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Nightmare Under Halloween (Undertale Crossover)

Chapter 4

© bloody moons 101

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Back in the graveyard Sans and Papyrus were getting worried that something had happen to Frisk when they spotted a clown riding his unicycle around the graveyard. Papyrus walk to the clown and asked “hello good fellow, me and my brother wounder if you’ve seen a human child about this big (showing the guesstimate of Frisk's height is) around here”. The clown stop and said “why no, I never seen a human here in Halloween Town in my life”. The clown took off and Sans was in his thought about what the clown had just said. Papyrus turn to Sans and asked “uh… Sans are you alright”? Sans got out of his deep thought and said “that clown, why did he say Halloween Town? Doesn’t he know that it’s just a story”? Papyrus shrugs and said “I don’t know, but we got to find the human”. Sans nods saying “let’s keep on lookin”. So the two skeleton brothers kept on looking for Frisk.
Back in the lab Jack and Dr. Finklestein were still trying their best to help Frisk. Sally and Zero both waited in the kitchen with another duckbill female dress in a white shirt with pink polka dots on it. Jewel look at Sally and said “don’t worry, I’m sure my dear husband is taking good care of this human child”. Sally nods and said “I know, I know”. Zero barked sadly, just then a doorbell rang and Igor went to answer the door. There at the doorway was the mayor, his face figure was still sad and worry figure. The mayor came in saying “I heard someone saying that Jack and Sally came with someone or something in Jack’s arm”. Sally heard the mayor and said “yes, you may not believe this but the one in Jack’s arm is a human child”. The mayor was shock and ask repeatedly “a human child”? Sally nods “yes, Zero help us find this child but we could tell that she’s unconscious and right now Jack is with the doctor”. The mayor shook his head and said “oh my, first our Halloween party is ruin and now this. I better let the town know about this”. The mayor took off with his horn to let everyone know of the knows of the human child. The mayor got into his little car buggy like and spoke out though his horn about what Sally had told him. Just then the same clown came up to the mayor said “now that to think of it. I seen two skeletons one is taller than the other. They were looking for a human child”.
In an intense the mayor face turn to a happy figure and asked “where are these two skeletons”? The clown said “the last I saw them was at the graveyard”. The mayor nods while hopping into his car saying “I better see if I can find these two skeletons then”. The mayor turn his car and quickly went to the graveyard to find the two skeleton bros that the clown had told him of. Though the mayor don’t know that the two skeletons are both brothers. In the meantime Dr. Finkelstein put an ice pack on Frisk’s forehead and said “let’s leave the child in peace. That way she can get some rest”. Jack nods and the two of them left the room and Jack went down stairs to tell Sally about Frisk. Once Jack met up with Sally he said “the child is going to be alright. Though it may be a while before she wakes up”. Sally shook her head and said “oh the poor thing”. Jack sigh and said “I know, still I wonder how that child even came here”. Sally said remembering how Jack told her of how he got into Christmas Town. “I think maybe the child came the same way you did when you discover Christmas Town”. Jack stop a moment and said “you’re right, that would make sense though we don’t even know where she lives”. Sally sigh and said “we won’t know till she wakes up”.
The mayor got to the graveyard and got out of his car and went to see if he could find two skeletons. It wasn’t long till he spotted Papyrus and Sans looking all over in the graveyard. The mayor thought to himself “I wonder if they are the ones”? The mayor walk up to a gravestone and yell out “are you two looking for something”?! Sans and Papyrus both turn to see the mayor off not far from where they were at. Papyrus nods saying “indeed we are, you see we’re looking for a small human child about this big and possibly um… 7 I think”. Sans interrupt saying correctly “Frisk’s is 8, Paps”. Papyrus nods and said “yes, I mean 8 and has short dark brown hair and blue eyes, wearing a cat costume”. The mayor of course never seen Frisk but knew what Papyrus was talking about. The mayor said “well I heard that a human was hurt and is in Dr. Finkelstein lab. The human was found by the two couples Jack Skellington and Sally Skellington”. This made Papyrus and Sans happy though they were worried that Frisk was hurt but glad that Frisk was in good care. Sans asked “can ya show us where this lab is”? The mayor nods saying “yes, I was going there myself. My car isn’t too far from here, I can take you two there”. Papyrus and Sans follow the mayor to the car and Sans sat next to the mayor on the passenger side while Papyrus stood on the back of the car. The mayor got the engine going and soon went off to Dr. Finkelstein laboratory.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

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