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The Addams Family Crossover

Figuring it Out

© S.R.C.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

As soon as Friday finished reading the poem, she was speechless. She didn't know what to think. She was . . . confused? Scared maybe? Friday decided to take the poem with her so she could try to make better sense of it at home. When no one was looking, she tear the page, folded it small and put it in her sleeve.

After lunch, Ms. Hazel reviewed their homework that was assigned to them over the weekend. However, Friday was only half-listening. Her mind kept drifting off to the peice of paper in her sleeve. She kept absentmindedly checking her sleeve to see if it was still there.

Before the class knew it, school was done for the day.

"Good-bye everyone! Have a hexcellent evening. Remember your assignment for the week: Think of ideas to help make Halloween more horrible. But don't tell your parents about our plans." Ms. Hazel added with a sly grin,"It'll be our little secret."

Outside the school, Sally was waiting for her daughter. Friday smiled, ran to her mother, and hugged her.

"Hi Mama!"

"Hello sweetheart! How was school?"

"It was fun. We went over our homework and Ms. Hazel read us scary stories in honor of it being October."

"Well that does sound fun," said Sally as they both holded hands and walked home.

"Yeah, Ms. Hazel is horrific. We learn, yet she makes it fun. That's what I like about her."

"Yes, I agree. I think Ms. Hazel is a wonderful teacher for you kids. A good head on her shoulders," Sally nodded approvingly.

When they reached the main gate, Friday looked back to get a quick scan of the Graveyard and beyond.

"What is out there that I don't know?" Friday whispered to herself.

"Friday, sweetie, come on. We have to get going."

"Okay, Mama." Friday reluctantly looked away and caught up with her mother.

"So, does Daddy have another meeting with the Mayor tonight?"

"Yes, sweetie."

"When will he be back home?"

"I don't know. It depends on how long the meeting is. But I bet he'll be home in time to tuck you in and read you a story. How's that sound?"

Friday's face lit up. "I would like that."

When they reached home, Friday skipped up the sprial staircase and went to her circular room. Friday's two pet kittens, a black one named Visi (short for invisable) and a white named Bones (he was as white as a skeleton), were sleeping on her bed. They woke up when they heard Friday come in. They meowed and purred in joy. Friday picked them up and stroked their fur. She absolutely adored her kittens. Visi and Bones were sister and brother and Sally allowed Friday to have both, which made her very happy.

After Friday gave them a snack, she grabbed some white paper, paints and brushes to work on her school project. For a long time, she paced back and forth, trying to think of new ideas for Halloween. When she glanced at the inside of her dark closet and under her bed, she instantly thought of shadows and darkness. Then, she got an idea. Friday dipped her paintbrush into her black paint and made huge paint strokes on the paper. For many hours, (although had to pause for dinner) she painted her idea of the dark and shadows. When she was finished, she grinned her skeleton grin.

"Eureka! I did it! No one, not even Daddy has thought of this before."

Right after Friday putted her art supplies away, she heard the door downstairs open and heard her father's voice. In a flash, she put pillows in her bead to make it look like she was sleeping in it, dashed into her father's study and hid.

The minute Jack walked in, Friday blew a hard long whistle that sounded like a ghost moaning. Her blowing made the candlelights and the flame in the fire place flicker and go out. Jack stopped immediately and looked all around.

"Who's there?" he demanded.

Since it was dark in the room, Friday was able to blend into the shadows and tip-toe without being seen. She snuck into a closet and made loud rattling noises. She could see through the crack of the door that Jack was coming closer to the closet. Friday continued to make rattling noises as she hid further into the closet until she was completely concealed. Jack abruptedly opened the door and Friday instantly stopped the noises. Jack saw no one.

"Hmm . . . I don't understand-"

That was Friday's cue. She leaped out of the closet, made a scary face, and did a banshee-like screech. Jack screamed in surprise and fell backwards. Friday was on the ground laughing hard.

"Ha! Got you!"

Jack sat up straight and began to laugh too.

"Wow! Best scare I had all day! That was fantastic Friday! You really had me scared."


"Of course. And I'm really proud of you that you're practicing on being scary. You'll make a fine ruler in no time." Jack ruffled her hair playfully.

Friday couldn't help but smile proudly and say,"Thanks, Daddy!"

"And you know what else is important?"


"Getting to bed on time."

"Could you at least read me a story before I sleep?" Friday asked.

"Of course, Friday. Now get ready for bed."

After Friday brushed her teeth, washed her skull, made her bed, and slipped into a flowing black nightgown, she went to bed with her voodoo doll and her kittens Visi and Bones by her side. Jack strided into the room with Zero trailing behind him. Zero licked Friday's face to greet her and sat close with the kittens. Zero wasn't fond of them at first, but eventually warmed up to them. Jack sat down in a chair next to Friday's bed.

"All set for bed Friday?"

"Yes Daddy. Could you read me the storybook about Humans."

Jack chuckled,"Again?"

"Yes, Daddy." Out of all the stories Friday had been told, the one about the humans was her favorite. The first time she heard about humans, she was instantly fascinated with them. Although, Friday herself couldn't exactly say why she was interested in humans. Maybe it was the differences between monsters and humans that made Friday want to learn more. Jack grabbed the "About Humans" book from the bookshelf and began to read.


For half an hour, Friday listened to the familiar story of Earth and the human beings who lived there. After Jack closed the book, Friday asked,"Do you think I'll ever meet my first human?"

"Who knows. Maybe someday. But monsters are only allowed to go to the Mortal World on Halloween night. It's too dangerous if we go there regularly."

Friday yawned, finally realizing how tired she was. She mumbled sleepily,"I wish I had a human friend."

Jack tucked her in and kissed her goodnight. Quietly, Jack and Zero left the room and Jack shut the door behind him. As soon as they left, Friday sat up in bed and read the poem. She read it over and over agin to try to make sense of it, as if it was in a code.

"What does it mean? I know that it didn't come from the book. Someone purposely wrote it for me to read. But who could've wrote it and why? To try to scare me? Is it a prank?-No. This sounds too serious."

She was so deep in thought that she got out of bed and paced back and forth.

"Hmm . . . This is definately a threat. I bet this 'Oogie Boogie Man' is evil and wants to destroy my father and . . . m-me. It mentions that he wants revenge for what Daddy did to him but why does he want me? I only know very little about this 'Oogie Boogie Man'. All I basically know is that he's evil and very threatening."

Friday scowled in frustrastion as a million questions filled her skull. "UGH! I don't know what to do or think! There's a dangerous villian coming after me? How come Daddy never mentioned Oogie if he faced him before? Wait a second . . ."

She walked towards her window where she gets a full view of the whole town. She could see the Graveyard, the Pumpkin Patch, the Treehouse, and the Hinterlands.

"Whenever I go beyond Town Square, there's always someone with me. My parents insist that I go with them or with a group of friends. They are very strict about me not going by myself but why? When I ask, they try to avoid the question. Maybe they know about this 'Oogie Boogie Man'. Why are they keeping it a secret from me?"

Suddenly, Friday saw two figures walking up Spiral Hill. One was tall and thin and the other had flowing hair and stitches. Her parents.

"What are they doing there? Shouldn't they be sleeping?"

"You're so dumb, that you don't even know why your parents keep you trapped in Town Square."

"They're keeping secrets from me huh? Well, I'm going to find out more about this one way or another!"

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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