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Nightmare Under Halloween (Undertale Crossover)

Chapter 3

© bloody moons 101

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After ten minutes Papyrus ran down the stairs and made gun shots noises and pretend that he had real guns in both of his hands. Papyrus shirt is blue with brown string hanging down of his sleeves, his pants are brown with a black belt around it, boots were brown with a little wheel on the heel, and a hat that has fake straws sticking out on the bottom of the hat. Sans look up and said “wow Paps, you look like to be on a westerners show or a game show”. Papyrus look at Sans and said “well brother that’s a first to hear…” before he finish Sans interrupt saying “to think of it, you’re all ready to cow the boys up”. Papyrus put his arm on his hips saying “Sans, I swear if you make another pun I’ll…” soon Toriel said which made the brothers look up “oh Frisk, you look amazing”. Frisk was near the bottom of the stairs, she wearing a black dress, has black ears as a cat and a black tail to go along. The only thing that wasn’t black were her shoes, the brown shoes she kept on. Papyrus smiled and lift Frisk up and twirl her around saying “now we’re both are ready for the Trick or Treat tonight”. Toriel went to the kitchen for a moment and came out with two bags in her hands.
“Here you go you two, you two will needs this to carry all your candy in” said Toriel. Frisk smiled and she and Papyrus both took the bags and were ready. Sans said with a wink “got that map still kid”. Frisk nods saying “right here, I didn’t forget”. Frisk show the map she made earlier to Sans. Sans said “welp, lead the way kid. I’m too bone tired to see where to go”. Papyrus yell “you such a lazy bone”! Sans shrugs and said “yup, besides the kid knows the town better then we both do”. Sans rub Frisk’s hair which made Frisk giggled. Toriel wish them all farewell and watch as the three of them headed towards the town. Once in town Frisk and Papyrus were having a blast of going to each houses to get candy. Sans of course stay back and every now and then take a short nap by the house. Of course Frisk and Papyrus have to wake Sans up so they can keep on continuing to get more candy. Just as Papyrus was getting irritated to seeing his brother sleeping by someone’s fence that’s when a strange like portal beneath the ground began to open up. Frisk saw it and was curious of what it was. She slowly walk up to the strange portal and look inside to see it was pitch darkness. Papyrus and Sans both look to see that Frisk was nowhere to be found. They began to worry that is till they turn to see Frisk was getting too close to the portal.
Sans and Papyrus both ran to Frisk and yelled out “get away from there”! Frisk turn and as she was about to come to them, that’s when the portal began to suck Frisk into it. Frisk scream and yelled “help, Papyrus, Sans, help”! Papyrus cried out grabbing Frisk’s right arm “don’t worry human, the Great Papyrus is here to help”! Sans grab hold of Frisk’s other hand and the two of them tried their best to get Frisk out and away from the portal but they too began to get pull in and soon all three of them fell into the portal. Leaving their bags and their cell phone on the ground. All three of them scream and were terrified to see what would happen next. Soon they fell and hit the ground pretty hard. As for Frisk, she nearly hit a tombstone with her head. Papyrus was the first to stand up and saw that his brother was slowly getting up. Papyrus ran to Sans and asked giving his brother his hand, “brother, are you okay”? Sans shook his head and look up at Papyrus saying “I’m okay bro, man that really hurt”. Papyrus help Sans up saying “I’m here for you brother”. Sans look around asked “Paps, where’s the kid”? Papyrus look around and said “I don’t know”. Sans said “we better find the kid soon, I have a bad feeling about this place”. Papyrus nods and the two of them walk off not knowing that Frisk wasn’t too far and unconscious on the ground.
In the meantime not far off was Jack and Sally with Zero still trying to figure out who would try to destroy the holiday. Jack said “this is horrible, if we don’t have the party then we will not be having Halloween at all”. Sally said trying to reassure her husband, “don’t say that Jack, we’ll find the person”. Jack sigh saying “you’re right Sally, we can’t give up hope”. Zero sense something not far from the pumpkin patch. Zero flew away from Jack and Sally to see what he was sensing. Then Zero gotten close to see Frisk lying on the ground, unable to move. Zero ears lifted up to his shock of his discovery and went to get Jack and Sally. Zero flew to Jack and pull on Jack’s suit, Jack look at Zero with confusion. Sally said “I think Zero wants us to see something”. Zero nods and flew off but look back to make sure Jack and Sally were both following him. Jack look at Sally and said “I wonder if he found the person”? Sally shrugs and said “only one way to find out”. Jack and Sally both follow Zero when soon they saw Frisk lying on the ground. Jack and Sally were shock to see a human child in Halloween Town. Sally said “the poor thing, we must help this child”. Jack nods saying “let’s take this child to Dr. Finkelstein, he’ll know what to do”. Jack carefully picked Frisk up in his arms and carry Frisk to the laboratory.
Once Jack and Sally reach to Dr. Finkelstein lab they knock on the door. The door open to reveal a little creature with a hump on his back wearing a brown raggy shirt and pants. Jack said “Igor, please we need to see the doctor, quickly”. Igor let Jack and Sally in not seeing Frisk in Jack’s arms. Igor went up stairs and let the doctor know about Jack and Sally being there. Soon a duck billed creature wearing a white cloth wheeling in a wheelchair came to the stairs and stop to see Jack and Sally down the stairs. “Hello Jack, Sally, it’s surprising to see you two here”. Jack said running up the stairs with Sally following behind, “Doctor, please, me and my wife were in the pumpkin patch when my dog Zero happen to see this poor child on the ground”. Jack bend down to let Dr. Finkelstein to see Frisk. Dr. Finkelstein look at Frisk and was shocked to see a human in Jack’s arms. Jack said almost pleading “please, this child needs help”. Dr. Finkelstein said seeing how much Jack is being so caring to this child, “alright, please come with me. Sally, you stay out here with Jewel while me and Jack do our best to help this human child”. Sally nods and went to meet with Dr. Finkelstein’s wife. Jack follow Dr. Finkelstein to the lab and Jack put Frisk down on the table and look at Frisk with concerned. Jack whisper to Frisk “you’ll be okay, I promise”.
Jack look up at Dr. Finkelstein and ask “you can help, right”? Dr. Finkelstein nods saying “I done a human before Jack, so it’s shouldn't be too difficult”. Jack sighs and said “okay, let’s hope this human child is going to be okay then”.

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