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Nightmare Under Halloween (Undertale Crossover)

Chapter 8

© bloody moons 101

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Frisk open her eyes and look to see a ghost dog on her. Frisk was shock yet saw that the ghost dog woke up and flew up to Frisk’s face. Frisk smile seeing that Zero was indeed to be trustworthy. Frisk patted Zero’s head and soon sat up on the couch. Frisk knew then that her head wasn’t hurting anymore and that she wasn’t dizzy either. Frisk took a good look of the room and saw that everything looked a bit spooky. Just then she turn to see Sally walking in, Sally smile as she saw Frisk was awake. Sally said “oh good you’re up, I’ll let your uncles and Jack know that you are awake”. Before Sally went to tell the others about Frisk, she turn and ask “how are you feeling”? Frisk said “I feel much better then before, I think that nap really did help me”. Sally ask “are you hungry”? Frisk nods and Sally said “good, if you feel like getting up, you can join us in the kitchen”. Frisk nods saying “I think I’ll be able to get there on my own”. Sally nods and left to the kitchen. Frisk slowly got up, at first she stumble but then was able to stand and soon walk on her own towards the kitchen. Frisk got in the entrance of the kitchen when she saw Sally telling Jack and her uncles that she was up and well.
Sally turn and said smiling “oh looks like Frisk is already feeling better already”. Jack, Papyrus, and Sans turn to see Frisk smiling at all of them with Zero flying next to Frisk. Sans smiled and said “great to see you well, kid”. Papyrus stood up and said picking Frisk up “indeed human, we were all really worried about you”. Frisk couldn’t help but laugh as Papyrus spun her around. Jack said in concerned “you better not do that, she might get dizzy again”. Sans agree “yeah Paps, Jack is right about that”. Papyrus put Frisk down and said a bit guilty “I didn’t think of that”. Papyrus help Frisk up on the chair between him and Sans. Sally gave the spider stew to Frisk, Frisk who was willing to try had taste the stew. Frisk smiled pretend to like it. Sans knew that Frisk didn’t like it said only Frisk could hear, “don’t worry kid, just a day and we’re be home”. Frisk nods then Papyrus said “I’m glad that you're up human, when you were asleep Jack was telling me that he was going to have a town’s meeting to have everyone meets you in person”. Jack nods saying “yes, but that is till you are well”. Frisk said with excitement “I am feeling much better, it would be great to meet all the monsters here”. Jack ask “how’s your head”? Frisk said “it’s not hurting anymore”.
Jack nods then ask “so you’re going to be alright by tonight”? Frisk nods then Jack said “alright, then I’ll let the mayor know right away to have the town’s meeting tonight, that way they can all meet you”. Frisk clap her hands and Sans rub Frisk’s hair saying “I think Frisk is more excited then we are to meet them”. Sally giggled saying “I see that”. Jack nods then he told everyone that he’ll be right back after letting the mayor know about the town’s meeting. Once he left everyone were silent for a moment. Then Papyrus said with pride “human, you probably going to give out a good speech to everyone, if you need any help just let your uncle Papyrus know”. Frisk nods saying “thank you but I don’t think I’ll need any help”. After five to ten minutes that’s when Jack came in while Frisk was finishing her supper. Jack announced out “it’s all arrange, the mayor is going to have the town’s meeting in a half in hour so Frisk you better hurry up finishing that stew”. Frisk nods and quickly finish up the last drop of stew in the black bowl and handed it to Sally. Sally went to wash the last bowl before getting ready for the meeting tonight.
Frisk look up at Jack and ask “will I be able to speak”? Jack nods saying “indeed, in fact you’ll be giving a small speech about yourself. You’ll tell the whole story of what you told me at Dr. Finkelstein of how you were able to free the monsters from the Underground”. Papyrus yell out “oh, that’s a great idea! Then maybe me and Sans can tell how proud we are of Frisk”! Jack smiles and yell out “that’s a great idea Papyrus”! Sans look at Papyrus and said “Paps, you know I ain't good with crowds”. Papyrus said “don’t worry brother, I’ll do the most talking”. Jack said “in fact after I introduce you three to everyone, then maybe you two will go first then I’ll have Frisk tell her story and then I’ll finish the meeting up”. Papyrus yell out “great idea, I the Great Papyrus always like to go first”! Sans sighs saying “yay, lucky us”. Sally smiled but yet she still had a bad feeling that something is going to go wrong about tonight. So in half in hour, everyone including Zero left to the meeting. Once they got to the town’s hall which is bigger than any houses or stores of the town, Jack took everyone to the back way so that way no one can see Frisk till the meeting. Jack look to see everyone was there excited to meet a human in Halloween Town for the first time. Jack smiled and said before going out “well come along you three, I’ll speak first then when I call your names then come on out”. Frisk, Papyrus, and Sans nods.
Jack walk out of the stage and wait till everyone had stop talking, then he started out as a greeting and a thanks to being there tonight. Then he call out the skeleton brothers names first and the two brothers came out. Everyone nods their head and were happy to meet them. Then Jack said “alright I know this is why you are all here, you all want to meet Frisk the first human in Halloween Town. Well here she is, come here Frisk”. Frisk walk out and wave at everyone. Everyone in the room were shock but very happy to meet Frisk. They all greeted her and soon more of the monsters were talking till Jack quite them down. Jack look at Frisk and symbol to her to go back in the backstage with Sally and Zero. Frisk nods and went where Sally and Zero were. Then Jack had the skeleton brothers to speak and tell more about themselves and about Frisk. Jack kind of stay by his platform while watching and listening to the skeleton brothers. Though Papyrus did most of the talking and Sans did a little. Sally was watching and also listening in the backstage while Frisk stay behind Sally next to Zero.
Then once the skeleton brothers were finished, they went backstage and Jack wave at Frisk to come on stage. Frisk happily came on stage and introduce herself to everyone. Just then as she was about to tell everyone about how she was ended up living with the monsters that’s when the lights went out. Everyone except Jack, Sally, and Sans all panic. Yes, even Papyrus kind of freak out of why the lights went out. Jack call out in the darkness “calm down everyone, I’m sure that there must be some good explanation about this”. Just then the lights came on and Frisk was gone. Everyone wonder what happen to Frisk. Jack look around and he too began to worry. He ran backstage and asked “Sally, Sans, Papyrus, is Frisk with you”? Sally said shaking her head “no Jack, she never came in here”. Sans said “I hope the kid is alright”. Jack then thought a moment then ask “I know it may not be the time but how did you three got here in the first place”? Papyrus said “we were suck into the portal, we tried to save the human but me and Sans were suck into it and that’s how we ended up here”. Jack look at Sally and said “Sally, I believe that Frisk has been kidnapped”. Sally gasp and ask “what do you mean, Jack”? Jack turn to see Papyrus and Sans face expression asking the same thing.
Jack sighs saying “well for one thing our pumpkins came up missing, second the decoration of the party was destroyed to make us cancel the party, third Sans, Papyrus, and Frisk came here from a portal that someone had created, and now Frisk is missing. I do believe that this person is the same one who’s been behind all this mysterious things accruing”. Sans white eyes pupil disappear and he was in his deep thought. Papyrus ask worryingly “but who would do such a thing, and take the human from us”? Jack sighs saying “I don’t know, but whoever is behind this we must stop them once and for all”. Sally turn and saw Sans was completely like in dead silence just stood there like a statue. Sally try to get Sans’ attention but he wouldn’t respond or make a move. Sally got concerned and turn saying “Jack, Papyrus, I think Sans is in shock”. Papyrus and Jack turn to see Sans still in deep thought. Jack try to snap his fingers to at least get Sans out of his thought but nothing. Papyrus pick Sans up and shook him crying out his name and pleading for him to snap out of it. Soon Sans shook his head and look around for a moment then his white pupil appear and he ask “ah… what happen”? Papyrus said in relief “you were in shock or something brother, we were really worried”.
Papyrus put his brother down and Sans said “don’t worry I’m fine, just worry about the kid”. Jack sighs saying “I know, but rest assure I’ll get all the town to look for Frisk. Whoever turn out the light and took Frisk is going to get a talken to even if I have to force them to”. Sans nods saying “right, let’s get the kid”. Jack nods and he ran out and told everyone to search the area for Frisk. All the monsters in the room went to find Frisk. Jack ran in and nods at Sally and the skeleton brothers and all of them including Zero went out of the town to find Frisk.

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