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James & the Giant Peach (With my OC)

© CentiSpider4Ever

This is the whole James and the Giant Peach story just with my OC, Butterfly, that I've written long ago. I created her a long time ago for this story. If you wanna know anything else about her, check my DeviantArt account SelenaArianaFanGirl Smile Just the whole James and the Giant Peach story pretty much, but with her. I started the story when James gets in the peach. What happens? Have to read to find out.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

So the young boy enters the giant peach. While getting inside it, he starts changing from how he really looks like. When he gets in deeper, he starts hearing voices.

"Here, now. Where do you think you're goin', Yank?" Mrs. Ladybug said.

"I'm goin' stir-crazy.I gotta take a look around. Plan our escape from Spiker and Sponge," Centipede said.

"Escape? To where? We'll all be squashed... swatted... smooshed!" Earthworm said.

"No one's going to smoosh you, my dear boy. You're six feet long now," Mr. Grasshopper said.

"Exactly," Butterfly agreed.

"Bigger target," said Earthworm.

"Let the biddies come," Centipede said. " I'll take 'em both on. I'm indefeatable. I'm indivisible. I'm..."

Before he finishes talking, the young boy fell in there. They did know who he was yet so everyone looked up and saw him falling from the hole in the side of the peach way up high.

"IN TROUBLE!" Centipede yelled.

The small figure bounced off Centipede,flew over Mrs. Ladybug and Butterfly and slid off Earthworm.

"It's Spiker and Sponge!They found us!"Earthworm yelled.

"Hello," Glowworm said.

"It's the lad from the house," Mr. Grasshopper said."What's his name?"

Centipede slid in front of ,"Miserable tick,"

Earthworm butted in front,"I thought it was rotten little grub,"

Mrs. Ladybug and Butterfly both came flying over the young boy.

"No no. That's what those horrible aunts call him." Mrs. Ladybug said.

"Yes, but what is his real name?" Butterfly asked, confused.

"His real name is...Well it's...uh," Mrs. Ladybug said, confused as well.

Miss Spider was the only one who knew who the young boy's name was. So she came down from her web.

"It's James," she said.

The young boy, James, was startled by her so he jumped back and let out a little yell.

"Look whatcha done now miss," Mrs. Ladybug said coming over to the little boy,"Scared him to death,"

James was really scared by all of them.

"Please!" he screamed,"Don't eat me!"

"Eat you?" Mrs. Ladybug asked, shocked.

Everyone started to laugh.

"Hey Glowworm!Turn on your lights!"Centipede yelled.

He clapped and the lights came on. There James saw was a centipede, grasshopper, earthworm, ladybug, spider, butterfly and glowworm.

"I'm a vegetarian," Mr. Grasshopper said.

"I am one as well," Butterfly said.

"I eat dirt,"Earthworm replied.

"No one will be eating you James," Miss Spider said when she came down.

As soon as Miss Spider said that, Centipede pushed Miss Spider out of his way and spoke next.

"She'll just puncture your head and sunk out the brains,"he said.

"That's just gonna make him more scared!" Princess yelled, frustrated when he said that.

Miss Spider stopped swinging and dropped in front of Centipede. She was mad and he could tell. He started to get scared.

"That I am saving for you," she dived to try and grab him, but she missed.

He slid under her and popped out from the other side of her.

"Whoa!Pretty fast long legs!" he said.

She turned around and started to hiss at backed up and climbed half way up a ladder. Mrs. Ladybug couldn't stand that kind of behavior. Butterfly didn't like it herself either.

"Oh!Such rude behavior!" Mrs. Ladybug said.

"Very rude of course!" Butterfly said.

But then Princess thinks to herself for a second and giggles. "But... kinda cute!"

"I heard that!" Centipede snapped at her. "She could've killed me!"

Princess rolls her eyes and ignores him, and looks back at James.

"There's no need to be frighten dear," Mrs. Ladybug said while cleaning James's face.

Butterfly smiles and nods. "Yeah, nothing bad is gonna happen"

"But...your enormous bugs!" James said.

"Fascinating,isn't it?" Mr. Grasshopper asked.

"We've all changed," Mrs. Ladybug pulled out a mirror,"And so have you James,"

James looked at himself in the mirror and realized he had changed. He gasped at that.

"The old one who gave me the green said marvelous things will happen,"James said.

"Did he say "Marvelous pigs in satin?"Glowworm asked.

"No my dear lady," Mr. Grasshopper was given a megaphone,"Marvelous things will happen!"

"Poor Glowworm. She's a little deaf,"he said.

"I however have esqusit hearing,"Earthworm said.

Centipede ran up to him,"Oh listen to this,"

He grabbed the megaphone and yelled,"Lets get out of here!"

"That is a good point you have," Butterfly said with a smile and then frowns and mutters. "For once..."

"You mean leave the hill?!" James asked, "I can't! The rhino will get me!"

"RHINO!"Earthworm buried himself in a glove.

"A rhino?" Butterfly asked, getting confused.

"I say dear boy.I've lived on this miserable hill for are no rhinoceros here," Mr. Grasshopper explained.

"Expect for Sponge,"Centipede added,"She's twice as big as a kid?"

Centipede and James laughed at his joke.

"And twice as dangerous," Miss Spider added,"My life hangs by a thread everyday,"

"I had to send all three hundred of me children to savor pastures," Mrs. Ladybug said.

"Your aunts are dangerous you know," Butterfly said to James. "They killed my parents and my older sisters" she said, starting to frown.

"HA!With you call hiding in solid rock is fun," Earthworm said.

"I can't even remember what fun is," James said.

Centipede ran to him,"Well that's because you've been stuck here too to me kid.I know a place that will refresh your memory,"

"And what shall that be?" Butterfly asked.

Centipede started to sing.

"Bright lights, big city. That's where we gotta go." Centipede jumped off a piece of board and grabbed Glowworm's lantern and started to sing "Where the food is great and the bugs are so pretty" he sang, about to dance with both and Princess. "I'd like to get my arms around a hundred or so." he then started to spin them around," I'd hug 'em, squeeze 'em, hold 'em tight." he then grabbed Earthworm and tossed him at . "Sleep all day. Dance all night. I want the bright lights and the big city. That's the life for me,yeah." and then he jumped onto Miss Spider's web. "That's the life for-"

"You little maggot" Miss Spider started to sing. "Have you never seen the moon? Gliding 'cross the western sky. A dead oak tree by the water side. Putrid vapors rising"

"That sounds lovely, dear." Mrs. Ladybug started to sing. "I'm sure we'd all agree. But I prefer the sunshine.A little park right in the center of the town. Flowers everywhere. Children all around me, I'd love it. Landing on a baby's cheek so warm. It's wonderful, wonderful. That's the life for me. That's the life for me. That's the life, that's the life for me,"

"Beautiful, simply beautiful," Butterfly started to sing. "Well I'd love to design. Everyone would love my work." she chuckles while she sings. "They would. It'd be absolutely divine. Everyone will recognize how hard I work. I'd be well known by everyone. That's the life for me. That's the life for me. That's the life, that's the life for me," (I wrote this one myself due to Princess being my OC for this movie. I don't know if it's good but I did my best)

"Elegant conversation" Mr. Grasshopper started to sing but got interrupted by Centipede.

"Bright lights, big city," Centipede butted in.

"An elevated point of view," Mr. Grasshopper sang after kicking Centipede out of his way.

"That's where I'd go," Centipede sang again.

"Intellectual stimulation" Mr. Grasshopper sang, stopping Centipede.

"Yeah, maybe for you," Centipede sang and then left.

"And someone you love to share it with you," Mr. Grasshopper sang.

Then Mr. Grasshopper, Mrs. Ladybug, Butterfly, and Centipede danced. "It would be wonderful, wonderful" they sang. "That's the life for me,"

"You call that a life?" Earthworm asked.

"That's the life for me," they sang again.

"It's no pile of dirt!" Earthworm said.

"That's the life," Mrs. Ladybug sang under a yellow spotlight.

"That's the life," Mr. Grasshopper sang under a white spotlight.

"That's the life," Centipede sang under a red spotlight.

"That's the life," Butterfly sang under a pinkish purple spotlight.

"That's the life," Miss Spider sang under a blue spotlight.

"That's the life for-" they were about to sing but then got interrupted.

"Where are you hiding, boy?" Aunt Sponge yelled out from outside.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

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