in his weak spot, he fell forward.
Once again meeting the darkness.
Fainting again.

And maybe this time, never to awaken again.
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