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Every Star in the Sky

© SoraSkellington

How does Jack spend his Christmas? Well, he's not taking over it. He's not ruining it. He's doing it?
Jack's POV

Now this had been my second Christmas after I,well, tried to dominate it last year.But now, I'm over it, and so I figured to celebrate Christmas with the woman I love.
Of course I knew what gesture to do upon that night to come.

It was December thirteenth and I had to go see my friend in Christmas Town, after all it was drawing close to the day. When I arrived everyone seemed so horrified by my appearance, I still wonder why they were afraid of me. I mean, I'm just a nice, harmless skeleton.

So when I arrived at my friend, Sandy Claws' house, he looked like he had just seen a ghost.Now that really sent me into curiosity. I'd thought he'd be used to seeing his old friend, Jack around. But apparently not. I wonder if he forgot me from that one year?

Now being the nice man he was, he let me into his house. Of course I had to get down

( not that way! Sora : I wish though. LOL)

or else the small doorframe would've hit me in the skull. He had pondered on what I was doing here in Christmas Town, he probably figured I ran out of people to scare.

Well, Mr.Claws, I proved you wrong.

I had told the leader of Christmas what I planned to do this holiday, and of course I had to ask him if I could borrow a few things.He told me, as long, as I tried not to take over Christmas, it was ok. Originally I didn't plan to take over Christmas this year or ever again.

When it was December twenty-fifth, I made a real scene on that day. All just to impress her, my wife.I made the doctor make three reindeer, while everyone else helped me with the outfit, and the sleigh. As I gave the feeling to Sally that I, Jack the Pumpkin King, would try to take over Christmas, yet again.

Oh how wrong she was.

It all kicked off at eight, Sally had just filled the fountain with Fog Juice, just like I knew she would. And just before the fog blocked my view, I took off, with Zero leading the way. It was now a nightmare beyond a nightmare towards her. Yet I did feel a bit concerned, leaving Sally in a worried state, but I was positive that she would be surprised by what my actions led me to next.

An hour or two later, I returned to Halloween Town. Sally was was outside waiting for me, or so I saw from the glorious view from where the stars were.Luckily no one was around when I arrived back to my home, so I concluded that it was late. Instead of landing where the platform was, I landed in front of my house.

" Jack, how did it go?"

" Trust me my dear, Christmas isn't over yet!"

With that, I took her hand, and led her up to my room. As we began to climb the stairs her mood came on, I could tell by the gleam in her luminous eyes. When we reached my room, something was bound to go right or wrong. I could just sense it in the air.

" I'll get changed into something more for the mood."

" Don't. "

She sexually walked up to me, as she pulled put her mouth to the right side of my skull. I was utterly surprised by this, seeing that this wasn't like Sally at all.Or maybe it was, I honestly didn't know. Considering she was always a mystery to me, that's why I loved her. Because she was always unexpected and for who she was. A ragdoll with heart.

She continued again, in that sexy tone I adored so much. I was too timid to reveal it. Well,not now at least.

" You already look sexy as you are, my Pumpkin King."

" Sally, what's gotten into you?"

I was practically sweating. Her hot breath against my skull, it just sent chills down my spine.I never felt like this before, except when I discovered Christmas Town, but this was different!
Maybe this was the change I've been searching for. Maybe it was useless to take over Christmas. All along I could've done this with just a single understanding person! If only I just looked hard enough to see her, standing by my doorway.
My thoughts stopped when her sexy,sweet voice cut through them like a knife.

" Nothing.Why ever do you ask, Jack?"

I now saw her.
Her slim figure, going up to my curtains, and closing them tight.
Only then, I felt my heart jump, and my chest perspire. There was a wildfire going on inside me and I just couldn't stop it! I was helpless, as before I knew it, she was on top of me. I could feel the springy mattress under me, as a I felt a new sensation enter my body.

But I didn't feel it until she undid the zipper to my Santa suit.

That's when it hit me, I was supposed to wear my normal suit underneath my Santa one.
Turns out, I forgot to put it on.

Soon, it felt like all life was being drawn from me.
All from just one place, where she was.
My life was being transferred to her, and from every she suck she too. ( Oops did I just give it away?)

" Sally, don't...stop."

" You want me to stop the fun we're having?"

She climbed up so we could meet eyes. For a moment I swallowed the last grip of life I had left in me. But those 5 minutes just felt so good, yet so tempting. Did I dare myself to say stop to her?

Of course not.

Because before I answered she drained the rest of life in me.
Then, she began to devour my soul. She realized because the sensation grew inside her,only the to die when the final drop of my soul was in me.

So she stopped.

" My turn, ragdoll?"

"'ll just have to wait."

Next thing I knew, she ripped off my shirt. My bare chest, exposed to her grace.
I felt her skin, rubbing up against it, as before I knew, we were lip locked in a passionate kiss.
This was most the love since the night we confessed our love on the spiral hill.
That was the perfect night of our lives.
And now, it was like reliving it.

Soon I felt her kisses, dotting my face with her hot peppermint breath. Luscious lips my paradise, oh, they were like stars shooting from heaven.
Then, we locked one last time, for the ultimate kiss of the night.
My urge broke, as I began to mess up her hair, running my fingers through it.She didn't care, as she placed her fingers on my chest.

At last, when the chain of battling lips broke, I gabbed her by her forearms, and flipped her over.

" My turn."

" Wait a minute."

" No, I'll take care of that, now little missy."

I could see the wonder in her eyes and I almost felt the emotions racing through her mind. She let her grin of sexiness transform into an eager smile, as I slid her dress off her body. It was unbelievable.
Through the stitches, there was a perfect, beautiful woman.

" Jack, what's wrong?"

" Nothing. I just never saw you like this."

" Do you like it?"

" I love it."

Sally's POV

I felt his hands go all over, as I felt helpless. But I adored it. He was like a spider on a single web of glass. Crawling all over it, until it ended. And to think, he was going to take over Christmas.
In all reality, he's proving that we should celebrate Christmas more like this. In the bed, sharing quality time together as a couple.

I soon felt his head weave through my breasts, biting them at some points but I felt no pain. I was used to this because I was Doctor Finkelstein's little fuck toy.
Then, at last, I saw his jet black eye sockets glaring down upon my form. We kissed again, as before I knew it, I saw a little box on the night stand.

" Condoms?"

" Why would we need them my ragdoll?"

I knew it.
This was sex.
The paradise I awaited all my life ever since I was 14. But now, look at me, I'm only 19!
Five years of dreaming, now a Halloweenish reality.
This was perfect.
This is my fantasy in the flesh. Hm, bone more alikely.

When it was all over, all I remember is the sight of him shoving his skeletal manhood up my area. That and the taste of what teenagers call it, "frosting."

" Merry Christmas, Sally. Did you like your gift?"

He asked me with a calm tone.

" It was more than I expected to be. But I adore it."

" Sally?"

" Yes?"

" I love you."

" I figured, but I love you too, my Pumpkin King."
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