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Friday Skellington Life Story

© bloody moons 101

This story will go back and forth with how Friday experience of life. Especially in Halloween Town. He's got the most wonderful parents, his mother as the famous clothes maker and his father as the scariest monster of Halloween also the leader of Halloween!

He would even make friends along the way and fall in love with a human girl who saves the other monsters from the Underground! Also get a glimpse at his first child too!
Hope you all enjoy this story and yes I'll be containing crossover for Nightmare Before Christmas too. So Please Enjoy!!! Grin

Chapter: 1 2


The three henchmen, Shock, Lock, and Barrel were coming up to the Skellington's house with their walking tub. Shock pull out a brown bag smiling.

"This is going to be great! Jack nor Sally would know what hit them."

Lock nodded, "yeah, this is the best prank ever."

Barrel lick his lollipop, "uh... huh..."

All three jump out of the tub and look up to see the window about 2 ft tall. They began to wonder how are they ever going to get up there. Just then Shock turns to see a tall oak tree not far from the tall house.

"Hey guys look, " she said pointing at the tree, "we can use that to get into the window."

Lock and Barrel nods as they let Shock climb up the tree first then they follow close behind. After five minutes of climbing up and walk on the branch to get near the window. Lock was the first to jump into the window. Then the two follow along. The three kids crept into the room looking around.

Though it was so dark the room looks to be a nursery for a baby but creepier. For human's they would find this a bit too scary for any baby or child but for a monster living in Halloween Town it's the best room ever.

The walls are colored in white with orange pumpkins all over the wall, the floor is a wooden black floor. There not far from the window is a tiny white crib has a blue blanket inside. Shock, Lock, and Barrel walk towards the crib and pear over to look inside the crib.

Inside this tiny crib is a tiny skeleton holding a vampire bear with large teeth in his bony hands. Lock smirks as he looks at Shock.

"This baby looks just like Jack."

Shock nods, "I know well let's get him."

The three began to get a hold of the baby. But the small skeleton opens his eyes sockets and looks terrified when he saw the three kids. Not knowing who they are.

Soon the small skeleton began to cry.

Shock and Lock both shut the skeleton's mouth up.

"We can't have him crying, " said Lock.

"But if we let go then he's going to cry again."

"I got an idea!"

Barrel look around and found a tear up paper and hold it out, "here this will shut him up."

Shock look irritated at Barrel, "are you serious?! You have to have something bigger than that!"

Barrel look at the paper, "I thought it was a great idea."

Shock and Lock both shook their heads at Barrel.

"Okay we got to put him in a bag and we can get out of here."

Shock nod, "I'll get it and you keep the kid shut."

Lock nod as he places his hand over the skeleton's mouth.

Shock quickly ran to grab the bag and nod as she got the bag wide enough for them to put the skeleton into the bag. Lock threw the blanket off and made sure to put his hand over the baby's mouth. The baby skeleton looks up at him and soon bit his hand making him yelp in pain. Soon the skeleton began to cry.

"You idiot" cried Shock, "Barrel get him in there now!"

Barrel nod as he grab hold of the baby and quickly put the baby into the bag. Shock tied it up and yell at the two to get out. The boys follow her. They could hear Zero barking and running footsteps towards the room.

Shock yell, "come on, they'll coming!"

The boys and she all jump on the tree and began to climb down the tree really fast and right into their walking tub. Soon the three left with the baby in their bag.

In the meantime, Sally ran in to see her son is gone. She looks out the window to see the henchmen taking off laughing and joking around. She heard the bedroom door flung open behind her. She turns to see her worry tall skeleton husband, Jack Skellington. Zero their ghost dog with his red nose glowing in the dark look worry as well.

"Sally, where's Friday?!"

Sally tears began to flow as she points out the window. Jack ran to the window to see what Sally is seeing. He growls as his bony hand's press against the brick of the window.

"Nobody takes my boy" hiss Jack as he looks at Sally, "Sally, I want you to stay here where it's safe. I promise that I'll bring our son back to us. I won't let them hurt him."

Sally nods as she watches Jack ran out with Zero close at hand.

Back into the town, the henchmen were singing their silly tone as they happily holding their captive in their tub. Barrel of course still licking his lollipop as he sang.

Just as they were almost out of the town they spotted Zero with his nose glowing bright red looking at them growling in anger.

Shock smiles "aw... hello, there little doggie. You want your little friend back?"

Lock laughs, "well sorry boy, we won fair and square. The kid is ours."

"I don't think so."

All three turn around fast to see Jack staring down at them coldly with his arms cross. The three began to shake knowing that he's upset about what they did.

"If you three don't bring my son back to me. I'll have you three pay the cost and you are not going to like where you three will go to."

Lock shuttle, "p... please, we... o... only want to h... have fun."

Shock and Barrel both nod nervously.

Jack narrow his eyes sockets, "you think kidnapping my son is fun?! You three are in huge trouble and you three will never do that again! Am I clear?"

The kids nodded as they handed Friday over to Jack. Jack took Friday out of the bag and held his son close to his chest. Jack glanced at the kids.

"Leave before I change my mind."

The kids took off with their walking tub also shaking in fear. Once the kids were out of sight, Jack look down on Friday to see his boy began to fall asleep in his arms.

"You're safe now, Friday. I will let nothing bad happen to you, ever. I'll be here to protect you."

Jack kiss Friday on the head and began to walk towards home.

Once Jack got inside the house that's when Sally ran over and held Friday in her arms. She began to cry as she felt Jack putting his arms around Sally.

"It's okay now my dear Sally. I promise to keep you and our son both safe."

Sally smiles as she places her head on his chest, "I know you will, Jack. You always will."

Jack put his skull head over his wife's head and look down on Friday.

"I promise," he said softly as Sally nods her head slowly with tears drowning down on her blue fabric cheeks.

"I love you," she said softly.

Jack smiles as he closes his eyes sockets, "I love you too, Sally."

They both stay like that for a long time before Sally let go and put Friday back into the nursery as Jack went to watch her put Friday into the crib.

AN: Wanted to start off where Friday is a baby. So cute!!! Anyways this is kinda a mix up so somewhere later in these chapters I'll have Friday as a baby once again! So yay! Hope you guys like it!

Chapter: 1 2

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