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Nightmare Under Halloween (Undertale Crossover)

Chapter 10

© bloody moons 101

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Jack happen to spot a rope leading down under the three house, he grab hold of the rope and slide down till he was able to get down there. Soon he seen a small rounded window to look through to see what’s going on. Once he look through the window he could see Frisk was tied up in the chair still afraid of what may come next.
Jack sighs and soon without hesitation, he open the small window and slide inside. Once he got down on the ground, he look to see maybe he could see the person who tied Frisk up. He didn’t see anyone but he did however saw the pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. It didn’t came to a surprise for Jack to see all the pumpkins there.
Jack thought to himself “whoever stole those pumpkins and kidnapped Frisk is the one that I have to deal with later after I get Frisk out of here.”
Jack ran but quietly in case that person would or may come back towards Frisk. He got up to Frisk and cover her mouth so she wouldn’t scream. Frisk began to wiggle to break free. Jack whisper to Frisk’s ear, “it’s okay, it’s only me. I’m getting you out of here.”
Frisk stop wiggling and calm down hearing that Jack was there to free her. Jack let go of Frisk’s mouth and untied the rope around Frisk’s hands and was able to free Frisk.
Frisk smiled as she stood up to face Jack, “thank you for saving me but, how did you know I was down here?”
Jack wink saying “I have my ways in. Besides I see this place lots of times.”
Jack took Frisk’s hand and together was about to go out when a figure in the dark stood in front of them saying “you really think you could save Frisk, just like that.”
Frisk close her eyes again yelling “leave us alone, Chara!”
Jack look at Frisk and ask “who’s Chara?”
Soon Chara appear out of the darkness so Jack could see whom Frisk was talking about.
“Don’t you see Jack, I know all about ya. I stole those pumpkins and destroy your little party. So I decided to bring Frisk here though her uncles weren’t suppose to come here, to kill all of you.”
Jack said with a snarl “so you’ve been the one that was causing the problem for all of us. I never had guest that it would be another human.”
Chara shrugs “if you prefer to call me that. Anyways back to the subject. I’ll make sure no one lives. With the help of my puppet beside you, the two of us will rule this world together.”
Frisk open her eyes again and yell “no Chara, I won’t let you hurt nobody! Not my friends, my family, or anyone else!”
Chara laughs saying “boy, you really are an idiot.”
Jack put himself in front of Frisk saying “this is gone way too far, you’re not going to ruin my holiday or ruin any lives here. Not as well I’m around.”
Chara smiles “that’s true, you are the Pumpkin King. So let’s make this fair and square shall we? I make sure to kill you first before killing Frisk there.”
Jack narrow his eyes sockets saying “bring it then.”
Jack move quick enough to avoid the blade of Chara’s knife. Frisk could only watch in horror as Chara was beginning to get more determined to kill Jack.
Jack pull down his sleeve and show his green slime Soul Rubber and soon he began to strike it at Chara. Chara dodged the strike from the Soul Rubber. It only grew worse because each time Jack attack it just made Chara more angrier than before.
Jack knew that he couldn’t fight Chara much longer and that Chara is going to strike him and won’t miss him. Frisk couldn’t take to watch Jack and Chara fight anymore.
With all her’s strength, she ran in front of Jack and cried “Chara, please stop!”
Chara grin saying “oh Frisk, you think that I’m going to listen to you. Ha, you feel for this skeleton don’t ya. I could see he’s feeling for you too.”
Jack growl and yell at Frisk, “Frisk, stay behind me!”
Frisk look up at Jack and said “I can’t let Chara kill you.”
Jack sighs saying “please Frisk, do what I told you to do.”
Chara knew that Frisk was now a good target to hit. So Chara ran super fast, charging towards Frisk. Frisk turn to see Chara ready to slice her with the knife.
Jack cried “Frisk, no!”
Just as Chara was about to slice Frisk, that’s when three big huge blue bones rose and almost got Chara.
“What on earth” cried Chara.
Frisk and Jack too were shocked, yet Jack ran towards Frisk and pick her up carrying Frisk in his arms.
Chara had no idea how in the world those bones got there. Just then Chara happen to look in the corner of her eyes to see blue flames in the darkness.
Chara knew that blue flames anywhere and began to growl, “that stupid comedian.”
Just then a voice from the blue flames said “you know I can’t afford to not care anymore, you brat are always the one that has to ruin everything for us. I shoulda known you were involved with this, in fact I had a sense you were the one behind this but I brushed that thought to the side. Now I’m here to give you a bad time.”
Jack and Frisk look up to see Sans came out of the shadow with his blue flames in his right eye sockets ready to dunk Chara.
Chara turn to face Sans and said “I wished you never came.”
Sans sighs “welp, looks like to give you a one heck of a bad time, kid. Let’s just put this straight as I always like to put it.”
Sans walk up closer to Chara with his head slightly down “it’s a beautiful day outside the kids are playing and the monsters are scaring tonight and on days like these kids like you (Sans voice gotten lower) should be burning in hell!”
Sans lift his head up and his grin grew wider and soon lift his arms up, Chara’s soul was shown turn the color from red to blue. Chara knew what Sans was going to do next. Sans soon began to toss Chara around like a little toy to walls, over, and over, and over again, till he stopped to see Chara’s nose was bleeding badly.
Sans said after he stop throwing Chara, “ha, what’s wrong kid, didn’t like how I done to ya. Well you should leave me and my family the hell alone.”
Chara growl as she was getting up and soon lift the knife up and charge towards Sans. Again Sans lift Chara’s soul and slam her to the ground.
Sans growl a little saying “you don’t know when to quit. Do ya?”
Jack put Frisk down and ran yelling “Sans, please that’s enough!”
Sans look at Jack to see Jack’s worried face as Jack ran to him.
Jack stop saying “I suppose now that you and Frisk know this Chara but, it doesn’t mean that you could keep on hurting this child though they did something wrong. How would you feel someone throw you around when you done something terrible?”
Sans thought about it and realized Jack was indeed right, Sans turn to look at Frisk and sighs remember how he done to her when she was possessed by Chara. Sans gave a huge sigh and soon the blue flame disappear and his white pupils appear in his eyes sockets.
“You’re right, I guess I should be more willing to uh… suppose forgive though I really hate that kid.”
Sans turn to Chara when he said it.
Jack sighs saying “I know what you're saying, it’s hard to forgive someone who harm your family or friends. I’ve learn a long time ago that by hurting them isn’t going to solve the problem. The only time if you have to harm them if you have no other choice but to protect those whom you love. Which that you did but also you were hurting yourself.”
Sans sighs understanding what Jack was saying “I do understand what your saying Jack, I guess I didn’t realize that till now.”
Chara got back up and growl when seeing Sans and Jack were talking. Frisk turn to see Chara ready to kill Sans and Jack both. Frisk knew she had to do something and fast. Frisk look to see a pole lying on the floor not far from the chair she was tied to. Frisk ran to grab it and ran to stop Chara.
Jack and Sans didn’t know Chara was going after them till they both turn to see Chara was ready to strike when Frisk use the pole to push Chara out of the way.
Chara yell “you idiot, now your gonna get what you deserve before!”
Chara was about to strike at Frisk when Chara trip into a boiling hot stew that was in the depth of the ground. Chara held on to the edge and lost the knife in the stew.
Frisk ran over and bend down saying trying to give Chara a lift up “Chara, please let us help you.”
Chara yell “I don’t need you stupid help Frisk!”
Frisk said almost pleading “please Chara, let me help you. I can help you be a better person and together be the best of friends!”
Chara yell “I don’t need no one’s help! I want to kill to slay the lives of those who want to slay us!”
Frisk cried “no Chara, you don’t understand. Monsters are just like us humans, they want to help you, they can’t if all you want to do is to murder them!”
Chara began to slip and holding her one hand on the edge of the floor.
“Please Chara, let me help you up. That way both of us can make a better world, together.”
Chara yell “if I going to die here (Chara grab hold of Frisk’s hand) then you’ll die with me too!”
Chara let go of the cliff and Frisk began to fall into the boiling stew with Chara. Jack ran and grab hold of Frisk before falling in all the way. Sans ran and grab hold of Jack’s suit and the two of them began to help Frisk up.
Frisk look at Chara saying “you see we can change the world together. There is no need to kill anyone.”
Soon Chara’s hand began to slip out of Frisk’s that soon Chara hand was released from Frisk’s hand and fell into the stew.
Frisk cried “Chara, no!”
Chara scream as she fell to her death into the boiling stew. Frisk couldn’t bare to watch. Jack and Sans was able to get Frisk safely back on the floor and Frisk began to cry.
Jack ask “what’s wrong Frisk? Are you hurt?”
Sans too began to get worried, Sans brush Frisk’s hair asking “hey, what’s the matter, kid?”
Frisk look up saying “I tried to save Chara, I thought maybe I can help save her.”
Jack and Sans both sigh in sadness.
Jack said “sometimes it never work out as plan. Chara choose her path that led to destruction. Though I too wished I could have done something to help Chara.”
Sans looks down, “I fought with that kid way too many times, I could tell that the kid isn’t going to change.”
Jack sighs saying “we better head back and tell everyone what happen and that we found not only Frisk but all the pumpkins as well.”
Sans took Frisk’s hand saying “yeah, let’s get back with the others.”
All three of them headed back out of the treehouse.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

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