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What is this...?

© Musical0Love0

Pre, post, and though The Nightmare Before Christmas. I thought since it never showed Jack had a love interest other than Sally in the movie; I can't help but wonder... What did he feel? Rated E for everything! I don't own Jack, Sally, Dr.Finkestien, or any other character mentioned. (Obviously.)
A lovely day serves to a lovely emotion. Happiness? Or was it calmness? A simple serenity? Honestly he didn't know.
Jack Skellington thought himself to be a respectable man- Skellington if you want to be precise. But if there was one thing that bothered him about himself where his emotions.
They confused him greatly. His fellow townspeople where kind hearted, and tried to help him- Yet there was something missing. Children across town would make him smile when they played in the street, and young teenage couples could make him chuckle... The confusion in this was the pang of loneliness, and this sicking emotion... jealousy is what the mayor called it.
And it often came back when he saw older couples as well. That same pang of envy. Everytime. This happened too often, and so he did what he did anytime he didn't understand something.
He researched, borrowing books from everyone, with minor embarrassment. Time he spent reading was crucial to him, with every new emotion he learned, he got more confused. And then one day he stumbled upon it- This one emotion... Love.
It sounded beautiful, captavating and at the same time ridiculous. How did one become so dedicated to another that they would risk themselves for them?
Then came the day Dr.Finklestein created her. She was a lovely thing, with long red hair and big doe eyes. Not only pretty, but smart and good at seeing.
It was strange, as everytime he saw her a strange hole where his heart shouldve have been started to react, and his thoughts evacuated. Luckily he found that he could speak with out using his mind.
The day she spoke with him was amazing, and when he learned her name, (Sally. Lovely like her.) he was ecstatic.
Months passed, then years, and no matter how hard he tried he could never seem to go himself to speak to her.
Until he found Christmas Town; he was infatuated like he was once with feelings- And he knew he must have a taste of this wonderful thing.
With all his power he went to this new activity- And she spoke to him. He took it as a good sign, and continued on with this dream. Maybe this meant they could maybe get closer!
On the actual day of the event his plans spiraled down. His sliegh crashed, he ignored her pleas, and to make it worse no one in the world approved. Realizing his place, he went to fix what was wrong.
To add to his happiness- No! To damped it, Oogie Boogie had taken Santa Clause... and Sally.
For once he understood his emotions, as they where clear as day. Anger.
Surprising himself, he risked his life to save them- Not really them but more of... Her.
And after the day had been saved, he found her alone. She had looked beautiful, the moon illuminating her small figure; they shared that one kiss.
And now here he was, walking across the town, alone. A small thought popped at him.
Maybe you love Sally.
And honestly to him, that idea didn't sound half bad.
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