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Part 3 - Who's New?

© Twig

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

Where am I? Wait a second! I know where I am!! Oh my gosh!
"Welcome. This is-"
"Halloween Town! Oh my! You're Jack Skellington, The Pumpkin King. It's an honor to be here," the little girl said excitedly.
"I bet it is," Jack said. "What's your name little one?"
"First of all, I'm not little, I'm fourteen. Second, my name is Dilliansvitch Hiouslom. You can call me by my middle name like everyone else does. So call me Korion." She gave a little gasp after a single second. "He's here isn't he? Angel? I can feel him."
"You have a vampires senses."
"I'm obsessed with vampires. Then I turned into one. I'm here because I was staked when looking for Angel."
"Well, he's getting up the hill."
"Are you sure this hill isn't someone's home," someone shouted. Twig jumped off the side of the spiral hill and looked over in the direction of the voice.
"Hey, Angel," Korion said. She giggled as she ran off towards Town Center.
"Who was that," Angel asked when Jack was standing next to him again.
"Dilliansvitch Hiouslom. But apparently she likes to be called Korion," he answered.
"Korion? How does she know me?"
"She was looking for you. She was tracking you down is my assumption. But she told me that she was staked before she could find you."
"Huh. Attractive, isn't she?"
"I hope you didn't ask that for my opinion," Jack said and started walking. Angel hurried to follow.
"Well, you know I would never do that but in this case maybe."
"I barely know you, Angel. So please don't ask." Angel was going to say something, but Conner started crying.
"Good point buddy. Let's get back to the house. Conner's getting hungry," Angel said as he tried to sooth his child. "Yes you are, yes you are aren't you," he said in a playful tone to Conner. Jack was now trying to hold back a laugh. Angel turned to him, slightly shocked. "What?"
"I just find it funny that a serious guy like you would do something a mother would do."
"You'd be surprised."
Emily sat on the porch steps and watched the street for the new comer. she knew everyone in town, so she could tell easily. Then, someone was running up the road she didn't recognize. "New comer! New comer," Emily shouted with eager excitement. Everyone came running out of their homes to see.
"Welcome," Sally said. She was in front of everyone. Everyone stayed behind her as to not overwhelm nor scare the new person.
"Hi, I'm Korion," the new comer said without an ounce of unsure-ness or fear like all the others have when they first came.
"Hello, Korion. Now I know this is scary for yo-"
"I'm not scared at all. I'm excited actually. It's an honor to be here. I'm glad to meet you all in person. Jack, Sally, Emily, Jace, and everyone else who is here too! I may only be fourteen, but thank you for having me."
"Glad that you are," Emily said. Korion had short black hair that looked as if you were looking into the night sky, her eyes were of a bright red, and an outfit that matched Jack's but was in a girls dress style. She wore black and white stripped stockings, her makeup was black eye shadow, blue eyeliner, and a blackish red lipstick. She looks so cute, thought Emily. She especially liked her red high heels.
"Thank you. To bad I'm dead though, otherwise I would have gotten you a pair," Korion said.
"But I-"
"I can read thoughts, Emily. I could ever since I was turned into a vampire. I just can't read Angel's."
"Why not?"
"He's a vampire with a soul, that isn't a natural thing. So I can't read him. Also, I talk to the Powers That Be in my head." Suddenly she heard Angel's voice getting closer. "Could you all make an isle please? Thank you." She stood with a pose. She put her hands on her hips, one foot stood on the tip of its toe, and her knee bent covering the other knee that was straight.
Angel ran up until he saw what was going on. "Hello, Angel," Korion said with a smile. "I've been searching for you for over three years now. What are the chances that I would find you here," she continued.
"It's not that surprising to me," Angel said in all honesty.
Emily came over and picked up Conner. "I'll feed him. You seem to be busy at the moment," she said with a kind smile.
"Thank you, Emily."
"After all, I'm double dead now. I know for a fact that you got here through a portal," Korion went on. "I died twice. Both times looking for you," she said as she slowly walked forward.
"Sorry to hear that," said Angel as he wanted so badly to run up to meet her.
"But it paid off, didn't it?"
"You tell me." He wanted to just hear her voice. That was all he needed to stay where he was, hypnotized by her voice.
"It half did. Although, I don't think the other half will ever be filled now."
"What was the other half supposed to be?"
"For us to live together. For me to be a part of Angel Investigations. To observe you."
"You still can."
"No, I can't. I have to stay here. It's where I belong now."
"Really," Angel said, starting to walk forward as slowly as she did. He did this without notice.
"Oh really. Another dream of mine was to live in Halloween Town as well," Korion said with a giggle.
"What about Los Angeles? A lot of problems there than here." Now they stood right in front of each other. He wanted to reach out and touch her, but restrained himself fiercely. Korion noticed this by his body language and gave a cruel smile.
"Yes. Which is why the other half will never get filled. Because we both know that you all have to go back."
"That's not true."
"Yes, it is and you know it."
"No it isn't."
"Really? Are you sure Angelous? Or should I call you the famous Angel?"
"Why bring it up?"
Korion held up her hands in a gesture to look around and said, "I don't know." She put her hands back down. "Maybe because you shouldn't turn evil on people who give you your scare."
"What are you saying?"
"I'm saying that all along these people have given you your scare. The one thing that has helped you all your vampiristic life. I would still love to be on the team, but it is too late."
"But why?"
"Because in my head, I talk straight to the Powers That Be. I could have been useful."
"Why are you doing this," Angel said in a whisper.
"Do what," Korion whispered back with a cruel acknowledging smile.
"Tease me."
"How am I teasing you?"
"You're lying to me about the Powers To Be."
"No, I'm not. I know that you never wanted to come here. But you did because you felt like you needed to. The fact of how you had to watch your lover kill herself to have Conner be born."
"How di- So you are telling the truth."
"Now you believe me. Why are you so hard to convince? Oh, that's right. A lot of people stabbed you in the back."
"Why can't you come? You can go through the portal with us."
"I wish I could. But I belong here. I belong with these people now. I am a part of this town."
"No one would care what you would look like."
"In public, yes, inside the hotel, no. I don't want to be a prisoner inside the hotel."
"You won't be. You an travel with me, if people stare then I will dare them to fight," Angel said as he was leaning down.
"I have to be crazy not to go. Which I am crazy."
"I don't care. I'll kidnap you if I have to."
"But you wouldn't be able to," she said. She went on her tiptoes and kissed him. his cold lips touched hers which were even colder. After thirty seconds, their lips parted. "But I'm even crazier than that. In fact, I'm so crazy that I am going to come with you anyways," she continued.
"This may sound crazy, but I love you already."
"I love you too. I've searched for you for over three years. I covered a lot of ground, but I found you in my most favorite world of all time."
Jace, Emily, Cordelia, Wesly, Gunn, Jack, Sally, Zero, and Wookie stood in the living room. Emily was still holding Conner. "Why were Zero and I locked in the basement," Wookie asked.
"Because there was a lot of trouble and ciaos going on. You both were safe in the basement," Emily replied.
"What," Cordelia asked.
"Oh, nothing. I was just talking to Wookie. She tells me things in my head. Only jack and I can hear her."
"Oh. For me, it's visions. Only, I'm in them it seems."
"Really? Cool."
"It helps save people. Like for instance, in the shop, witches shop, a fist fight is going on. it could get ugly."
"Jace go!"
"You got it," Jace said, and ran out the door.
"He'll take care of it. I know he will," Emily said.
"The crowd will slow him down though," continued Cordelia. "Wait, their moving out of the way as quickly as possible." Gunn looked over at Wesly and then they both looked at the ghost animals. Zero barked and Wookie meowed.
"Guys, don't stare. It isn't nice," translated Emily.
"Sorry. I just didn't know animals could do that," Gunn said, stunned.
"Yes, sorry," Wesly said.
"Thank you." Wookie turned around and looked outside.
"Korion and Angel are coming," Wookie meowed.
"Thanks for the warning," Jack said. "The new comer, Korion, is coming. So is Angel."
"Hey," Angel greeted. "Everyone, this is Korion. Korion, that's Cordelia, Gunn, Wesly, and Conner. I believe you know the others."
"Hi," Korion said.
"Hi," said the group.
"Angel. Korion. This is Wookie and Zero," Sally said.
"Hello. Aren't you two just adorable," said Korion.
Angel replied worriedly, "Love animals, huh?"
"I just adore them! I know you drink pigs blood, but that's okay. As long as you are not feeding on humans."
"Good. At least I don't have to worry about that."
"Guess there's no keeping secrets from you. How do you know so much," Gunn asked.
"I speak directly to the Powers That Be in my head."
"Aw. you would have done well on our team," Welsy said.
"Who said she isn't still joining our team," Angel asked accusingly.
"No one. Are you saying that she's coming with us?"
"That's exactly what I'm saying."
"That's fantastic," Cordelia shouted. At that moment, Emily handed over Conner to Angel.
"Thank you," he said, taking him. "Was he fed?"
"Yes. But he's still hungry. Kept spitting it back out," Emily said with concern.
"What did you feed him?"
"Pigs blood."
"What!? No, no, no! He's human with vampire traits. You feed him formula. Not blood," Angel said freaking out.
"Oh! I'm so sorry! I didn't know. I was the only one here at the time so nobody could tell me," Emily said almost in tears.
"It's okay. You didn't know better. Let's just get another bottle ready. One that has formula instead of blood."
"Right!" Emily ran towards the diaper bag and grabbed a can of formula and prepared the bottle.
"Look at you, being all dad like. It's unexpected and hot," Korion said. Angel smiled at the comment.
"Um, I am assuming that when you two met, there was a connection," Gunn said. Suddenly, Fred came running in the room.
"What I miss," Fred asked.
"Nothing. Now get over here," he said playfully. Fred walked over to stand next to Gunn.
"Oh, you must be the new comer. I'm Fred."
"Hello, I'm Korion."
"Yeah. Angel and her have a thing so she is coming back home with us," Gunn explained.
"Oh. That's fantastic," Fred exclaimed.
"Same thing Cordelia said."
"Say, is that bottle done," asked Angel.
"Yeah. How did you know," Emily asked surprised.
"I'm a vampire. I can smell it."
"Oh, right." Emily grabbed the bottle and handed it over to Angel.
"Here you go Conner," he said as he held the bottle up so the baby could drink the liquid formula.
Korion slipped out to the room and outside to breath. "Release the tension."
"Release what tension?" Angel's voice didn't make her jump.
"The Powers That Be are making me a little nervous. That's all."
"What are they saying?"
"Please don't make me go!"
"But I'm not taking them, I'm taking you," he said with a smile. She gave him a worried but hard look. "Oh, why not," he continued with a frown.
"If I do, we'll all be in danger. I don't want to put any of you in danger. I couldn't live with myself."
Angel looked depressed. "Why do you keep teasing me like this?"
"I'm not teasing."
"We'll work something you. I know we will."
"But They are telling me to go and that usually means that They are planning something big."
"Just come, please. I don't care what the Powers That Be say or plan. All i want to do is be with you."
"What about Buffy? Remember, Buffy the vampire slayer? The one you fell in love with," she said, desperately trying to break it apart.
"I don't even care anymore. I only love you." She looked into his eyes and saw sheer desperation and truthfulness.
"I give up. I'll go. How could I say no to those pretty eyes of yours," Korion said, giving up with a smile and a giggle.
I'm so super tired. So many things wrong right now. But if you are reading this, I hope you are enjoying this. Because I'm not. -_-' It's been so long that as I'm typing this, I'm reading it as well. All I keep thinking as I'm typing is: What was I thinking as I was writing this?! But I'm too lazy to change the story and it's the way it is. So I hope you all enjoy. ^^'

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

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