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HalloweenTown Horrors

© JackieSkellington

Read to find out about the murder mystery about the late Johnson family.

Written by: JackieSkellington and Kitastrophe
In the dim moonlight, the streets of Wavely Park bathed, mist rolling up against the heels of its two occupants. Tyler and Naya, a decently-wedded couple of three years, strolled the cobbled road as they travelled to Tyler's parent's home on the opposite side of town. The young man took a swig of his flask, then passed it to his lover. She gladly accepted it, never one for being timid.

"Hey, love, don't drink too much", he advised his wife, "You won't be thirsty for what's to come later!"

With a sly smirk, Naya looked into his eyes, "Oh? Well, you're quite presumptious for thinking that'll ever happen!"

Their eyes met in a tipsy gaze, but it was broken by their sudden outburst of laughter. The couple continued walking, briefly stopping for a quick smooch, until an hour later they had arrived at the Johnson estate. A well-endowed home, it was complete with housing for 9 people along with 12 complete bathrooms. To the rear of the building was a luxorious garden adorned with lavish lilacs, roses, and other fauna. Although the architecture was more of a traditional format, the interior was much more modern. A full-sized kitchen with the latest cooking and cleaning equipment. Granite cabinets complimented the dark oak floor and the walls painted with a faint tanned accent. The family's wealth left them with much luxory, but they made it an habit to not take their privelages for granted. In fact, Thomas Johnson, the patriarch of the clan, donated at least half of his earnings to local charities. This granted him great respect within the community of the Park, and earned him a seat at the Directory of Communal Congress.

Sheila, the matriarch of the clan, opened the door for her youngest son, smiling brightly as ever. She let the two in,"My, my...don't you two look lovely!", she commented.

Tyler stepped in behind his wife, then glanced to the other members of the party. He smiled to his two brothers, James and Richard, who were accompanied with their respective wives, Bianca and Quinn. He gave them a quick wave hello, then spoke.

"Howdy, guys", he said with a forced Southern accent- he was fond of altering his voice, but was quite terrible,"How's it goin'?"

Richard, the eldest, shrugged with indifference,"Nothing really. It's been the same as usual at the firm."

James, the middle child, took a sip of his wine before replying. "Well, the guys at the office had a bet on which supermodel would win Miss Universe, and I ended up winning a jackpot of 10 grand!"

He then felt the burning glare of his wife boring into his skull, adding that he "never checked out the competition, because he was TOTALLY not into that sort of objectification of women".

Suddenly, the crowd burst into an uproarous laughter, even James joining along with them. Behind them, another group was settled around the snacks, the second generation. Consisting of three pairs of siblings, all brother-sister duos, they were as follows: Jake and Jenna, Sam and Dakota; and James Junior- JJ for short- and Santana.

Jake and Jenna, having arrived moments before their parents- Tyler and Naya-, and were in a fierce argument over who was the bigger bully during their childhood. Richard and Quinn's offspring, Dakota and Sam, simply laughed as they watch their cousins bicker as always.

"Heh...still haven't changed after all these years, have they?", Sam said in a soft whisper.

"Nope!", replied his sister swiftly and loudly- she was hardly ever quiet it seemed.

Then, JJ piped up from his dialogue with Santana,"Hey, you guys ever wonder what it'd feel like to- OW!". Santana had just punched his arm.

"Don't you dare ask such a weird question, J! It's shit like that that got you beaten up in high school!", Santana growled.
JJ frowned and sighed,"Fine...geez...",he muttered under his breath.

Sam and Dakota looked to each other, then back at their other cousins curiously. "What was the question?", they asked in unison.

To be continued.
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