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Bloody Love

© 4everBurtonGurl

* Picks up from the hidden ending of TNBC* Jack and sally prepare to get married but a special, and unpleasent surprise awaits them. Lol

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And finally everything worked out just fine. Christmas was saved, though there wasn’t much time. But after that, things were never the same; each holiday now knew the other one’s name. And though that one Christmas things got outta hand, I was still rather fond of that skeleton man.

So many years later I thought I’d drop in. And there was old Jack, still looking quite thin, with 4 children, with the 5th on the way, playing strange little tools in a xylophone band. And I asked ol’ Jack, do you remember when the sky was so dark, and the moon shone so bright? * Sally blushed at this, she sure did remember that magical night, she thought to herself as she rubbed her baby bump( FYI, Sally is hiding behind a corner neither Jack or Sandy know Sally is listening)

When millions of small children, pretending to sleep nearly didn’t have Christmas at all, sort of speak. And would if you could turn that mighty clock back to that long fateful night.* Jack blushed, it sure was a fateful, magical, night he thought.*

Now think carefully jack, would you do the whole thing all over again knowing what you know now, knowing what you knew then? Then he smiled and asked softly of me, “Wouldn’t you?”

“Closer now, you don’t want to drop it on any of our toes again, do you?” Jack said, directing Behemoth to put the pumpkin down by the Halloween Town gate. Sally, on the other hand, stood back in awe as she stood in front of the completed costumes. She nodded sweetly of approval, “Finished!” she said. Then she felt warmth wrap around her waist as it breathed on her neck, sweetly it said, “I’m so glad you’re done cause so am I.”

It now rubbed sally’s baby bump, “We can spend a little time together before we pick the children up.” The tall thin man now kissed sally’s hand then held her again and kissed her cheek. Sally responded, “Oh Jack, I would enjoy that.” Jack smiled, which made sally giggle too as they went home.

Jack POV
Today was a “horrible” day! My little devil lay in my arms as she falls asleep. Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve her, I don’t, but she still loves me. Soon I will make her happy. I can’t believe I never popped the question, we have 4 children and 1 on the way! I just get so nervous.

I have held a ring in my hand and almost presented it, but put it away for 15 years. It was a gorgeous gold spider with diamonds and ruby eyes. To top it all the spider had a ruby heart on its back. It sat behind a wall in a silk box. It just waited for its rightful owner, Sally. Sally, she isn’t here! I jerked out of bed and put my robe on.

I ran down the stairs and heard a familiar voice humming a familiar song. The smell of early bacon and eggs mixed with the gorgeous scent of Sally filled the air. Sort of like Spice pumpkins on Christmas morning. I took a deep breath and put that velvet box in my pocket. Then with my mind set on asking Sally to marry, I walked over to her and caught her attention.

“Sally?” Jack said, “W-www-wwwi-will”. “Jack! What’s wrong? You are acting strange.” Sally said. Jack tensed up by her beautiful voice, beautiful yet worried voice. “Yyy-yes- iiiiii-I’m ffffine- uuh- oh uh yes!” Jack stuttered tensely as he bent down on one knee. Sally stepped back in surprise, she knew what was going on and she suddenly lit up red. “Ssss-sally! Www-www-wwilllll-will-yyyou-yes-you-mmmmmarry-me! Jack said nervously but began to get less nervous when he saw Sally’s face light up.

“Yes! I will marry you! Of course I will!” Sally chanted while she was embraced by the overly excited Jack. “I love you, Sally” Said Jack as he put the ring on her finger. Sally gasped and hugged Jack, “I love you too, Jack, I love you too.”

After a little while, Jack, Sally, and Zero went towards Dr. Finklestiens lab. When they arrived they saw all four of their children just sitting and watching a movie. “I can’t believe they’re quite!” Whispered Sally. “Me too.” Said Dr. Finklestien who had just came in the room due to Sally’s arrival. “We have some great news for you.” Whispered Jack. “It better not be twins again, you have enough children you know!” Dr. Finklestien whispered a little more annoyed than usual.

“Don’t worry doctor it’s not twins.” Said Sally, “We are getting married!” “Married!” yelled Dr. Finklestien, “My own creation is getting married! To the king of all people. This is a sign of an overwhelming success!” Sally shook her head at the thought that Dr.Finklestien cared more about how much of a success his creation is, and not that his own daughter is getting married.

Dr. Finklestien invited Jack and Sally to stay to have tea until the movie ended. When the movie did end the children were chaotic again so Jack and Sally took them home immediately.
Before they left Sally said, “Thank you, dad, for everything.”

Dr. Finklestien was surprised by this. She never called him dad but he just replied, “Anytime dear, they may be a hand full but I love them still.” After that, Sally smiled and shut the door behind her. “My, daughter is getting married! She’s getting married!” Dr. Finklestien kept telling himself repeatedly as he wheeled up the spiral ramp to his lab.

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