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The Addams Family Crossover

© S.R.C.

This is a story of two girls who long for something great in their lives. Friday Skellington, daughter of Jack and Sally, longs to explore and discover new things. Wednesday Addams, who was bullied by the "normal" kids at school, longs for a true friend. What happens when these two girls meet and have to face an evil that threatens to destroy everyone they know and love? Can they defeat him and save thier loved ones? Read and find out.
(P.S. I don't own TNBC or the Addams Family)
The Nightmare Before Christmas © Tim Burton
The Addams Family © Charles Addams

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Halloween Town, October 1st:

It was a cool morning in the town of Halloween. The jack-o-lanturn sun gave light to the still sleepy town. It wasn't until an hour latter that Town Square began to grow busy with monsters doing their daily routines and the little ghoul children on their way to school for the day. Cemetary School (which looked like a stone mausoleum but the size of an average house) wasn't that far away, so most kids walked.

At Skellington Manor, an 8-year old skeleton girl with reddish brown hair pulled back into a pony-tail with a bat bow walked out the door. Her ragdoll mother, Sally, who was at the doorway, waved and said, "Good-bye sweetheart! Have a good day at school."

"Thanks, Mama. Bye!" The girl's voice sounded just as sweet as her mother's. She skipped down the stairs and pushed the gates open.

Friday Skellington was in a very good mood. She was happy that today was the first day of October, the month of her beloved holiday, Halloween. She loved it, the whole horror season. Of course everyday is Halloween where she lives and they prepare for the upcoming October 31st every single day; but when October hits, they really pull it together and get ready. Friday loved to watch the celebration on the night of Halloween, where all the monsters would sing and scare and the grand finale of her father catching on fire, jumping into the fountain, and rise in his skeleton form.

On her way to school, she stopped by the Water Fountain. She just stood there and stare at it, fantasizing about her future. Friday dreamed of doing the finale when she was old enough. She could see herself now: as a scarecrow, set ablaze, jumping into a fountain and rise as a skeleton. She could practically hear the singing and cheering.

"This Halloween has been the most horrible yet! Thank you everyone!" she would say.

However, only the ruler, the Pumpkin King, could do it and Friday was too young. She couldn't really do much in the celebration except sing-along. Although, she would try to scare a few monsters on Halloween and every now and then for practice. Friday couldn't wait to grow up and be a great leader like her father.

Friday was so happy that she skipped and sang quietly to herself, her favorite song that she would sing on Halloween night. She would sing it over and over again and never got tired of it.

Friday stopped abruptedly when she reached the main gate entrance. Cementary School was in the Graveyard, not far from the gate but still on the other side. For the first time that morning, Friday frowned in disappointment. Usually that gates opened when anyone was near, but the gates never opened when Friday was near. Friday never knew why the gates didn't open for her, but it made her frustrated. She asked her parents about it, but they dodged the question, which made Friday curious and more frustrated.

"Greetings, Friday," said a voice.

Friday turned and saw one of her best friends, Vicki, gliding towards her with an umbrella in her hand. Of course, when she came near the gate it open. Friday supressed a scowl, but smiled when she saw Vicki. When she caught up with Friday, they walked to school together.

"Hi Vicki! How was your weekend?"

Vicki sighed. "Okay I guess. But my four uncles ar driving me batty. I love them, but they're too hard on me. My four uncles keep telling me what to do and teaching me proper vampire manners. I just don't feel like I'm ready to learn all of that yet. I'm only 8, not 1,000 years old like they are."

"It'll be alright Vicki. I'm sure they mean well. I think they just want you to be the best vampire you can be."

Vicki smiled reassuringly. "You're right Friday."

"Aren't I always?" Friday joked. "Now come on! We don't want to be late for school." She grabbed Vicki's hand and ran for the door. When they got to class, they sat next to their other friend, Luka.

"Hi guys! I love your outfit Friday," she complimented. Friday wore a black long-sleeved shirt with ruffled wrist cuffs, a black-and-white pinstripe dress, black leggings, white socks and black shoes.

"Thanks Luka. How was your weekend?

"Pretty good. My two aunts gave me my very own potion-making kit and a new witch hat!"

"Oh no!" Vicki exclaimed suddenly. "Don't look now Friday. Patra's here."

"Oh please," Friday shook here head in annoyance. "Anyone, but her."

Patra is the Mummy Girl. She and Friday aren't exactly friends; they're more like bitter enemies. Patra was the cynical one and who was always nasty towards others, particularly towards Friday. Patra was jealous of Friday because of her popularity with the town and her status as the Pumpkin Princess.

Friday looked away, but Patra walked over and said, "Oooo, look who it is. It's the town's precious Pumpkin Princess with her servants." For a 9-year old, she had a nasty, cold voice.

Friday turned to Patra and scowled, "Patra, lets make it clear, they're NOT my servants, they're my friends."

"Oh, I get it!" Patra said in a false tone, then snickered, "Not. You can't fool me."

"Who says I was foolong anyone?"


"Well, I'm not. Leave me alone, Patra! Just go away and stop driving me crazy!"

"You may be the town's beloved princess, but you can't tell me what to do. I will not take orders from you."

"That isn't important! Why do you always bring this up?" Friday was sick of Patra saying how she's the princess and holded that against her.

Patra avoided the question. "You listen very closely Friday T. Skellington," she said face-to-face in a threatening manner,"I don't care if you're the Pumpkin Princess, heir to the throne, but that doesn't make you special. You're nothing! You're just a skeleton who acts all sweet and innocent to get attention. You're so dumb, that you don't even know why your parents keep you trapped in Town Square."

Friday planned to ignore Patra's words, but the last sentence stuck to her. She began to ask," What do you-" but was interupted by the bell. When the bell rang, everyone went to their assigned seats. Ms. Hazel, the teacher, was at her desk. She stood up and said, "Good morning class!"

"Good morning Ms. Hazel!"

"I hope all of you had a horrific weekend and its so nice to have you all back because we're going to be pretty busy for the next 30 days. Any guesses why?"

"Because of Halloween!"

"That's right. For the whole month we're going to do fun Halloween stuff, like help prepare for the celebration, do fun games, and practice on being scary. Of course we'll still do school work, but everyday this month we'll do fun Halloween games. Now, how about we start the day with reading."

The class started to frown. They thought they were going to do something fun first.

Ms. Hazel noticed her class' disappointment. "Now there, you didn't let me finish. What's Halloween without telling-" she pulled out an old book,"-scary stories?"

"YAY! SCARY STORIES!" cried the ghoul children. The class loved it when Ms. Hazel read scary stories to them. The class clustered in front of her and waited eagerly for Ms. Hazel to begin. She cleared her throat and said in a mysterious tone,"There was a place deep in a forest, a place so mysterious and frightening that not even the crows landed there . . ."

Each story was spookier than the last. Everyone got chills down their spines as they hanged on to every word of the bone-chilling tales. The class had a good scare and a wonderful time.

After many hours of terrifying tales, Ms. Hazel was about to close the book when she suddenly stopped.

"How odd. I've never noticed this poem before."

She read the title to herself and suddenly, her face grew even more paler than her normal sickly pallor. Her eyes grew wide and her mouth was gaping in horror.

"What's wrong Ms. Hazel?" Friday asked, concerned.

"Uh- its nothing kids. I just . . . had a terrible vision. A vision you children can't comprehend. It's grown-up stuff."

The bell tolled twelve for noon.

"Well, class, I hope you enjoyed the scary stories. Now its time for lunch."

The class scrambled to their coffin cubbies to get their lunches. Friday and her friends sat together and ate. Although Friday ate fast because she wanted to look up something before lunch was over.

"Ms. Hazel, can I read the Scary Stories book? I just love the stories so much; I want to read them to myself."

"Sure Friday, take your time."

Friday took the book and sat in a corner near the dusty bookshelf. She knew Ms. Hazel didn't have a vision. Being a witch, Ms. Hazel had visions before , but she lied that time.

"What did Ms. Hazel see that scared her so much? It can't be that bad."

She flipped to the last page. The poem-like story wasn't typed like the others. It was written by ink, but it was messy, like it was written by a child.

The Oogie Boogie Man

The Oogie Boogie Man. Does that sound familiar?
When you hear it, do you shiver?
Do you scream and cower in fear?
Then you better pay attention now; I'm no fantasy
In your nightmares, you will see
I'm real as can be
If you dare mock me, that's the wrong move
'Cause I can gaurantee, I'll lead you to your doom

I'll send my henchmen to snatch you away,
To lock you in my lair
At that point, you'll never see the light of day
My lair is a casino; dark and deathly
A place to torture and gambel lives
The sound of rollin' dice is music to me
I'm the gamblin' Boogie Man,
Though I never do play fair

It's much more fun, I must confess,
When lives are on the line
Not mine, but yours, Friday Skellington
Now that'd be just fine

Now, I've been defeated before,
By your bone-headed father
Who I hated down to the very core
But you just wait a little longer
'Cause I'll be back in town
To take your father, Jack down

Stay alert 'cause I'm coming for you
You'll be an extra spice in my snake n' spider stew
It's hopeless; you're out of time
'Cause I'm Mister Oogie Boogie,
And you Friday will be MINE!

(I hope you like it so far. Please comment and give me some feedback.)

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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