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Nightmare Under Halloween (Undertale Crossover)

Chapter 9

© bloody moons 101

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Frisk saw herself in a chair tied up when she woke up. She look around unsure of where she was but could see a gambling platform not far from where she was and some hooks up on the ceiling. Frisk tried to wiggle herself out but found her hands were tied up in ropes. Just then laughter was heard in the background not far from where Frisk was. Frisk stopped and her eyes widened asking “who, who’s there”? Just then a figure appear with a wide grin and red glowing eyes, couldn’t see who it really was. The figure says “aw… come on now Frisk, don’t ya remember me”. Frisk’s eyes closed tight and she began to cry while nodding.
The the figure came out of the darkness to reveal a human child looks just like Frisk but wearing a green with one yellow stripe shirt and brown pants. Frisk ask “why are you here, Chara”? Chara said holding a knife in the right hand, “oh thought to ruin this holiday that’s all. Beside isn’t what Halloween is all about, killing everyone with a knife”. Frisk didn’t say anything at all. Chara grin grew wider saying “aw… poor Frisk, thinking that you could fool me with that cat costume and cat ears. Ha, well ya didn’t. You know I was the one that bring you and those skeleton brothers here for fun. (Chara’s voice grew deep)I only wanted you”. Frisk tears were flowing down her cheek even more. Chara laughs saying “you’re scared aren’t ya? Come on you know that nobody can have a happy ending”.
Frisk finally got the courage to speak “why did you bring me and my uncles”? Chara eyes grew wide asking “what? You see that comedian and his brother as your uncles”? Frisk nods which made Chara laughs even more. Chara then spoke up after was able to catch her breath from laughter, “come on Frisk, you really think they will forgive you for killing them”. Frisk yelled “but they don’t even remember”! Chara said “oh but only one do and you know who that is. That one who call himself the judge which I prefer comedian. He kill you so many times, over and over. You were so stupid to give him mercy and all he wanted to do is to kill you”. Frisk open her blue eyes saying “but he knows now that it was you who was inside of me”.
Chara nods “true, but it doesn’t mean he can forgive you”. Frisk shook her head saying “you lying, you just want me to Reset the whole timeline so you can take control. I’m not that stupid to give in”. Chara laughs saying “I knew that, that’s why I bring you here myself. To start out fresh”. Frisk asked “what do you mean”? Chara said “well let me show you”. Chara clap her hands and soon the lights came on and there right behind Chara was a whole rolls of pumpkins from the pumpkin patch and a few decoration from the town’s hall. Frisk said “I don’t understand”. Chara pull her knife up close and rub the blade between her two first fingers saying “It’s simple really, before I bring you here, I decide to take some stuff likes these fine pumpkins from the town so that way they know that I’m around though they have no idea of who I am”.
Chara came up closer to Frisk saying still rubbing the blade between the first two finger of the hands, “you see, I bring you here so the both of us can kill everyone in town and then go back and kill the rest on the surface”. Frisk yell “no, you won’t. I won’t let you”! Chara shrugs saying “have it your way, I’ll give ya twenty minutes to decide. If you join me then we can kill everyone and you and I be best buddies ever, but if you don’t (Chara’s eyes turn to black sockets with brown gooey dripping down and the mouth was the same but bigger. Chara’s voice grew much deeper) I’ll make sure you and those uncles of yours will be dead”. Chara’s face turn back normal and said “bye, bye, for now Frisk. It’s your choice”. Frisk began to cry knowing no matter which way either she was going to die or everyone is going to die by Chara.
Meanwhile everyone in town kept on searching the whole area of town to find Frisk, but nowhere was Frisk. Jack and Sally were in the graveyard when the skeleton brothers and Zero came up to them. Jack sighs asking “any luck”? They all shook their heads. Jack knew that wherever was Frisk, she was in danger. Sally shook her head “if only we knew who’s behind this and took Frisk”. Jack nods saying “I know dear Sally, I wish I knew too”. Just then Papyrus came up with an idea that he didn’t thought up before. Papyrus pull his cellphone out and said “maybe if I call the human, then maybe she’ll call back”. Sans shrugs saying “it’s worth of try”. Sally ask “what is that”? Papyrus said “it’s a cellphone, don’t you all have cellphones like this”? Jack and Sally shook their heads. Papyrus said “oh, well let’s see if the human answer”. Papyrus found Frisk’s name and soon call Frisk, for a few moments he waited but nothing. Papyrus sighs saying “the human didn’t call back”. Sans said with a huge sigh “probably don’t work here and if so the kid is probably in much danger that she can’t call us for help”. Jack sighs and said “that’s what I was afraid of”. Jack look at Sally and said “Sally take Sans, Papyrus, and Zero back to town. I’m going to look around here a little bit more”. Sally nods and she took the skeleton brother along with Zero back into town. Jack sighs and turn to see if there was any sign of Frisk anywhere in the graveyard.
Jack was still looking around for Frisk when he turn to look at the old abandoned tree house. He sighs remember how he went there before as a kid when his parents were killed and the fight with Oogie when saving Santa Claus (or as he call him Sandy Claws) and Sally. Just as he was about to walk pass the tree house that’s when he saw some strange green light coming from the bottom of the tree house. Jack’s eyes sockets widened and thought to himself “oh please, don’t tell me she’s in there”. Jack ran as lightning to get into the tree house to see if his little friend is indeed in the tree house.

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