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Nightmare Under Halloween (Undertale Crossover)

Chapter 11 (Finale)

© bloody moons 101

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As they were heading back to town, Jack look at Sans and ask “Sans, how were you able to get into the treehouse?”
Sans said “well Jack, you see I have magic to teleport to a different place in a few seconds. So when I was with Paps and Sally I began to remember the story you told me and Paps about Oogie and his dad. So I teleport myself to that treehouse to see if Frisk was there that’s when I saw Chara was about to kill Frisk. So that’s why I attack as I did to protect the kid. I made a promise to not only Frisk but to Tori that I’ll keep this kid safe.”
Sans rub Frisk’s hair which made Frisk giggled.
Just then a loud high pitch male’s voice was heard saying “there you are, brother, I was… Frisk, you’re okay!”
They look up to see Papyrus running towards Sans and Frisk. Frisk smiled and let go of Sans hand, ran towards Papyrus to give him a big hug.
Papyrus held Frisk tight saying “oh I was so worried that something happens to you. Are you hurt?”
Frisk shook her head saying “no, Jack and Uncle Sans saved me.”
Sans walk up saying “sorry for not telling you that I left for a moment.”
Papyrus stood up saying “I forgive you, Sans, next time just make sure I know where you're going.”
Sans nods saying “sure thing bro.”
Soon Sally and Zero saw them and were happy to see Frisk was well. Jack decide not tell Sally or Papyrus till he would tell everyone of what happen.
They all made it into the town and everyone was so happy to see Frisk was not hurt.
Jack spoke to everyone in a loud clear voice explaining about Chara and everything that occurs then he made sure to tell them that he found the pumpkins that came up missing in the pumpkin patch.
Once he finishes explaining that’s when the mayor look up asking “Jack, is this Chara the same one who destroy our Halloween party?”
Jack nods answering, “indeed, but I have decided that the party is not canceled. We’ll still celebrate it and…”
Jack then got an idea that came to his head.
“Wait a minute I just got an idea!”
Everyone look at Jack with curious.
Jack smile grew wide then he looks at the mayor saying “mayor, get everyone ready to go to the human world.”
The mayor said, “but Jack, we don’t have the party done yet.”
Jack said “the reason why I’m starting early and before the party even starts is to bring Sans, Papyrus, and Frisk back home. I remember that we can create a portal back to the human world and since they live in the human world. We can bring them home.”
The mayor’s sad figure face turn around to a happy figure face saying “that’s a splendid idea, Jack.”
Sans and Papyrus smiled at each other while Frisk jumps up and down in joy to hear that news.
Jack yell out “alright everyone, let’s go to the human world!”
Everyone cheer and left except Papyrus, Sans, Frisk, and Sally.
Jack got towards them saying “well looks like you three will be home soon.”
Frisk smiled and said, “I can’t wait.”
Sally smiled saying “it was sure nice to meet you three especially you Frisk.”
Frisk ask “aren’t you coming?”
Sally shook her head “I have too much work to be done here. Maybe someday Jack might want to bring you three back.”
Papyrus yell out “that’s a great idea, maybe we can bring Undyne, Toriel, and maybe Mettaton!”
Sans nods though didn’t like the sound of bringing Mettaton with them.
Frisk look up at Sally and said, “it was sure nice to meet you.”
Sally nods and hugs Frisk saying “indeed, it’s been quite an adventure having you three here.”
Frisk look up at Papyrus, Papyrus grab hold of Frisk and put her over his shoulder.
Jack smiled saying “well let’s get you three back home.”
Sans happen to hear his phone ringing, he looks at the phone and it says ‘Toriel’ on it.
Sans gulp saying “welp, we better get back soon. Tori is going to be pretty upset if we’re not home on time.”
Sans try to answer the phone but couldn't get any service since in Halloween Town it was no use of even having a phone.
“Can’t call Tori and let her know we’re on our way.”
Jack ask “who is this Tori?”
Papyrus said, “you mean Toriel, she’s Frisk’s adopted mother.”
Jack nods saying “I see can’t keep her waiting then.”
Sans and Papyrus nods their heads.
All three of them join in with the rest as Sally call Zero over to come with her.
Frisk call back “bye Sally, bye Zero, see you someday again!”
Sally wave saying “bye, come back soon to visit!”
Once they were with the crowd, Jack got in front and yell “let’s scare humans in the human world and bring our new friends back home!”
Everyone cheered and soon Jack use his loud scream that could hurt anyone’s ears. Papyrus, Sans, and Frisk had to cover their ears.
Soon the portal open to reveal the human world where Sans, Papyrus, and Frisk had come from. Everyone including Frisk and the skeleton brothers went through the portal with Jack right behind the crowd. Once Jack went through that’s when the portal soon closed up till their return.
Everyone was excited to scare any human in the town, of course they know not to do it on Frisk since Frisk is their only trustworthy human friend. Jack told everyone to wait for him as he takes the skeleton brothers and Frisk home. They all agree and Jack left with the skeleton brothers and Frisk.
As they were close to town, they heard Toriel calling Frisk’s name.
Sans spoke “sounds like Toriel is looking for us. I think we’re bone when we come to her.”
Jack nods saying “I best be going back now, knowing you three are going to be fine.”
Sans nods saying “thanks for everything.”
Papyrus nods “yeah, it was real fun!”
Frisk had Papyrus to put her down, she ran to Jack and hug Jack’s tall leg saying “I’m going to miss you.”
Jack knelt down saying “I’ll be back next year, who knows maybe I invite your family next year to the Halloween party.”
Frisk gave a wide smiled saying “that would be super cool.”
The three skeleton laughs.
Jack pick Frisk up and gave Frisk back to Papyrus saying “I’ll plan on seeing you three next year then.”
Sans grin wide “we’ll be here to bark up the town.”
Papyrus yell “Sans, not again!”
Sans and Frisk laughs and Jack did as well before waving at the three of them. The skeleton brothers and Frisk all wave back as they watch Jack leaving to be with his monsters again.
As Jack had completely left the town and was seen no more. Sans, Papyrus, and Frisk walk till they saw Toriel looking around worryingly. Papyrus put Frisk down and Frisk ran to Toriel and hugged her mom. Toriel was so happy to see her only child was okay, though was pretty upset at the skeleton brothers for not letting her know where they were and not calling her.
Sans explain where they were and what happen but Toriel wouldn’t believe them. Sans decide it was best to not try to convince Toriel that Halloween Town does exist. All four of them headed back home.
However, Jack after he and the town’s monsters scare at least most of the humans living in the town, he went to check up on how Frisk and the skeleton brothers are doing. Jack sneakily left the monsters for a bit and went to find Frisk and the skeleton brothers. It didn’t take him long to find Frisk or the skeleton brothers. He peaks to see Sans, Papyrus, Frisk, and Toriel were all outside sleeping under the stars.
Jack smiled seeing that they were all happy to be home and safe. Jack sighs as he watches them for a bit. Then he took off to be with his town's folks once more and returning home to his wife and his dog.

The End.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

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