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Nightmare Under Halloween (Undertale Crossover)

Chapter 5

© bloody moons 101

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Back in the lab, Jack went back to check up on Frisk. He saw that Frisk began to wake up. Jack kept his distance incase if Frisk saw him, she may be super scared to meet him. Soon Frisk began to open up her eyes and her vision slowly return. Once her vision was clear, she was confused of where she was. At first Frisk thought maybe she was in Alphys room, but soon realized that she wasn’t. Soon she heard a voice saying “hello there, please don’t be scared”. Frisk look over to see a tall skeleton man with a bat bow tie coming up to her by the table she was lying on. Frisk ask “who are you”? Jack smiled and said “I’m Jack Skellington, king of the pumpkin patch”. Frisk said “oh, your majesty sorry for the not so proper manner”. Jack laughs and said “no need, you can just call me Jack. I don’t like being call formally”. Frisk was confused, she met a king before and kings always get upset when not call by proper way. But this king is different, he rather be call by his first name. Jack smiles warmly at her and said “I saw that you were hurt so me and my wife bring you here to the doctor's lab”.
Frisk looked around and asked “where am I”? Jack said “this is Dr. Finkelstein lab, he’s the town’s scientist”. Frisk look at Jack and asked “so I’m in a town”? Jack nods “yes, our town is call Halloween Town. I’m not sure if you heard about this place but it’s all true”. Frisk looked at Jack confused and Jack was about to say something when Dr. Finkelstein came rolling in saying “ah… I see the human child has waken up”. Jack nods and said “I was just telling her where she is and my name”. Dr. Finkelstein look at Frisk and asked “so tell me? What is your name and where you came from”? Frisk sighs and said “my name is Frisk and I… ow... my head hurts”. Jack lay Frisk down and said “it’s okay Frisk, just rest here”. Dr. Finkelstein said “hm… I see still recovering from coming here”. Jack said “I know, poor Frisk”. Frisk looks up at Jack then at Dr. Finkelstein and asked “when can I go home”? Dr. Finkelstein sighs and said “we don’t quite know how to get you home”. Jack nods saying “but when we do, we’re surely get you home”. Frisk sighs and said “oh okay”. Jack felt bad for saying that to Frisk but truthfully he didn’t know much about Frisk or where she came from.
Meanwhile down stairs Sally waited patiently with Jewel down the stairs. Just then a knock was heard and Igor went to answer the door. Once Igor answer the door, it was the mayor again but this time with two skeletons with him. Igor let them in and soon the mayor and the skeletons brothers met with Sally and Jewel. Sally was confused as Jewel was seeing the two skeletons with the mayor. The mayor said “these two knows the human child that Jack carry here. They say that they are the human's adopted uncles”. Sans nods saying “it’s true, since the kid didn’t have any family Toriel adopted the kid into the family and so me and Paps decided to be their uncles”. Sally nods but still confused. The mayor ask “speaking of the human child, how is the child doing”? Sally sigh and said “we’re still waiting, Jack and Dr. Finkelstein are with the child right now to see if she’s awake”. Sans sigh and said to himself “gosh, I wish I could have done more to protect the kid”. Papyrus heard his brother and said “don’t worry brother, I’m sure the human will be alright”. Sans look up at Papyrus and said “yeah, but (huffs) I’m just worry for them. Ya know and…” Papyrus spoke up “now Sans, don’t worry, the Great Papyrus will not let nothing happen to the human”. Sans sighs but gave a small smile of relief to Papyrus (though he seems to smile all the time).
Sally sigh and said “well we have to wait for Dr. Finkelstein words first”. After two minutes Dr. Finkelstein came rolling to the stairs and Sally spotted him and ask turning around fast, “how is the human child”? Everyone look up to see Dr. Finkelstein nodding at Sally, “well the child is going to be okay, though still needs rest. Me and Jack found out that their name is Frisk but still not sure where they are from”. The mayor said “well if I may be any help but these two skeletons knows the human well, they say that they are the child’s adoptive uncles”. Papyrus and Sans walk up the stairs towards Dr. Finkelstein. Dr. Finkelstein scratch his chin for a moment then ask “is that so”? Sans look at Dr. Finkelstein in the eyes saying “please, let us see the kid. I know Frisk is probably scared and unsure of where they are even at”. Dr. Finkelstein could see the worry of Sans face and said “alright, you two come with me then”. Dr. Finkelstein led the two skeleton brothers to the room. Before Dr. Finkelstein open the door he look at the two skeleton brothers he said “don’t be surprised if you see another skeleton by Frisk. He’s the one who bring Frisk here to me”. Sans and Papyrus nods their head with understanding. Dr. Finkelstein then said “I’ll be with you soon. I need to get something and then I’ll be back”. Dr. Finkelstein open the door and let the two skeleton brothers in the room then shut the door.
Once Sans and Papyrus was inside they turn to see Jack was talking to Frisk. Sans ran to Frisk and said “Frisk, thank gosh you’re alright”. Frisk smiled wide and said “uncle Sans, you’re here too”. Sans nods and hugged Frisk. Papyrus walk up and said “fear not human, for I the Great Papyrus is here to keep you company”. Frisk smiled and said “I’m so glad to see you two”. Sans laughs and rub Frisk’s hair. Jack smiled and said “I believe you two are her uncles. Frisk was just telling me about you two and how she save all you monsters from the Underground”. Sans nods saying “yup, heh… never thought to see the day that us monsters will be living with the human's again”. Jack nods saying “I’ve heard about the war but of course I change that when I became the ruler of Halloween Town”. Sans look at Jack a bit confused but quickly forgotten about it when Papyrus was hugging Frisk and telling Frisk that he’ll be there for her no matter what. Jack smiled and said “well I see how much you two love Frisk, I’ll do the best I can to get you three home”. Sans nods and said “thanks, beside I’m not even sure how to get back even with my shortcuts”. Jack look at Sans and ask “shortcuts? What’s that mean”? Papyrus said “oh my brother can teleport to different places”. Sans nods said “yeah, but I’m uncertain how to get back since we went though a strange portal that bring us here in the first place”. Papyrus shrugs and said “yeah, I see what you mean brother”.
Jack wonder if this portal was cause by the same person who been causing the mess for the residents and the party. If that was so then why did this person bring Sans, Papyrus, and Frisk here in Halloween Town? This Jack was curious and unsure of what to think of this.

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