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Lovers Past

Lovers Past ch2

© Narome-Asylum21

Chapter: 1 2

Jack and Sally walked through the towns square to the gate entrance. They began walking through the pumpkin patch where the spiral hill lay curled, and the moon right behind it glowed bright and luminous. Sally couldn’t help but glare at Jack the whole time. “He’s very quiet today, that’s not like him at all. Has something happened to him, he looks so solemn?”She thought to herself. Jack noticed her staring at him. “Sally, you keep staring at me.” He said in a concerned manner. “You’re not as focused as u usually are, Jack. It looks like something is bothering you, is there?” she asked. She was right and Jack knew it, but he couldn’t explain it. The memory was not exact, but he tried the best to explain it. “Sally you know me better than anyone else in this town. I know you’ll understand when I say that I’ve made a promise to someone I can’t remember.” He said. “What do you mean?” she asked. “Before I met you there was someone else, and I had come to realize that this lover of mine had a great impact on me and the town itself. Before the dead was restricted of having contact with the living, there used to be barriers that allowed the dead to haunt upstairs. But our relationship got out of hand and some others found out about me and the underworld and wanted to lead a riot….” “…oh Jack that’s terrible.” She said “I can’t remember clearly but she begged me to hide her from some men who were trying to capture her and put her in an asylum. The time was critical and I hesitated, my father ordered me not to help her…Now I regret that decision…” he sat down on a tombstone and buried his face in sadden shame. Sally went down to sit next to him. “I may not have a lot of experience with love, but I sure it was best for both of your sakes.”Jack interrupted her. “No it wasn’t.” He got up with anger. “Now that I didn’t help she was captured and taken brutally, and the hardest part was letting her go. I saw her expression it was filled with fear and sorrow, she cried out for me screaming and begging me! She struggled on ground to release herself from the men’s grasps, and what did I do! Nothing, a damn bloody nothing! He was so angered that his powers were triggered and he shot fire to the deadly nightshades, sally was frightened. “Jack! Please calm down.” She quickly got up from the tombstone and gently cupped his hands in hers. Jack then pulled her in a hug. “I’m sorry…” he softly said. “It’s ok Jack, its ok.” she said. They went back to Halloween Town without any conversation, and Jack walked Sally back to the laboratory. Jack got home restless still trying to remember the girl and how they met. But it was getting late and he went to rest in his coffin. As he fell into a deep sleep the memory came back. ***Flashback******
The night was cold and raining in the Land of the Living, Jack had just arrived but wasn’t happy to see Emily again because his father overheard the news that she was going to be sent to an asylum because they thought she wasn’t normal for being with the dead. His father offered him one last night to be with her but if the men came he wasn’t to interfere with her capture. He walked slowly through the woods trying to find her, and then at a far distance he saw a white figure it was Emily and she wore a lovely white dress that had been soaked from running in the rain away from the men that were trying to capture her. Her hair was droopy and wet and her face was drenched in water. She spoke with speed and terror. “Jack please you have to help me, they think I’m insane and want to send me to an asylum, you have take me to your world and hide me.” Jack instantly pulled her in to a hug. He had to tell her. “Emily, I must confess you are dear to me, but I’m sorry I can’t help you.” He said “What? No Jack please don’t you know what they do to girls like me in asylums it’s hell in there, Please!” she began to shed tears upon him. The men were getting closer; you could see the lanterns and hear the hounds barking. “Run!”She said and they ran deeper into the woods the men were already caught up. Her heart raced and the farther they ran the less coverage they had in the woods. Jack had to find somewhere hide to them for a while. He griped Emily wrist and pulled her aside where they both hid behind a big thick tree trunk. They stayed quiet but Emily was breathing hard from the running. “Search the area!”Demanded one of the men. Some of men let loose some of their hounds to make search easier. Both of their hearts raced with terror. One of the hounds was picking up a strange sent and followed it. Emily could hear the growling of the hound next to her, she looked at Jack. Then from Jack’s side pounced a hound then the other one on Emily’s side. They both tried to run from them, but Jack escaped finding another hiding spot, but Emily was being attacked by the hounds. He saw her slip and fall on the floor her white dress was covered in mud. She screamed and struggled to get up away from the hounds. Then he saw the men coming to the sounds of the screaming and barking. They secured the hounds and grabbed her by the arms; she was kicking and screaming to let her go. “Noooo!! Let go of me!!!”She exclaimed “You can’t do this to me!!! Jack, help me please!!!” Her throat tightened up and she began to shed tears. “Jack don’t let them take to the asylum- PLEASE… I’M BEGGING YOU!!!” she screamed for him. “This girl is obviously insane. Let’s go there’s nothing there!” he told her. “I’m not insane! Jack please I beg of you!!! Don’t let them take me!” they paid no attention to her and dragged her back. The screaming was slowly fading away. Jack couldn’t believe what he had done. ****End of Flash back*********

Chapter: 1 2

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