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© I'm the only Boogie girl

A fire happens at the doctors. Sally has to save L,S,B and Dr. F and Jewel. And Sally and Barrel learn they have something in common.

I own......No one
Jack, Sally, and Zero were in the grave yard sitting on Spiral Hill. Zero more floating then sitting. To them every thing was prefect right at that moment. Sally (after a lot of begging from Jack) agreed to move out of Dr. F's home and in with Jack. Which suited Jack, Sally, Zero, and the doctor, who planed to kick her out anyway. Ever since then things have been 99.99% prefect. The other 0.01% was nothing but foolish fights over this and that.

"Do you ever wonder if the doctor misses you?" Jack asked out of the blue.

Sally thought for a moment. She never really thought about that before.

"I've never really thought about it. I don't think so."

"What makes you say that?"

"I've had no reason to think about it."

"I mean why don't you think he misses you."

"Well for one he never said any thing that showed that he even gave a damn about me."

"Ah." Jack got an idea. "Want to race?"

"To where?" Sally asked.

"Back home."

"What if I don't?"

"Then I'll tickle you when we get home."

"On the count of three. 1..."

Sally took off. Jack realized what happened and ran after her. Sally jumped the wall at the bottom of the hill. Jack did the same and cot up to her.

"I didn't know you could jump like that." He said.

"When you jump out a window about 3 stories high and a window 1 story high to get out of your own house you learn how to jump a wall." She said back.

Jack laughed. Sally laughed with him. They ran into to town. Sally stopped in her tracks, making Jack run into her a knock her over.

"Why'd you stop?" Jack asked getting up.

"Jack I smell smoke." She said.

Jack smelled the air. He smelled it to!

"Where is it coming from?" He asked.

"Well if you think about it look." She said turning his head.

"Oh it's coming from the doctor's." He paused.

"THE DOCTOR'S!" They shouted.

Jack, Sally, and Zero (who had just appeared) ran to Dr. Finklestien's. Jack covered his would-be nose.

"That smoke reeks." He said.

"That's because the smoke has Nightshade in it!" Sally said. "Just don't breath it in!"

"Well what do we do?"

"I don't know. Should I do something? I feel like I should do something."

"Unless you feel the need to burn trying to save Jewel and the doctor. Ether way I won't blame you."

Sally ran into the house. Then up to the lab. Luckily they were in there. Jewel, doctor Finklstien and even Lock, Shock, and Barrel. The only one that seemed to notice Sally was even there was Shock. The little witch's eyes lit up.

"Sally! Help!" She yelled.

"I have a plan!" Sally said.

The five walked over to Sally.

"What's your plan?" Lock and Barrel.

"First we have to get to my room." She said.

They went to the door of the lab.

"Before we go you guys need to hold your breath. The Nightshade in the smoke will make you fall asleep like that." Sally said snapping her fingers.

"Trust me I know..." Dr. F said.

"Are you still mad about that?" Sally mumbled to herself. "Any way just hold your breath till we get to my room."

They walked out into the burning hall. It wasn't easy but they got to Sally's room. Sally opened the door. Once everyone was in she closed the door.

"OK now to get out of here... the window!" Sally said.

"And how do we get down?" Lock asked.

Sally went and got a rope from her bed and tied one end to a bed post and opened the window.

"I'll lower you down with the rope. Now who's first?"

"I'll go." Shock said.

"OK I need you to hold the rope tight."

Sally tied the rope around Shock's waist. Shock slid off the window sill and held the rope tight. Sally let the rope slowly slide from her hands. Once Shock was on the ground she untied the rope and tugged the rope. Then Sally did the same to Lock, Dr. Finklstien, and Jewel.

"Barrel come on." Sally said.

"I-I can't! I'm s-scared." The young skeleton boy answered.

"Of heights?"


"It's OK Barrel if it helps I'm scared of heights to."


"Yep. But I'm only doing this because if I don't I'll feel responsible. Plus you need to do this. If you don't then Shock and Lock won't be a trio."


"So? You think you can do this for Lock and Shock?"

Barrel answered by tying the rope around his waist. Sally laughed and took it as a yes. She lowered Barrel down then pulled the rope back up. Once she tied it around her waist she was about to lower herself down when the fire burned the door and made it's way to the rope. Sally slid off the window sill and started to climb down as fast as she could.

"It's OK Sally jut don't look down." She told her self.

The rope suddenly shifted down. 'Oh no' Sally thought. 'Hold, hold, hold...' The rope shifted again. 'I'ma dead kid.' She thought. The rope snapped. Sally screamed and closed her eye's tight. Before she hit the ground Jack caut her. Sally opened her eye's and saw Jack.

"Uhhhhh..." Sally said still raddled.

"Are you OK Sally?" Jack asked.

"Well I'm alive. As alive as I can be. Still really scared... of... heights!"

Sally raped her arms around Jack fairly tight. Jack was surprised. Is she scared of my height? Jack thought

To Be Continued!
Oh no Sally's scared of heights could this mean Jack and Sally can't be together? Remember Jack's like 6'5" and Sally's like 5'7"
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