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Nightmare Under Halloween (Undertale Crossover)

Chapter 2

© bloody moons 101

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The next day in Halloween Town Jack was surrounded by the town’s people, they all kept asking Jack what they should do with the party without the pumpkins. Jack tries his best to reassure them that they can figure out the mystery and probably do the party without the pumpkins. Sally was far from the crowd when she happen to hear a child’s voice calling Jack’s name. She turn to see a mummy kid with one eye trying to get through the crowds to get to Jack. Sally walk up to the mummy kid and ask “is everything alright”? Though she had a feeling that the mummy kid has a terrible news that was going to affect the whole town and possibly the holiday itself. The mummy kid turn and said “Sally, oh it’s horrible. Me and my family and my friend’s family went to the town hall to get the party ready since we’re not having no pumpkins this year. Once inside everything was ruin, the decorations, the food, everything including the piano that Jack plays. It’s like someone sneak into the Town Hall last night and did all that damage for fun”. Sally shook her head and said “oh no, this is getting worst”. The mummy kid nods saying “yeah, even on the day of Halloween”. Sally said “don’t worry I’ll tell Jack about this”. The mummy kid smiled and said “thank you Sally”.
Sally watch as the mummy kid left then she push her way through the crowd and calling Jack’s name. Jack was about to tell the towns folks something when he heard his wife’s voice calling his name. Jack stop and turn to see his wife rushing towards him with lots of worry in her expression. Jack asked with worry “Sally, are you alright? What’s wrong”? Sally stop beside her husband and said “Jack, I heard that the Town Hall where we are suppose to have our party is ruin. Everything is all destroyed including the food and the decoration”. Everyone heard Sally and all gasp and were in shock to hear the news. Jack grab his wife’s hand and the two of them headed to the Town Hall with the mayor and everyone else following behind. Once inside the town hall, it was indeed a mess. The banner that say “Happy Halloween” was torn down, the food table was overtip and the food and the punch was all over the floor, and even the little decoration that the town made was tear to pieces and all over the floor. Jack narrow his eye sockets and ask “who’s responsible of this”? Sally sighs saying “I don’t know but I do wish they would stop”.
In the meantime things were going super well for Frisk. Frisk was so happy that Halloween was here and there was a Halloween party at her school. Then after school Frisk walk home since she didn’t want to ride the bus today, though she knew that she’s going to hear it from her mother. She was walking by the houses of the monsters when she met up with a lizard kid with no arms wearing a yellow and black shirt. Frisk smiled and said “hi there”. Monster kid turn to see Frisk coming towards him. Monster kid smiled and said “yo Frisk, excited for Halloween”? Frisk nodded and asked “and you”? Monster kid nods saying “yup, mom taking me to the human town to go Tick or Tating”. Frisk giggled correcting Monster kid “Trick or Treating you mean”. Monster kid nods saying “yeah, that. So who’s gonna get the most candy, me or you and Papyrus”? Frisk smiled and said “me and uncle Paps of course”. Monster kid smiled and said “oh really, we’ll see”. Then Monster kid ran back though he fell couple time but got back up and ran into the house. Frisk giggled. Just then her cell phone began to ring. Frisk pull out her cell phone from her pants pocket and look to see the phone saying “Toriel” on it. Frisk thought to herself “looks like I’m bone”.
Frisk answer the phone and a sick worried female voice was heard on the other side. “Oh gosh, thanks havens you're alright. Where are you”? Frisk said “I’m almost there, mom”. Toriel sighs and said “you're walking by yourself? My child how many times I’m going to tell you that walking by yourself is dangerous”. Frisk put her head down and said softly “sorry mom”. Toriel sighs again and said “I’ll be outside waiting. Don’t ever do that to me again”. Frisk said lifting her head up “I won’t”. Frisk hung up the phone and put it back in her pocket. Frisk walk till she reach to the house where she saw a female goat wearing a purple dress with a white symbol on it and has long floppy ears was waiting. Frisk sighs and slowly walk up to her mother. Toriel gave Frisk a stern face and said “come along, Papyrus and I made some spaghetti and pie for you so that way you will be well fed when you and Papyrus trick or treat tonight”. Toriel let Frisk into the house first then follow behind. Just then Frisk saw Papyrus happy face and he ran up to Frisk and held her tight. “Human, we we’re really worried that something happen to you”! Frisk was able to break free and said “don’t worry, I’m fine”. Sans came into the living room and said standing behind Papyrus “yeah, but something bad could happen and we weren’t there to protect you”. Frisk look at Sans and said “I.. I.. I’m sorry”. Sans look at Frisk and said “come on, let’s get you fed so you can get ready”.
Frisk follow Sans into the kitchen while Papyrus and Toriel both stay in the living room and both began to talk. Once Frisk was sat by the table she ate everything that was in front of her. Soon after she put her dishes in the sink and went upstairs to put her costume on. Papyrus went up the stairs with Frisk and he too got his cowboy costume on. Sans went into the living room and sat next to Toriel. Sans sigh and said “hey, if you’re worry about Frisk, don’t worry, me and Paps have it all cover”. Toriel sighs and said “Sans, I know I can trust you and Papyrus to watch my child but… I have a bad feeling about letting you three out alone at night. I fear that something bad is going to happen and I don't know about it”. Sans put his bony hand on Toriel shoulder saying “don’t worry Tori, I’ll never let anything bad happen to my bro or my niece”. Toriel smiled at Sans and said “maybe I’m overreacting”. Sans said “ah… it’s okay”.
Back in Halloween Town everyone were upset and sad that the party was ruin and Halloween could be in jeopardy as they know it. Jack tries his best to calm everyone down but he too knew that it wasn’t worth it. The mayor came up to Jack and asked “Jack, what shall we do now”? Jack for the first time in his life had no clue of how to fix this mess at all. The only thing is left to do is to find who is behind this. Jack look at the mayor and said “right now we must spread out and see if we can figure out who’s causing all this mess and why they are ruining our holiday”. The mayor nods and he use his horn he talk though and repeat what Jack had told him to everyone. Everyone all agree and they all spread out to find the person ruining their holiday. Sally look at Jack and ask “oh Jack, do you really think we can find the person”? Jack sighs and said “I don’t know Sally, but we must try”. Sally agree and the two of them went to the graveyard to find the person. They found a ghost dog with a red glowing pumpkin nose flying towards them barking happily. Jack then said with delight “hello Zero, great to see you boy”. Then an idea came across Jack.
Jack look at Zero and said “we need you to sniff out the person who’s causing all kinds of trouble in Halloween Town. Starting with the pumpkin patch”. Zero barked happily and did as his master commanded him to. But as Zero did had the sent in the pumpkin patch where the pumpkins came up missing, he lost it and whine a little bit disappointed. Sally shook her head and said “oh dear, not even Zero can help us”. Jack sighs and said “well let’s keep on looking then”. So Jack, Sally, and Zero kept on searching in the graveyard hoping for at least some clues to find the mischief person.

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