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The Addams Family Crossover

A Friendship is Formed

© S.R.C.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

(Author's Note: I know its been many months since I posted anything, and I apologize for that since in my last chapter, I said that the next one would be coming soon, but it didn't. To make it fair, since its been so long since I posted a chapter, this chapter will be long. Enjoy!)

Friday gave Wednesday a little tour of her dark and circular bedroom. Wednesday really liked it. She liked how the wooden floorboards were black, the walls a black and white pinstripe pattern, the window curtains were black velvet, the wall shelves, bookcase, closet, and desk had ghosts and faces of terror carved in to the framework. Also, Wednesday saw a lot of paintings, paints, paper, and used paintbrushes so she took the hint that Friday was the creative type. She noticed a white and black kitten sleeping on a small pet bed next to Friday’s bed. Wednesday grew stiff at first, for she was never fond of kittens, especially “cute” ones.

Friday took notice at Wednesday who was staring at her kittens.

“Oh let me introduce you to my pets.”

As Friday got closer, the kittens sensed her presence and woke up. They were so happy to see their beloved owner that they ran into her open arms and she scooped them up. Wednesday had a good look at their eyes. The black one’s were completely white and the white one’s were completely black. “I’ll admit, those eyes are odd for a kitten,” thought Wednesday.

“This one,” Friday nodded her head to the black kitten, “is Visi, short for invisible and the white kitten is her brother Bones. Visi, Bones, say hi to Wednesday.”

Visi and Bones meowed happily in greeting to her. Wednesday started to relax. Even though Visi and Bones were cute kittens, there was something unusual about them that made them different than other kittens that Wednesday saw in her lifetime.

She petted them both and noticed how their fur was soft as silk, yet cold as ice. They didn’t give off body heat like normal kittens. Wednesday smiled. “Your kittens are wonderful!”

“Thanks! Do you have pets?”

“Our family has many pets. I breed spiders myself, but our family has a lion named Kitty Cat.”

“A LION?! For real?” Friday exclaimed.


“But I’ve read that they’re too wild and dangerous to be kept in captivity.”

Wednesday giggled, “That’s what makes them good pets silly. Even regular pets like dogs and cats can be wild.”

Friday nodded thoughtfully. “You have a point.”

Wednesday noticed a collection of voodoo dolls on Friday's bed. She was thrilled to know that someone else, other that herself, played with voodoo dolls.

"Wow, I love these voodoo dolls, Friday! Did you make them yourself?"

Wednesday picked up one to examine more closely. She was impressed with how it looked; sturdy, flexible wax body, stitched clothing, hairs sticking out of the head, and a few pins piercing the body.

"Yeah! I'm glad you like them. It's fun to make them, play pretend or tea parties with them,and then recycle them to make a new one. I often make voodoo dolls with my friend Luka; she knows a lot about voodoo magic. Do you make voodoo dolls too Wednesday?"

"Sometimes. When I get a doll, I chop off their head." She made a slicing sound while striking her finger across her neck.

"Really? Do you use an axe or a guillotine?"

"Mostly a guillotine."

"Aww, that sounds cool. I have a few swords, bows and arrows, knives, needles, and shields, but no guillotine. Most of my classmates have one though."

"Do you play with your weapons a lot on your free time?"

"Uh occasionally, but what I really like to do is paint."

"Hey, I like to paint too!" Wednesday exclaimed in excitement.

"Awesome! Another thing we have in common," Friday smiled. Even though they have just met officially a few minutes ago, they were really starting to like each other. Friday was pleased that they had so much in common; they both like to paint, play with voodoo dolls, and like Halloween.

Suddenly, something dawned on Friday. "Wednesday, I saw you fall from the sky a few days ago. If you're not from Halloween Town, then where did you come from?"

"I'm from Earth - you know, the Land of the Living."

Friday's eye sockets widen and she gasped. "You're a human?! A live one? That's even more awesome! I've read so much about humans, but I've never met one before. I've always wanted to have a human friend," Friday practically squealed in excitement. She always wished to meet a human and now her wish came true.

Wednesday just stood there frozen in mild shock. Did she hear Friday correctly?

She cleared her throat and said in a feeble voice, "Did you call me-"

"WEDNESDAY! FRIDAY! DINNER'S READY!" Sally's voice rang out from the bottom of the stairs.

"COMING MAMA!" Friday shouted back. She did a friendly gentle punch to Wednesday's arm. "Last one to the dining room is a rotten corpse!" And she dashed out of the room.

"Hey!" Wednesday yelled, but laughed. "You know where the dining room is and I don't!" Wednesday ran after her. She almost caught up with her at the bottom of the stairs, but they still continued to run.

"Then just follow me. That way you'll know where it is and I'll still win."

They entered into the dining room where dinner was already set up. Jack and Sally were seating themselves at the black stone square table. The centerpiece was a skull, surrounded by a deadly nightshade wreath, and there were candles that were laced with spiderwebs. Friday and Wednesday sat next to each other. It was then Wednesday realized how hungry she was. She hadn't eaten in days and she felt like she could eat a dragon. She took a napkin and tucked a corner into her dress neck collar. She took a sniff at the green-tinged thick soup.

"This soup smells good. What is it?"

"Worm's Wort Soup. It's one of Friday's favorites. I hope you like it too, Wednesday," Sally replied.

"Worm's Wort? That does sound appetizing." She took a big spoonful and swallowed satisfyingly.

"Mmm! It's delicious! You're a good cook Mrs. Skellington."

"Why thank you Wednesday! But you can just call me Sally. Everyone does. And help yourself to some homemade pumpkin bread and pumpkin juice."

"Okay." She took a generous bite out of her pumpkin bread slice that was next to her soup and sip of her pumpkin juice. Wednesday loved her meal and felt very ravenous, but to be respectful, she ate neatly and didn't rush it.

"What kind of food do you and your family like to eat back home?" asked Friday.

"All kinds of things, but our family favorite is Eye of Newt, sometimes baked and sometimes broiled."

"Hey, we eat that too! It's so scrumptious!"

Wednesday smiled back and she continued to eat her soup.

"Where do you live Wednesday? Back in the Mortal World?" asked Jack.

"My family and I live in an old mansion on 001 Cemetery Lane in Greenbriar. It's next to our local graveyard and there's a swamp and a bat cave nearby," Friday sighed in content, "It's such a lovely place to live in."

"That does sound splendid," Jack agreed. "Almost as nice as our house."

She nodded, "Oh yes, I like your house as well. It's so nice and eerie; just like back home.

"Is your family into this Halloween stuff like us?" Friday asked.

"Uh-huh. Halloween is a specialty to us Addams. Our family loves to celebrate with a huge party every year."

"And what about your parents?" Jack asked curiously.

"My father is very wealthy since he owns many companies and stocks. He finds family important and he's lots of fun." Wednesday turned to Sally with her empty bowl held out in front of her. "May I have some more soup please?"

"Of course dear. I understand how hungry you must be." Sally grabbed Wednesday's bowl and made her way to the kitchen. She came back with more Worm's Wort Soup and another slice of pumpkin bread.

"What about your mother?" Sally asked.

"Oh, she's the best Mother in the whole wide world. She's beautiful, calm, kind, and loving."

"Hey, that's just like my mom!" Friday praised, which made Jack and Sally laugh.

"Do you have any siblings?" asked Friday.

"Pugsley is my older brother. He's fun to play with. We often explode dynamite together."

"Dynamite?!" Friday said surprisingly. Even Jack and Sally were a little alarmed.

She noticed their faces, but laughed and said, "Don't worry. It's only dangerous if you don't set them off properly."

"I never knew there was a 'proper' way to explode things. How interesting," Friday said. She pushed her empty bowl and plate away. "I'm full. Thanks for dinner, Mama."

"Your welcome sweetie. And Wednesday, take as much time as you need to finish up. We still have time before the Town Meeting starts." Sally picked up Friday's dirty dishes and carried them off into the kitchen.

"Daddy, is Wednesday going to be staying with us?"

"Of course pumpkin. Wednesday will be our guest until we can find a way to get her back home."

Friday smiled wide and clapped her hands. "Yippee! We're going to have so much fun, Wednesday! Tomorrow, I'll show you around town, like the shops and the Graveyard outside of Town Square. And I'm having a couple of friends over for a slumber party. I know they'll like you. We're going to stay up all night, play games, and tell scary stories."

Wednesday was beginning to feel just as excited as Friday. "I can hardly wait," she replied with the same enthusiasm.

Wednesday hadn't felt this happy and excited for a long time. And she didn't feel quite so lonely anymore either. She's met a child her age who was really nice to her. And she came to a world that she only seem in her wildest dreams. She's happy that the Skellington family likes her. She just hopes that the rest of the town will like someone who loves Halloween ass much as they do, but is a Mortal.


A Few Hours Later:

The Town Hall was packed with monsters for the town meeting. Monsters such as the Four Vampire Brothers, Witch Sisters, the Corpse Family, Harlequin Monster, ghosts, skeletons, the Hanging Tree, and etc. were all there. It was pretty noisy. They were all talking amongst themselves, wondering out loud why Jack called a town meeting.

"Could it be about the mysterious girl that fell from the sky?" They all asked each other. Of course, no one knew the answer.

Backstage, the Skellington family and Wednesday were behind the curtain, just about ready to start. Friday carefully peaked behind the curtain, to see how many monsters came. In the front row, she saw her friends Vicki and Luka with their families. Vicki and Luka saw Friday peaking from behind the curtain and waved. She waved back. Friday then turned to Wednesday, who was fiddling with her braids.

"You scared?" Friday asked.

"No, I'm more nervous than scared. I just hope that the rest of the town likes me."

"Don't worry, Wednesday. I'm sure they'll like you. Mama, Daddy, and I like you and if we trust you, then that's good enough for them."

Wednesday felt reassured and gave Friday a grim smile in thanks.

The curtains were pulled back, and the monster audience erupted into applause as their beloved leader stride to the podium to speak.

"Hello my fine citizens of Halloween Town and welcome!
"I know that you are all wondering why I called a Town Meeting tonight. You're probably asking: 'Is it about the girl who fell from the sky? In that case, you're right. My daughter Friday found the girl in the Graveyard unconscious and injured. We took her to Dr. Finklestein's Lab to treat her. The poor thing was still out cold for a couple of days. But today, she came around and would like to introduce herself to everyone."

Jack beckoned Wednesday to come forward. Wednesday took a deep breath. "You can do this. Just be yourself and everything will be fine," she quietly encouraged herself. She put on her best grim smile and walked onto the stage. The bat spotlight shone on her as several bats fluttered from it. The monsters were dead silent, their eyes (or eye) were watching her intently, with curiosity and wariness. Wednesday stood at the podium and began to speak.

"Hello. My name is Wednesday Addams, I'm eight years old and I'm a live human."

As soon as Wednesday said "live human", the monsters started to gasp and whisper among themselves. Wednesday started to talk again, but a little louder.

"Oh please, please don't panic! Don't be afraid!" Wednesday pleaded. "Even though I am a human I'm just like you guys. I absolutely love monsters and Halloween is my favorite holiday! You see, where I come from, I live in a big old mansion right next to a cemetery, a bat cave, and a swamp. It's so nice and gloomy. Although, I do get bullied for being creepy and different from everyone else, I like being who I am. Besides, I'm so glad I discovered this magical fantastic world of Halloween and meeting all of you."

Most of the monsters were pretty much shocked of what Wednesday said. She's a human, yet is a lot like them?! A few were a little skeptical, but most smiled for they truly saw Wednesday as a grim, but sweet and honest little girl who had true Halloween spirit.

Friday's friends, Vicki and Luka stood up in their seats, and they started to clap and cheer. Their families joined in and soon, all the monsters were applauding, cheering for Wednesday, making her feel welcomed and accepted. Wednesday couldn't help but smile bigger. She never felt this welcomed in her home town. Wednesday looked to where the Skellington family were. Jack and Sally smiled proudly at her and Friday gave her a thumbs up and winked. Wednesday winked back.


Later that night at Skellington Manor, Wednesday and Friday were getting ready for bed. Friday was kind enough to share her bedroom with Wednesday. Jack got out a small, stiff cot for Wednesday to sleep in and put it near Friday's bed. Wednesday liked it hard as rock. Sally was also kind enough to buy Wednesday a couple of nightgowns for her to wear and she guessed her size just right.

After Sally tucked them in and kissed Friday goodnight and shut the door, the girls sat up and talked quietly.

"See Wednesday, I told you everyone would like you. They were all clapping for you."

"I guess you're right, but you saw how they reacted when I said I was a live human."

"Oh, I expected that reaction. We don't have any humans here in Halloween Town, especially live ones. So its kind of a shocker when one drops in - literally." They both giggled.

"Anyway," said Friday, changing the subject, "I'm so glad that you'll be staying with us for a few days. I always like having a friend over."

There's that word again. Wednesday froze and a lump formed in her throat.

"Do-do you really think of me as a friend?" Wednesday croaked.

Friday looked questioningly at Wednesday. "Of course Wednesday! What else would I call you? Besides, I'm sure you have lots of friends back home that you miss very much."

Wednesday suddenly got out of bed and walked to the balcony behind the black velvet curtains. Friday scratched her head, puzzled. "What did I say?" she wondered out loud. She got out of bed and walked over towards the balcony. She could hear Wednesday sniffling, as if she was crying. Friday pulled back the curtains and saw Wednesday with watery eyes and tears streaming down her face. Friday immediately came to her side.

"Wednesday, what's wrong? Was it something I said?" Friday asked concerned. Then it dawned on her and she remembered what her friend said back in Town Hall:
I do get bullied for being creepy and different from everyone else...

"Oh! You don't have any friends back home, do you Wednesday?"

Wednesday only shook her head.

"So you're all alone?"

Wednesday cleared her throat. "Not exactly. I have my family and my home that I love and miss very much, but school is so horrible! I use to be home schooled when I was a toddler, but then I started public school when I was 6 and I've been bullied ever since."

"Oh my ghoul! That's absolutely awful Wednesday! But why would anyone bully you? You're so likable!" That made her smile a bit.

"Thanks Friday, but I was bullied because everyone thought I was different, a creep, and a weirdo."

"Really? You seem pretty normal to me."

"You know, I thought the same thing at first. I thought I (and my family) were the normal ones and the rest were weird. But eventually, I began to see their point of view. They would avoid me, they wouldn't play with me, they called me names, and they treated me like an outcast. I compared myself to my other classmates. Most of the girls wore frilly, awfully bright dresses, play jump rope, hopscotch, and hide and seek. Me? I have black hair, pale skin, wear black dresses all the time, breed spiders, behead my dolls, play with axes, and have a fascination with death. I'm the only one in the school who is like that, so I must be the creep.
"I may be different and weird from everyone else, but I never want to change and be like ... them. That would be a nightmare!
"The kids at my school, especially that horrible angel Angelina, made me feel so alone. All I ever wanted was a friend my age who would accept me for who I am."

Friday felt so sorry for Wednesday. Even though they only knew each other for about a day, Friday really like her a lot and already considered her a friend. Friday reached over and gave her a hug. Wednesday was at first shocked by this sudden gesture, but felt touched and returned the hug.

"I'm so sorry Wednesday, that you felt so alone." When they broke apart, Friday broke out into a huge smile. "But hey! Look at it this way. You're not alone now. Look around you. You're in Halloween Town! The most horrible, magical place there is! The whole town likes you! Mama and Daddy like you! And I like you! And I see this as a beginning of a wonderful friendship."

Wednesday felt a whole lot better, thanks to Friday. "So do I Friday. Thank you very much. It feels great to have a friend like you."

Throughout the night, Friday slept soundly, but Wednesday was plagued with nightmares (and not the good kind). She dreamt of a woman in white crying. Eerily, it looked exactly like her mother.

(Author's Note: I told you it would be long. I hoped you enjoyed it. Hopefully, I'll be more committed in the future to posting more chapters. )

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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