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Nightmare Under Halloween (Undertale Crossover)

© bloody moons 101

Things began to get mysterious when the pumpkins in the pumpkin patch began to come up missing, then the decoration began to be destroy. Everything was going wrong in Halloween Town. Then two skeletons and a human child came to Halloween Town! It's up to Jack Skellington to help the two skeleton brothers Sans and Papyrus and the human child Frisk to go home and figure out who's trying to ruin Halloween.
Hope you'd enjoy this crossover story, I've seen some crossover story of Nightmare Before Christmas on here and wanted to do one with Undertale. Since no one done that yet, I guess I'll be the first to do it. I know it's a little too early to do this story since it's a Halloween story but who cares I'm a creep anyway.
P.S. Frisk is a female in this story so don't judge that if you know what I mean. That is if you're in Undertale fan then you know what I mean.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Birds are singing and flowers are blooming on days like this everyone were preparing for Halloween. Since Halloween was so close at hand, for the residents of Halloween Town. All the monsters were preparing for their big holiday. Everyone was all excited, for the monsters knew that each year the adults go out and scare the living out of the humans. Their leader takes them out and he will open the portal to the human world. The leader is the king of the pumpkin patch also the most scariest monster that ever lived. All the residents were putting a few touches here and there for their annual celebration. When all of sudden a loud scream was heard throughout the town, everyone turn to see a small round man, has a two face figure (his sad face figure was in front and the happy face figure facing the back), wears a gray brownish suit with a banner that says “mayor “ on it, and a long candy cone hat on, running though the town. He was yelling out “this is horrible, the pumpkins in the pumpkin patch are all gone”! Everyone gasped and kept asking the mayor how did the pumpkins came up missing. The mayor only responded sadly “I don’t know”. Just then a voice was heard not far from the mayor asking “mayor, what’s going on”?
The mayor turn to see a tall skeleton man dress in black has a black bat bow tie on walking towards him. The mayor said upsetting “oh Jack, this is terrible. The pumpkins in the pumpkin patch are all gone and no one knows what happen to them all. I believe someone took them all”. A big werewolf wearing a red shirt came up saying “but without pumpkins how are we supposed to have our Halloween party”? Jack look at the mayor and ask “now you are sure that all the pumpkins in the pumpkin patch are missing”? The mayor nodded saying “indeed, take a look at yourself”. Jack nodded and he headed towards the graveyard while everyone else were wondering how in the world that all the pumpkins came up missing. Jack walk across a big area of the graveyard with lots of gravestone and tombstone around. As he came across the Spiral Hill which looks a bit more curl up like, he look to where the pumpkin patch is and saw that there were no pumpkins at all in sight just like the mayor said it was. Jack’s eyes sockets widened with disappointment and confusion. Just then a female voice was heard beside him saying “isn’t terrible? I can not believe someone would do such a thing like this”. Jack turn to see his rag doll wife Sally, wearing a mix color dress, her skin is blue fabric with stitches all over it, her hair is long dark red. Jack turn to Sally and said “I see now, but who”? Sally shrugs and said “the vampires brothers came and told me about this”. Jack nodded and spotted the four vampires standing in the middle of the pumpkin patch.
Jack walk up to the two tallest also the two oldest brothers and asked “how long you guys was able to find them all gone”? The tallest and the oldest said “about four minutes ago, we went to help the mayor to get some pumpkins for the party”. The second oldest nodded and said “yes, when we saw all the pumpkins gone, the mayor went to find you and my youngest brother happen to see your wife coming towards us and we told her what we found”. Jack sigh and said “we better figure out what happened here before we could point fingers without evident of who’s behind this missing pumpkins”. The four vampires all nodded and agreed to help Jack. Sally look at Jack and asked “but why would anyone want to ruin our holiday just like that”? Jack sigh and said “I don’t really know”. Just as they all went back to town that’s when couple of the town's resident came up and had three kids in each of their hand. The kids were a witch wearing a purple dress and purple hat, has black curly hair, the other is a demon dress in red, his hair covering his hood like horns, the third is a small like skeleton has a lollipop in his hand. The one resident is a sea creature with a witch and a skeleton in both of his hands said “we believe these three are the cause of it all”. The second resident is a clown said in a high pitch voice “yeah, they are always causing trouble”. The demon kid spoke up saying “no we’re not, we keep telling you we never stole those pumpkins at all”. The witch girl said “yeah, how could we stole those pumpkins when we were here the whole time”.
Then Sally spoke defending the three kids “it’s true, before I came to the graveyard they were with Dr. Finklestein this whole time. He even told me that they were with him all morning. If you don’t believe me then ask him yourselves”. The sea creature was going to disagree with Sally when Jack spoke up “Sally does speak the truth. I know as her dearest husband that she always tells the truth. So don’t get my wife into this at all. Plus I remember telling Shock, Lock, and Barrel to meet with Dr. Finkelstein for a formula I need to use for one of my performance. Till we can figure out who’s behind this please don’t point fingers till you have some evident or proof that you have a guesstimate of who’s behind this”. The crown and the sea creature both let the three kids go and apologize to Jack for the mistake. Jack nodded and told them to not do it again. Jack held Sally’s hand and together walk back into town to figure out about the missing pumpkins.
Not far from the town where the human's live are some monsters who lives to be apart with the humans. Halloween was drawing near and some monsters haven’t got much of plans for Halloween. Most of them were going to stay home and possibly play games or watch TV with their friends. Of course in a big white house with red shedding on the house, was a human girl name Frisk. Frisk wears a blue T shirt with pink stripe and blue pants, has short brown hair, and blue eyes. Frisk was getting prepare for Halloween, it was her first year to go trick or treating with her two uncles. She likes the monster and being apart of their family, it’s makes her feel like she belongs there. Frisk was drawing on a piece of paper of a map to where she knew of some houses that she remember had lots of candy. Just then a tall skeleton wears a red scarf and white body armor came walking in to see what Frisk was doing. He look at Frisk curious and asked “human, what are you doing”? Frisk look up and said with a smile “I’m making plans to houses that has the most candy”. The skeleton smiled and said “sounds great! We’ll be the best of the best”! A voice came from the doorway saying “Papyrus, you know that candy is delicious to the bone”. Papyrus thought a moment then it came to him and yell “Sans, not again”! Sans came out wearing a blue jacket with a white shirt inside and a black shorts with white stripe, with pink slippers. He’s a skeleton like Papyrus except he’s smaller.
Papyrus look at Sans and then look at Frisk saying “It’s a good thing that you know the human world plus a map can help us find our way around”. Sans walk over and was impressed of how well the map that Frisk drew looked. “Ha, great job kid with that map there”. Frisk smiled and said giggling “thank you uncle Sans”. Sans smiled and said “welp, better go see what Tori is up to”. Sans went across the kitchen to the back door and open it up before he left he said turning to Papyrus “well, Halloween is in three days. Kinda excited to trick or treat with Frisk, Paps”? Papyrus nodded saying “I am Sans, I’m going to be a cowboy”. He put his arms up and pretend that he had guns in both of his bony hands and making gunshots noises. Which made Sans and Frisk both laugh at him. Sans stopped laughing and left to find Toriel who’s Frisk’s adopted mother. Papyrus look at Frisk and said picking her up “come along human, let’s try out our costume”. Frisk asked “is it ready”? Papyrus nodded saying “Alphys says that she and Undyne got the costume all ready for us”. Frisk smiled and clap her hand in joy, excited to see her costume that she wants to be for Halloween.
Papyrus carry Frisk over his shoulder and the two of them both walk all the way to Alphys house. They both were excited to see their costume and how the costumes turn out. Once at Alphys house Papyrus rang the doorbell and wait for ten seconds before the door open to reveal a sea monster wearing a black tank top and black shorts, has long red hair in a pony tail. She smiled slightly and said “I was wondering when you two were coming”. Papyrus nodded and asked “so where’s the costumes”? Undyne said “in the closet, Alphys isn’t here but she let me give them to you two”. Undyne walk to the closet and open the door and pull out two plastic cover like dress. Undyne gave the tallest to Papyrus and the smallest to Frisk, “don’t open them till you two get home. Alphys will kill me if something happen to those two”. Papyrus put his and took Frisk’s and put it over his shoulder. “Don’t worry Undyne I’ll take good care of these costumes”. Undyne said “okay have fun with trick or treating you two”. Frisk nodded and said holding Papyrus hand “we will, bye”. Papyrus and Frisk left and Undyne went to call Alphys to let her know that Papyrus and Frisk got their costumes.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

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