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The Channeling

Ozmando Returns (not for long)

© paige10967

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5

Jack, Oogie, and Liz watched the tape after Jack and Liz woke up. By the time it ended, Jack had tears streaming down his face. "I miss them so much." he sobbed. "I know, man, but you gotta be strong for them." Just then, Oogie collapsed. He turned a strange, almost dark grey color. "Hahahahahahaha! I'm back, baby! And I'm here to stay!" said Ozmando Boogie.

Ozmando had been planning this ever since he was banished from his worthless son's body. But now, he could posses his kid fully. He had wormed his way into his son's heart. He had then stopped it, but before his son could fully die, Ozmando tore Oogie's soul away and replaced it with his own. "Well, well, well, what have we here? So you're the brat who taught my worthless son how to channel." he sneered. "How in the name of Helheim did you get through the veil, Ozmando?" asked Liz. "He must have come through when my parents did." said Jack. "Well, fk, Jack. Oogie, if you can hear me, possess me, quickly. Let the dead speak again, Let them hear, see, taste, smell, and touch. Let Oogie Boogie be born again through the seer!" If you're wondering why the chant was said differently, it's because it was a different chant. The first was a speaking chant, and only had short term effects. This chant was the possession chant. It allowed a spirit to inhabit a body for an indefinite amount of time. Liz shuddered and her body changed into Oogie's body. "Dad, ya always were a fkin' cheater. Death wasn't good enough for ya, huh? Ya just could'nt live with the fact that I resolved the stupid-a$$ vendetta between our families. Well, I'll tell ya this; I'm gonna get my body back. Jack, help me make this clear, will ya?" Ozmando actually cringed. Jack ignited his hands and said "With pleasure, Oogie. I've waited too long for this." And with that, they charged.
Oogie and Jack started to fight Ozmando. Oogie threw the razor cards that Liz always kept at her belt. They were a gift from Lock, Shock, and Barrel. Jack started to toss a fireball, but Oogie stopped him. "That's my body, remember? I still kinda need that." Jack nodded and pulled out a couple of iron bars. They would fit in his hand and make his punches that more deadly. Liz also fought. From the spiritual plane where she was, she could influence Oogie to land a punch perfectly or make Ozmando trip and fall on his a$$. After what felt like hours, Oogie finally knocked his father out cold. Quickly, Oogie's soul poured out of Liz's mouth and flowed into his own, pushing his father out of his body. His color returned to normal, and when Liz had recovered, she placed an Iron Shell spell around Oogie's heart, and other major organs. With the spell, Oogie could still function normally, but his father wouldn't be able to harm him again. She also placed similar wards around herself and Jack, just in case Ozmando got any ideas.

Don't hate me for using those names. Rexus, Emma, and Ozmando (c) Amy Skellington. Next chappy to come soon.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5

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