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Nightmare Under Halloween (Undertale Crossover)

Chapter 6

© bloody moons 101

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Just then the door open of the room, Jack and Sans turn to see Sally walking in. Jack smiled and said “it’s good to see you, Sally”. Sally nods and smiled at Frisk asking “how do you feel”? Frisk said “well my head hurts still, but I think I’m okay”. Sally nods then said “it’s a good thing that you are okay and that you are not alone”. Sally turn to look at Sans then at Papyrus. Sans and Papyrus turn to Jack wanted to know who is Sally and why she’s in the room. Jack said understanding “this is my wife Sally, she help me bring your niece here”. Sans nods and look at Sally saying “thanks for helping Frisk (he then turn to Jack) you too”. Jack nods saying “it’s my pleasure”. Papyrus then ask Jack, “um… are you really the pumpkin king and ruler of Halloween”? Jack nods saying “I am the most terrifying monster to live”. Sally giggles saying “it’s true, he’s the lovely leader we ever have and the best husband no other rag doll can ask for”. Jack smiled and said blushing “aw… thank you dear Sally”. Frisk giggled when seeing Jack’s face turning red. Soon Dr. Finkelstein came in and ask “how’s everything”? Jack said “swell, just reuniting here”. Dr. Finkelstein nods understanding.
Dr. Finkelstein wheel over to Frisk and asked “how is your head”? Frisk said “it’s hurts but not too bad now”. Dr. Finkelstein nods saying “good, well I think a little more rest will do. I leave that to Jack and Sally here”. Jack asked “so we can bring her home”? Dr. Finkelstein nods saying “indeed Jack, but make sure she gets a little more rest”. Papyrus said with pride “I the Great Papyrus shall surely make sure the human rest”. Dr. Finkelstein nods saying “then it’s all settled then”. Jack nods saying “thank you doctor”. Papyrus picked Frisk up and let Frisk rest in his arms. Then Sans and Papyrus walk out first with Jack and Sally following behind. As soon they came down the mayor ran up to look at Frisk and said “well, she looks to be a cat”. Jack laughs saying “she’s in a costume just like her uncle here”. Jack look at Papyrus cowboy costume saying “not a bad looking one either”. Papyrus gasp and said “why thank you your highness”. Jack smiled and said “please just call me Jack”. Sans ask “are ya sure”? Jack nods saying “I don’t go formal and neither do my wife”. Sally nods her head. Papyrus said “wowie, first I got a good support of my costume from the king of Halloween and now the king don’t like formal”. Jack nods saying “just because I just want to fit in with them”. Sans nods saying “understanding”.
Soon everyone left the laboratory, once they walk outside all the monsters of Halloween Town had surrounded them all wanted to meet the human. Jack and Papyrus were the closet to be able to escape. So Jack wave at Papyrus to follow him and Papyrus did, making sure he didn’t drop Frisk. Soon Papyrus and Jack were away from the crowds and headed to his house. Papyrus ask remembering about his brother and Jack’s wife “what about Sans and Sally”? Jack said “oh don’t worry I’ll come back for them. Right now we need to get Frisk home to rest”. Papyrus nods and the two of them went to a tall twisty like house tower, the yard was filled with tiny little tombstone, and a gate surrounds the front yard. Jack open the front gate and let Papyrus go in first then he follow behind. Papyrus walk up on the wooden porch and yelled when he saw an eye peering on the door. Jack laughs saying “oh don’t worry about that, it’s just watching the house. Go on in, it won’t bite knowing that I’m here”. Papyrus nods and open the door and walk in with Jack following behind. Papyrus saw that the room was filled with cobwebs and dust. The living room was small with two rocking chair and a couch cover with a white silk blanket. Papyrus thought the room look filthy yet he didn’t say anything fearing that he would be rude if he did. Especially to a king of Halloween.
Jack said before walking out front of Papyrus and Frisk, “isn’t it glorious? The most horrific place to be”. Papyrus nods and lied saying “it’s sure is”. Truthfully Papyrus thought it was disgusting but he didn’t want to be rude, he look down at Frisk seeing how awe she was seeing the house. Papyrus thought to himself “at least someone like it”. Jack said “here let’s set Frisk down here on the couch”. Papyrus did seeing that the sheet was the only thing in the house that wasn’t too dusty or any cobwebs on it. Once Papyrus lay Frisk down he saw that Frisk was getting tired and wanted to sleep. Jack said “I’ll get the others, you stay here with Frisk”. Papyrus nods saying “okay”. Just then Jack saw Zero flying in the house. Jack smiled and said “great to see you boy, you too stay here and watch over Frisk for me”. Zero barked happily and Jack patted Zero before leaving the house. Once Jack left the house Zero came up to Papyrus and curious sniff at Papyrus costume. Papyrus looked at Zero and said “normally I’ll tell canines like you to go away but…. I don’t think you’ll do any harm to my costume”. Zero barked happily knowing that Papyrus is good to trust. Papyrus smiled and petted Zero’s head. Zero soon saw Frisk and went to lay right on Frisk’s chest and soon fell asleep.
Papyrus smiled and said “wowie, that’s a good canine knowing that the human isn’t well”. Papyrus saw the one rocking chair and walk up to it. He wipe off the cobwebs off of the chair and sat in it. He rock back and forth watching Frisk and Zero sleeping soundly on the couch.

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