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Friday Skellington Life Story

Part 2

© bloody moons 101

Chapter: 1 2

Jack took Friday to his work today. It was Friday's first time being at his daddy's work. The mayor spotted Friday over Jack's shoulder.

"Jack, why is your son here for?"

"Because Sally said that she's going to be really busy getting the dresses done for the witches. So I was left taking him with me."

The mayor nods, "oh, well then I guess it's alright but we need to prepare for next Halloween!"

Jack nods, "of course."

Jack went into his office as he places Friday down.

"Friday, remember you must stay where I can see you at all times. Alright?"

Friday nods excitedly.

Jack went to his desk and began to write some notes for his ideas and the town's idea for next Halloween. Friday began to look at all the books, he smiles as he looks at each one. None seems interesting to read yet fun to look at.

After two hours, Friday began to get bored of waiting around. He looks to see his father really busy on his work. So Friday look out the door to see if there was anything to explore. Just then Friday turn to spot two werewolves playing music in the hall. The music sound so amazing that he ran out without telling Jack where he is going.

Once Friday came up close, he saw them both wearing white T-shirt and blue jeans. One has a black glasses holding a guitar in his paws.

Both were having a grand old time that soon Friday join in singing. The werewolves didn't notice Friday was singing to their song till they were about to end their music.

Both stop to stare at Friday with surprise. Friday was singing till he notices the music had stopped.

He turns to see both werewolves brothers looking right at him.

"Hi, I'm Friday Skellington."

"The pumpkin prince?" asked the werewolf with no glasses on.

Friday nods, "yeah, I thought you two did an amazing job!"

The werewolves look at each other then the one with the glasses spoke, "thanks, we ah... didn't have no one say that to us before."

Friday tilt his head, "what do you mean?"

They both look down and told him that they are kinda the outsider of Halloween Town. Everyone think they're weird and don't want anything to do with them except their mom.

Friday cross his arms, "that's not fair! Wait, I almost forgot what's your names?"

The one with the drums answers, "oh I'm Iven. This here is Mike my twin brother" pointed to the one with the black glasses.

"Yo, yo, dude."

Friday laughs, "nice! Do you two want to be my best friends?"

Both nodded excitedly knowing that they are going to be best friends with a child of the Pumpkin King.

Friday smiles, "great! It's so cool to meet you."

Mike wink at Friday, "now you're speaking my language."


Friday and the twin wolves turn to see Jack worryingly looking for Friday.

"Hi, dad!"

Jack turn to see Friday with the twin Howleen werewolves. Jack sighs in relief as he ran to Friday to hug him.

"I told you to stay where I can see you. You're in big trouble young man."

Friday looks down and began to cry, "I'm sorry but I heard them making music and I wanted to check it out. Please don't be mad at me! I'm sorry..."

Jack sighs as he held Friday close to him, "I don't want to see you in danger. If you don't do I tell you then I can't protect you. So please don't cry."

Friday look up at his father and smiles. Jack pick Friday up and was about to walk back to his office when Iven stop them.

"Wait um... sir. Is it okay if me and Mike come play with Friday at your house tomorrow?"

Jack look at Iven and nods, "if it's alright with your mother then it's fine with me."

Iven smiled and said, "I'll ask her right away. Come on Mike let's ask mom if it's okay to go to Friday's house tomorrow."

Mike nod as the two of them took off to find their mother.

Jack looks down at Friday and smiles, "looks like you just some new friends today."

Friday smiles, "yeah, I can't wait to show them my room and the things I like doing and oh, can't wait for them to meet Zero!"

Jack laughs, "I'm sure they would both love Zero very much."

Friday nods, "we gotta make sure mom knows about it so she can make us spider legs soup!"

Jack laughs, "of course, besides she's going to be home with you tomorrow."

Friday smiles as Jack place him back into the office.

In twenty minutes Iven and Mike burst into Jack's office happily.

"Mom told us we can go as long we'll be back before supper."

Friday smiles wide, "that's great and mom can make us spider legs soup for lunch."

Mike smiled wide, "spider legs soup? My favorite."

Friday nods, "me too."

Jack laughs as he listens to the three boys excitedly talking about what they should do when they are at the Friday's house.

It reminded Jack of when he was Friday's age when he made a new friend for the first time. Jack remember how he and the mayor had always sneaked into the graveyard to play hide n go shriek.

Oh, how he remember those good old days.

Now it's over and he's the leader of Halloween and he has a family of his own. Seeing his son so happy and playing around made Jack's day.

AN. So not only you're going to get to know Friday but also you get to know Mike and Iven a lot. Well, hope you like this one.

Chapter: 1 2

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