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Nightmare in the Woods

© Halloween Town Tales

An abusive and street smart athlete named Luke Long grows tried of the selfishness of his arrogant father and the cruel people of his hometown. He runs away along with his dog, Amy to an unfortunate smaller town of little hope. While camping out near a woods on top of a near by hill, they discovered a particular seed that grows into many trees with iconic Holiday designs. Playing Robin Hood, he steals from the Holiday worlds to bring life to the poor town. He success however leads him to face the terror of the night! Smileb

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Chapter One, A Cruel Life

A full harvest moon shines in the ominous sky, as people scream of bloody murder. Running for their lives as if all of Hell broke loses. A giant, monstrous fiend, with blood red eyes and sharp fangs chase away the poor citizens, to their deaths A small group of young, frightened children bundle together as their eyes flashes before their lives, as if they're about to be consume by the drooling furry demon.

You may ask yourself, how did this all happen? Lets look back on how did tragic event Occurred. And it all started with a tragic boy.

Luke Long was an miserable sixteen years old boy. He is slightly buff, with small spiky hair and hazel eyes. His mother died when he was young, he was mostly raised by his father, Raymond. A former American football player, now a town cop, he wants his son to follow his footsteps by being a pro athlete and success pass him. Although Luke is very flexible with his body, as he can jump far and run fast, he has other things in mind.

He inherent his mother's compassionate heart, even though he never show off this emotion. There are many homeless people in the streets and feels he want to give back to them. Since he was ten, he been taking sewing lessons to craft clothings for the poor. He is thanked for his work by the poor, even though he doesn't show much thanks.

He is known as a lone wolf at school. He finds his school mates annoying and selfish, by laughing at the weak and helpless. Even his football mate calls him the sissy athlete, on the account of his habit of making clothings for the poor. When one of his mates found out what he does, he punch the bully harshly in the jaws, knocking out a bloody tooth or two. His father had to bail him out, to prevent him from being kick out of the team. When Luke gets angry, he pulls no punches back, no mercy in his eyes. He gets that from his father's side.

His father hated his sewing hobby and wanted him to stick with being an athlete. Raymond's arrogant and clueless personality, leaves no love and understanding for his reckless son.

He, however, has one best friend. A black toy poodle named Amy. Founded her abandon in an ally way trash can, Luke take her home, and after a few angry punches in the face by his dad, he allowed Luke to keep her. Amy is very smart and well trained. Luke shows his compassionate side to her, as she's able to track down rare objects with her highly sensitive nose. It seems like Amy is the only one who understands him.

But, this tragic story begins when Luke is caught by the town's bringe, almost about to drowned himself. Somebody spotted him as his gets arrested, by his own man. Raymond then take him home, to agrue in their living room.
"What the hell was you doing, trying to commit suicide?!"
"I'm sick of this damn world being so clueless and selfish, like you!"
"You dare talk to your father like that! I will not be that one cop in town with a suicide minded kid! Or a sissy athlete either!"
"Sissy?! I'm only helping those who are unfortunate enough to live because you shitty people don't seem to care!" Just like that, Luke get punch in the face and knock him down to his rear.
"I had enough with your mouth! I want you to go to your room and if I caught you to trying to kill yourself one last time, I WILL sent you to a mental ward!" Luke brushed he blood off his face, and stormed to his room, door slam and all.

This wakes up Amy, as she whined. He pat her head and calmly sighs.
"Sorry girl, that was foolish of me, trying to drown myself. I wouldn't want to leave you alone." She whined again, as Luke stood up.
"Suicide isn't the answer. but we can't stay here any longer! We need to search for a better place!" Amy jumped on Luke's bed, happily panting. "We gotta get out of this place, even if it is the last thing we'll ever do!"

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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