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Nightmare Under Halloween (Undertale Crossover)

Chapter 7

© bloody moons 101

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Jack walk back where Sally and Sans were trying to get away from the crowd. Jack got himself back into the crowd and call out to the crowds, “everyone please, if you hear me out for a moment”! Everyone even Sans and Sally turn to see Jack looking at everyone. Everyone was silent to hear what their leader got to say. “Listen now, I know you all want to see this human child yourselves, but it’s best to leave them be for a bit. The doctor says that the child need rest so I took her and her uncle back to my home so the child can have rest. So please if you don’t mind, we shall go and take care of the child. I promise you when she’s feeling well enough I’ll let the mayor know to have a town’s meeting so all of you can meet her in person”. Everyone agree and were excited to meet a human child especially one in Halloween Town, there was never in history a human in Halloween Town before. Once everyone left Jack was able to get to his wife and Sans. Sally ask “how did you got Papyrus and Frisk to go into your house”? Sans nods asking “yeah, especially with the crowds”? Jack said “well I have my exits to get around to”. Sans laugh and said “I see you enjoy puns too”. Jack nods and ask “why do you”? Sans nods saying “I’m the expert of puns, just ask my brother he’ll tell ya”.
Jack laughs saying “oh well I see, anyways let’s see how Frisk is doing”. Sally and Sans both nods and the three of them went heading back to their house. In the meantime Papyrus was enjoying looking around though the place look awful dirty but there was things to look at. Like for instance a small table next to the chair had a small picture next to him with a black frame around it. Papyrus pick up the picture to see Jack and Sally in their wedding clothing. Sally was wearing a white gown with black lines across the bottom of the gown, Jack wearing a red suit with a white tuquito inside and a black bat bow tie. Papyrus smiles saying “they both look so happy in the picture”. Papyrus put the picture back down and he got up to see Frisk and Zero are both still asleep. He look around to see if he could find something else to look at, then he happen to spot a stand like table (a brown wooden oak one) near the strange twisty staircase. Papyrus looked at the strange stairs and thought it was weird of how it was made but yet very clever. Then he turn to the stand to see more photos on the stand. Papyrus look at each one (mostly was pictures of Jack and Zero or Jack and Sally) but one picture at the end caught his eyes sockets. Papyrus pick up the white frame picture with black dots and looked at the picture. The picture had one male with a pumpkin head wearing a red shirt and a black spider bow tie and a female skeleton with red eye lashes and long blonde hair, wearing a blue dress with black pearls around her neck.
Papyrus wonder if these couple were Jack’s parents. He liked how the picture was and how amazing it look, though it’s probably pretty old. Papyrus put the picture down and walk back to where Frisk and Zero were sleeping at. Just as Papyrus was about to check on Frisk that’s when Jack, Sally, and Sans all walk into the house. Papyrus smiled and said “oh hello good to see brother”. Sans walk towards Frisk and ask “how’s the kid”? Papyrus said “looks good though I was going to check to see if the human is feeling okay”. Jack said “it’s best you didn’t wake her up. Dr. Finkelstein did say she needed to rest”. Papyrus nods saying “you’re right, it’s just I’m worried”. Sans sighs saying “yeah, me too bro, just hope the kid be okay and stay Determined”. Sally said resuming the skeletons brothers “don’t worry, I’m sure Frisk will feel much better after she rest a bit more. If you want I can make some soup for the two of you”. Sans and Papyrus nods and Sally went in the kitchen to make spider soup for the skeleton brothers and Jack. Jack smiles and ask “Frisk is a strong girl, isn’t she”? Sans nods saying “sure is, the kid never gives up even if things get rough at times”. Jack nods in understanding. Papyrus then remember the picture of Jack’s parents on the stand and said “Jack, when you were gone I was looking at some photos that you have”. Jack nods saying “oh that’s good I do have a lot of them around. I have more upstairs”. Papyrus nods then said “yes, but when I went over to that stand over there (pointed to the brown stand) I saw a picture of a skeleton woman and a pumpkin man. Who are they”? Jack look down and sighs in sadness.
Sans look at Papyrus and said “Paps, you shouldn't ask people that, if they don’t wanna talk about it then... “ Sans was cut off by Jack, “no, no, it’s alright, it’s just hard to talk about when something tragic happens”. Papyrus ask “what do you mean”? Sans gave his brother a stern look but Jack continued “well a long time when I was 12 my parents were very protective of me and my little brother James. You see we were a happy family til one day, I disobey my parents by going into the tree house not far from the graveyard. I was curious and wanted to see what’s in there. But without realizing it I was faced with a boogie man name Deimos Boogie. He was cruel and mean, I heard about his son that I knew too well now name Oogie Boogie. Anyways I was in horror when Deimos try to kill me. But mom and dad were there to try to save me from him”. Jack took a long breath and said “there Deimos had ended both of my parents lives. Ever since me and James’ life had change completely. To this day I feel like it was my fault for disobeying. I wonder if I listen to my parents and stay away from that place, my parents probably would have live and I wouldn’t have became the next ruler in such an early age”. Papyrus shook his head saying “wowie, that’s horrible”.
Jack nods saying “it was indeed, though I never had stood up to Deimos but I did eventually stood up to his son Oogie”. Papyrus ask “is Oogie is mean as Deimos”? Jack nods saying “indeed, but unlike his father Oogie love to gamber mostly to kill. I took another fall when trying to rule over another holiday call Christmas. When that was happening I again didn’t listen to my future wife Sally, she try to warn me that it may be dangerous but I didn’t listen, I was so full of pride. Oogie try to kill Sandy Claws, Sally try to save Sandy but Oogie capture her and was going to kill both of them. So when I found out that Oogie had Sandy and Sally I knew that I had to save them. I couldn’t lose any more lives like my parents. So I had the guts to face Oogie and was able to destroy him and save Sandy and Sally from him”. Sans and Papyrus both shook their heads. Then Sally call all three of them for supper. Papyrus ask “what about the human”? Sans said “let the kid sleep, properly later she want to eat”. Jack nods saying “good idea, that way if Frisk want she can eat”. The three skeleton went into the kitchen while Frisk and Zero stay in the living room to sleep.

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