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A Chance Meeting

© Demonwolf

A birthday gift for ghostwolf 23. Her character Luna (used with her permission) wakes one night to meet some one she didn't even know existed.
The house was quiet and still when Luna awoke. Though there was no real reason for her to have suddenly woken, Luna felt deep unease stirring within her. Pushing herself to her feet, the white wolf sniffed the air and frowned.

‘Something’s not right here. Perhaps I’d best have a look around.’ Luna glanced to her right surveying the new bed that she had been sleeping next to. Curled under his blankets, James continued to sleep, his face peaceful. Luna smiled; at least her young friend was untroubled tonight. That was good; James had experienced plenty to give him nightmares so for him to sleep comfortably eased Luna’s own fears.

Pushing open James’s bedroom door with her nose, the white wolf cocked her ears forward, listening. As far as she could tell, everyone in the house was asleep… wait! Luna froze, hackles raised. There it was again! A strange flapping sound coming from outside.

With a low growl, the wolf slipped downstairs and out through the dog door the builders had thoughtfully placed on the front door. The worst of a summer storm had just passed and while it was still drizzling, Luna could still see clearly in the dark. Glancing about, Luna saw something move out of the corner of her eye.

“Got you,” she growled racing toward the side of the house. A low hiss was her answer and Luna skidded to a halt as she beheld a crouching shadow with two glowing golden eyes.

“Who are you?” What do you want?” Luna snarled, baring her fangs.

“I could ask you the same question,” the shadow answered, baring its own fangs. The voice was female and tinged with an odd accent.

“I am protecting my home and family. If you are here to threaten them-”

“My my, is your nose not working, wolf?” The shadowy girl asked, sounding amused. Confused, Luna sniffed in the girl’s direction twice and paused.

“That scent.. It’s different, but… but there’s something familiar. Something like..”

“What… I don’t… who are you?” Luna took a step closer to the girl, now catching a glimpse of fawn-colored hair and large pointed ears.

“Some one who has a better claim to this family than you do, wolf.”

“My name is Luna,” the white wolf growled.

“Luna, then. Well, I am Rin and I think your nose has told you who I am and who I am bound to.”

‘It’s true,” Luna thought. ‘Her scent, it’s like James’s. But, if that’s true, then this girl is… she’s related to him. A sibling?’ The girl- Rin- eyed Luna’s expression and nodded.

“Rin, how… why… I don’t understand. How can James have a sister?” The girl raised her arms, revealing the shadows she was cloaked in to be, in fact, large bat wings.

“There is much James doesn’t know and he was safer for it. In time, I will explain and reveal all, circumstances permitting. Until then, I only ask that you keep our meeting a secret.”

“Why should I do that? What about you will put James in danger?”

“I am no human, as you can plainly see, Luna. This scent of mine you can’t place is the scent of a half-demon.”

“Half-demon?” Luna’s eyes widened. “But how? James’s parents were human.”

“Yes. His parents were. Like I said though, I will reveal all if and when I can. But if word got out now that a half-demon is connected to this famous family, I can promise you there will be trouble. I’m sure you know how half-demons are received in the world.”

“Yes,” Luna admitted. “I know.”

“Then promise me you will keep this a secret, if only for my brother’s sake.”

“I promise,” Luna agreed earnestly. She would have promised the world if she could keep her young friend safe.

“Thank you. In the meantime, I must go. There is much I must do and not all of it is pleasant work.”

“Very well. Be careful, Rin. I will guard your brother well.”

“Arigato, Luna-san,” Rin replied. Spreading her wings, the young half-demon ran a few paces and leapt skyward. A few seconds later, Luna could only just make out the shadowy form vanishing into the sky.

“Rin,” the white wolf whispered. “Ancestors keep you safe until you come home to us.” Turning back, Luna headed back into the house to the family she now knew had just gotten a little bigger.
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