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Part 2 - New People

© Twig

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

As Jack followed the footprints, he thought, Well, at least I know now that all four are at a run and I'm chasing after them. What luck! I sure hope Sally is okay. I also hope that the town isn't ciaos either. Maybe I should- No! I have to keep going. Jack stopped thinking. The footprints ended right in front of a tree. He looked up the tree and saw the branches and leaves. He looked around the tree, but there were no other footprints other than his own now. Then he heard someone calling out, "Fred! Gunn, Wesly, Cordelia! Where are you?"
"Hello? Who's there," Jack answered.
"Gunn! Wesly! Is that you," they called out. As the man's voice got closer, Jack started to hear crying. It sounded like a baby. "Where are you guys?" Jack began to see a man in a black button up shirt, black jeans, and a black drench coat. His hair was brown, the front (bangs) were straight up and the rest of his hair on the top was spiked up. The hair on the back and sides were down. The man also had a baby in his hands with a blue blanket wrapped around him.
"Over here good sir," Jack said, walking over. The man saw him and got tense.
"Not another move! Stay right there," he said gripping the baby tighter.
"I will do you no harm. My name is Jack Skellington. I am the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town. You might be," said Jack, standing about twenty paces away from the man.
"Angel. This is my son, Conner. What is Halloween Town?"
"New comer," Jack said almost under his breath.
"What do you mean new comer?"
Jack looked shocked and said, "Why, haven't you died?"
"In a manner of speaking."
"Ah. So you're a vampire. Then did you get dusted?"
"No. Not yet anyways."
"Then.. How.." Jack cleared his throat before trying again. "You have to die on Halloween night in order to get here."
"I came here through a portal."
"What is a portal?"
"I'll explain later. Right now my friends are in trouble and I need to find them."
"I will take you to Halloween Town, Angel. Follow me if you would."
"Thank you, Jack. As I noticed, you are hunting," Angel asked as they started walking towards the cemetery.
"How did you know that?"
"All the gear you're carrying."
"Right, let's just get back. Shall we?" Jack looked ahead with a determined look with leadership. Angel said nothing.
"I do hope Conner isn't all by himself," Fred said as she walked into Sally's house.
"Emily! Sally! Come to the living room," shouted Jace. Sally came running, but sat on the couch once she saw them. Emily followed in a calm walk.
"Jace, who's this," Emily asked, crossing her arms. The woman standing next to him had curly brown hair, white shirt, grey jacket, jeans, and tennis shoes. My! This girl has no taste in fashion!, thought Emily.
"This is Fred," Jace introduced.
"Hi. Jace and I met in the cemetery. I came here through a portal, no I'm not dead, and my friends came through as well. When we got through we got scattered around your world. My friends are Gunn, Wesly, Cordelia, and Angel who has a son named Conner. By the way it's an honor to be here," explained Fred. Everyone was silent until Sally broke the ice.
"Never have I heard someone talk so much and so fast."
"Well at least one of your friends is safe," said Jack while standing in the doorway.
"Fred," the man shouted who was holding a baby.
"Angel! You have Conner. So far three are okay. Now we need to find three more," said Fred. "Also, it's an honor to be in Halloween Town, Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King." Fred bowed.
"Please, just call me Jack." Sally still didn't react to Jack's voice.
"Um. Are you okay, Sally," Emily asked.
"Fine." Sally shook herself awake. "Jack, don't ever leave me like that again! Do you understand me?!"
"Here, Jace, you can have your belt back," said Jack as he handed Jace's belt back to him. Then he went over to the couch and sat next to Sally. "I'm not leaving this house again without this woman with me." Sally hugged him.
"Do you know where the others are," Angel said to Fred.
"No. But we looked in all the stores," she answered.
Jace interrupted the conversation, "I almost forgot that as we were at the store, Werglon Blots, we bought diapers and formula. Fred said that they are just like the ones in the real world." He handed Angel a bag which was heavy, but light to Angel.
"Thank you, Jace."
"How did yo-"
"Jack explained a lot as he brought me here," Angel said, interrupting the question.
"We should get looking," Fred said, remembering about the others.
"Right, lets go."
"We'll be your escort," Jack said as he stood up with Sally beside him.
"I'll stay here with Emily in case anyone happen's to find their way here," Jace said.
"Come on. There's no time to waste," said Angel, and walked out the door.
Cordelia stood with pumpkins surrounding her. "Okay guys, very funny, ha ha. Now get me out of here," she screamed. She tried stepping around the pumpkins, but each time she did, there was something that popped out at her. "Oh, where are you guys," she said to herself.
Wesly and Gunn were surrounded by monsters. There was a clown on a unicycle, a one eye monster, two witches, and multiple more. "What do we do," asked Gunn. They stood back to back.
"We scream," replied Wesly.
"What?! Why don't we fight them off man?"
"We don't know if these monsters are good or evil."
"Could everyone make a path please? Thank you," said a voice. Soon a skeleton was standing in front of them. "Are either of these gentlemen part of your group?"
"Yes! Wesly, Gunn, it's me Angel. I'm way back here," shouted Angel. They ran to him seeing Fred and Conner as well.
"Glad you're all safe," Wesly said. "But I see that Cordelia is still missing."
"Who's the 'rag'," asked Gunn.
"Gunn, that's Sally and that's Jack, behind you. He's the Pumpkin King. He's king of this place," Angel explained.
"Am I the only one who knows what world this is," Fred said in frustration.
"Yeah, until now," Gunn said.
"Angel," shouted a faint scream.
"Cordelia," said Angel.
"Right, let's see if we can find her," Wesly said.
Angel didn't hear Wesly and ran in a direction. "Someone help me," she kept shouting. Angel got to a pumpkin patch which Cordelia was standing in the middle of. "Oh thank goodness! Angel, get me out of here," she screamed. The rest of the gang was right behind him. Then Cordelia gasped. "Jack Skellington the Pumpkin King," she said as she tried to bow, but something popped up out of the ground and almost hit her head.
"Well, that killed the idea of going around the pumpkins," said Gunn. Angel handed Conner to Wesly and jumped to where Cordelia stood.
"Now why can't the vampire brothers do that," Jack asked himself. Angel picked Cordelia up and jumped back over.
"Thank you," she said as he set her back on her feet. Wesly gave Conner back to Angel.
Emily was in the kitchen making dinner for nine. After she cooked, she went down to the witches shop to buy pigs blood. When she got back, Jace was asleep on the couch. "Wake up, wake up, Jace," she said in a taunting voice. "Okay. Seriously, wake up!" Jace slept on. "Okay, that's it." She went over to the couch and pushed him off and onto the floor.
"Agh," cried Jace in surprise and pain.
"Hey, sleepy head, you're suppose to be watch dog right now. No sleeping on the job."
"Sorry." Emily walked right back into the kitchen and put the jug into the refrigerator. Then she heard the door open.
"Are they here yet," she asked, but there was no answer. "Jace?" Still no answer. Emily walked into the room and saw Oogie Boogie standing over Jace's unconscious body.
"Well, well. I see you got out. You know, if you're not nice, Sandy Claws won't come this year! Ha ha," he said and laughed, facing her now.
"It's pronounced Santa Claus. He comes here every year so it doesn't matter," Emily replied, leaning against the door frame.
"Whatever! You're comin' with me!" Oogie made to grab her hand when suddenly Angel busted the door open which made it go flying. It hit Oogie and he laid unconscious with the door on top of him.
"I'll pay for that," Angel said. "Emily, could you get everyone to your room? All I need is Jack. Take unconscious Jace with you too."
"What about Conner," Emily asked.
"Cordelia has him."
"Hi," she said, afraid to attempt a wave while holding the baby. She stood between Fred and Wesly.
"Come on," Emily said as she started walking to the hallway. Gunn picked up Jace with Wesly's help and followed the rest of them.
"Okay, that's Oogie Boogie," Angel asked, once the rest of them left. Jack nodded. "Now the question is where are Lock, Shock, and Barrel."
"I'll have to track them down. Somehow," replied Jack.
"Okay," Oogie moaned, which made the door slide. Angel walked over and threw the door and flipped Oogie over. "Where is Lock, Shock, and Barrel? Huh!"
"You'll never find them," Oogie said smugly.
"I guess we'll have to do it the hard way." Angel picked up Oogie with one hand by the throat. "Where are they!"
"Ha! You'll never get them," he said with a smile. Angel's face changed. His eyebrows pointed inward, his front top four teeth were rigidly sharp, his eyes turned completely yellow with the black pupils in the middle, and he had fangs. "That's new," Oogie said, completely shocked.
"Where are they!!"
"They're dead. I used a serum. I invented a serum that destroys Everlasting Death. That's how we survived. Then we all went to my underground hideout. They started to get on my last nerve so I killed them! I was scared so I came back up and saw you and Jack walking away,." Oogie started crying as he explained.
"That wasn't so hard now was it?" Angel turned his head to look at Jack. "Well?"
"Love the face. Sorry, right, kill him so it's done and over with please," Jack replied.
"Suit yourself." Angel looked back at Oogie. "Any last words?"
"I'm comin' kids."
"I hope everything is okay," Cordelia said. "Say, does anyone have the diaper bag?"
"Wh- Oooo! Here," said Gunn, handing over the diaper bag while holding his nose.
"Thanks." She went over to the table and started changing Conner. She finished quickly.
"I wonder what's going on out there," Wesly said. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.
"You can come out now," Angel shouted through the door.
"Guess we'll find out," Sally said as she went for the door. She opened it and Angel was standing there.
"Where's Conner," he asked.
Cordelia stepped forward. "Just changed him," she said as she handed him over.
"Thanks," Angel said as he grabbed Conner and the diaper bag. "It's safe. Come on." They all walked into the living room. Oogie was missing and Jack stood happily.
"What are you so happy about," Sally asked as she walked over to him.
"Just a little problem has been solved," Jack said with triumph. "All thanks to Angel."
"To me, that sounds good yet bad. You killed him didn't you?"
"Yes. But it's for the best."
"As long as there is no more Boogie trouble."
"Then it's settled. How do we-" Wesly was saying but was interrupted by an alarm.
"New comer," Emily squealed. Then she ran out onto the streets to wait.
"I'll be back," Jack said.
"I'm coming with," Sally said. They walked out with Angel and the others came following with curiosity.
Sorry for keeping this away for so long but too many things kept coming up. If you're reading this, then I hope you have enjoyed so far and thank you for reading.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

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