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© unfortunatexSally

There was once a Happy Family. Jack Skellington, and his wife Sally, their children Kye, Katie, Emily and Jonathan.. Thier lives couldn't possibly be terrible ones... Except.... A secret is kept from the Skellington household, from Sally. What has she been hiding for seventeen years.... maybe.... a daughter....

Chapter: 1 2

By: UnfortunatexSally

Chapter 1: Unforgotten Memory

Sally walked up unsteadily up the long steps of the Skellington estate coming home from a visit with the town witches. Her eyes were kept glued upon the steps. The night was cold, and darker than any other night. She felt dizzy, and tired, from being out so long with the local town. Today was the day of the new election, and fortunately Mayor was re-elected as the Mayor of Halloween Town. Sally rolled her eyes, wondering why they even had an election day, it was pointless. She would now return home to her husband and children.

A heavy sigh escaped her lips. She was deeply depressed and only she knew the sad reason why. It's been about 17 years today, when, her first child was born....And no... Not Kye.. Not her son, who everyone else thinks is the oldest of the children. But their daughter, Noa. She didn't want to remember, but her mind traveled off as she walked into the dark house.


Seventeen years ago, almost three months after Jack had confessed his love for her, Sally woke up early in doctor Finklestein's home. She tossed and turned in her bed, feeling and unnatural feeling in her stomach. She would be sick, every morning, throwing up constantly through out the day, its been almost a week since she faced Jack. What was happening to her?? She then went to see Dr. Finklestein.. despite his hatred for Sally and her unloyal acts in the past.. He agreed to look her over and see what was the matter.

Three miserable days of morning sickness, when Dr. Finklestein reported to Sally.

"Sally, my dear.. You are pregnant." He said and the words echoed in her mind. Pregnant? She blushed thinking about the night that Jack and her spent together. The most romantic night of her life. She almost fell over on her unsteady legs, but the doctor helped her. Sally felt like screaming.. What would Jack say? What would he think... What if he would want to leave her? They weren't even married!

"I... What am I going to do?" Tears started to shed from her eyes. Dr. Finklestein watched her with pity.

"Sally... Are you afraid to tell Jack Skellington?" He said with a bit of irritation in his voice. She didn't look up at him and nodded her head slowly. He rolled his eyes, not understanding why he was about to help her out. "Sally... You know... Since you are a ragdoll.. Your body will not change, because of this pregnancy. You will remain the same!" He shifted his eyes a bit. " You can hide this pregnancy from Jack.. and on the day of the child's birth.. Come here...and I will take the child... " He told her. Sally looked up at him with sad eyes. She couldn't tell if he was being truthful behind those dark glasses.. But ... She couldn't tell Jack. She couldn't risk losing his love. She nodded her head.

And in the next 9 months... There was a baby growing inside Sally's stomach... And her love Jack had never even known about it. It was a hard 9 months. Sickness every morning for the first 4 months, bad mood swings that sometimes she would hurt Jack's feelings so suddenly, and also something that Jack didn't quite understand, how she wouldn't allow them both to make love. She just turned away from him as they lay in his bed, laying in his arms. She hoped this wouldn't make him change his mind about loving her, until one day. On the day of the child's birth, right before she went into labor, Jack approached her as she was eating dinner with him.

"A..Ahem... S..Sally dear?" He said to her, stammering again, hoping not to be yelled at for no reason. "I have something to tell you." His hand started to shake unsteadily as he reached for something in her jacket. He raised an eyebrow as he watched her eat two plates of her homemade stew of leeches and crickets, and a platter of fish bones. She practically stuffed her face. This wasn't like her, to be all hungry. Before, she would eat like a bird, barely nothing at all. Nevertheless, he loved her so.. for her personality, despite her moodswings the past year... and her ravishing beauty, that made her stand out in the crowd. He smiled, until she looked up at him with huge, girlie eyes, blinking fast.

"Mmm..." she swallowed her food. "Yes Jack, what is it? " She smiled and set her fork down gently. Her smile made Jack smile back at her lovingly as he stood up at the table and walked over to her side. Sally watched him with curiousity and gulped another ration of food, that is until she almost gagged it up, when he suddenly kneeled in front of her. Her widened eyes stayed narrowed on his, he was only inches from her, staring admirably at her, holding a small box in his bony hand.

"Sally... I just wanted to tell you.. that the past year with you... Has been the most magical year of my life.. Um, except , sometimes you have these really bad mood swings that really change your personality.. um.. " He started to sweat as he pulled at his collar.

Sally raised an eyebrow as she stared at him still, feeling an odd feeling in her stomach, and something wet underneath her. She tried to remember what the doctor told her about the pregnancy.. Not paying attention to a word Jack was saying as he rambled on. She thought of everything, only hearing, " Sally...... love..... much...."

Hmmm... He said... At about nine months... If... You feel wetness.... Erm.... Uncontrollable... Oh God!

She felt more and more wetness. Still listening to Jack's shaky and nervous words. "Best Friend......... Live........ You.."

Oh yes... Um... water breaks... and when your water breaks----

"So... Sally what im trying to say is...Will you mar--" Jack started to say with a red face, until he was interrupted by Sally moaning loudly, dropping to the floor. His eyes widened. "S-sally?" She kneeled down on the floor holding her stomach with pain.

What is this..... Pain...... Contractions hurt this bad?

She moaned more and Jack noticed a bunch of water on the chair and made a disgusted look, but Sally looked like she was in extreme pain so he knelt to help her quickly with a horrified look on his face.

"Sally!" He yelled, and she looked up at him grabbing his shoulder, squeezing it tightly, making him cringe with pain. She had tears in her eyes.

"...Doctor Finklestein...." she screamed and Jack picked her up, carrying her, bridal style, out of the kitchen and ran as fast as he could to Dr. Finklestein's lab. He slammed his hand on the doorbell as Sally moaned with pain. His eyes saddened as he removed the hair from in front of her eyes. He had no idea what was happening to his love.

Dr. Finklestein answered the door slowly. The door automatically opened and Jack rushed in before the door could open fully. The doctor noticed Sally, and almost broke out in a laugh. How funny it was to see Sally in pain.

"Doctor, please, Sallys in pain.. Can you help her!?" Jack yelled with fear in his voice which also made the doctor want to laugh hysterically. What fools they were. But the doctor, rolled his eyes and nodded his head to Jack.

"Yes, Skellington... Just take her to the back room there, and set her on that table.. But I can't have you in the laboratory.. You have to leave." He said and Jack gave him a furious look almost making him turn around out of the lab, but the doctor spoke again. "My boy, I promise that she will be returned to you..." He muttered angrily and Sally nodded her head.

" listen to him..." She moaned still and started breathing rapidly, making Jack raise an eyelid again. And Jack did what he was told and went into the main lab room, where a table was, like it was waiting for Sally to come. He set her down as she moaned more, holding her stomach. She looked up at him, still breathing rapidly.

"I...I am .. Sorry about.. the mess in ...the kitchen..I'll c..Clean it up.. when I co..come back ho..ho.. home.... uhhhg..." She squinted her eyes, and Jack only kissed her forehead.

"Sally.. Please don't worry.. I'll be back for you later, I promise." He said and with that he left. He was gone and Doctor Finklestein came in, not saying a single word to Sally, and a few hours later, after pure pain and misery, Sally gave birth. Sally was breathing heavily as she lay back on the table. Hearing a baby cry. It was the most amazing sound she had ever heard in her life. Her eyes widened as the Doctor rolled over to her on the wheelchair, holding a bundle of blankets in his arms, then passing it upwards to her. Sally cautiously held her arms out, taking the bundle, then a gasp escaped her lips, as she was now staring into the innocent face, of a beautiful newborn baby. It was a ragdoll, not a skeleton, with stitches all over it's body. Sally looked so suprised and amazed at this beautiful thing that she just gave life to.

"Contragulations my dear, you just gave birth to a healthy baby girl..." He said slowly with no amusement in his voice. "Too bad this child will not be in your lives.." He finished and started to roll away. Sally then felt a terrible feeling in her. She knew that this was unconditional love at first sight once she held this baby. She couldn't bare the thought of giving this child away. She decided as she smiled back at the baby who had calmed down, and slept in her mother's arms... That she was keeping this child, and show Jack their new child, no matter what his reaction was.

"....I..... changed my mind..." She said, and he stopped rolling. He turned his head glancing back at her slowly, with an odious face. "I... am not giving my child..."

"....Oh... You think so, huh.. But, we had a deal, Sally dear..." He scowled evilly at her, holding his hands. "If I agreed to help you, you would give me this child!"

"Noa!" Sally said to him, and he raised an eyelid. "Noa is her name...." Sally decided and looked back into the baby's face, and held her closer. "And no, you are not taking my child, giving her the same misery you gave me!" The doctor grinned evilly and rolled over and held her neck up against the table, starting to choke her. Sally didn't let go of her child, and took the choking.. but to Sally's surprise, Igor, the doctor's hideous assistant, grabbed Noa right underneath her arms, making the child cry. Sally screamed and hit away the doctor's hands. Igor held the baby in his hands as he limped over to a pot of some unknown liquid and held the crying child over it. Sally screamed as she leaped off the table feeling a bit of pain still, from just giving birth.

"No! Please!" She screamed as she kneeled to the ground. Igor let out a horrorifying laugh and the doctor rolled over to her.

"Leave the child with me, and tell no one... and I'll let the child live." he whispered into her ear sending shivers down her spine. "But, if I hear Jack or anyone else come for her... She's dead... You hear me.." He slapped Sally across the face.. causing Sally to break down in tears. The doctor chuckled that now he had control over her. "Am I clear Sally?"

"......yes.." She closed her eyes painfully and that was it. A day later when she came home, and pretended to be sick the whole week, sitting in Jack's bed. Jack came to her again.... Finally asking her to marry him... which made her feel better, but not entirely. However, seeing Jack happy, that she had no crazy appetites, and weird moodswings, made Sally feel better... But nothing would ever be the same in her life, knowing that her daughter was trapped. Trapped in the same nightmare that Sally had faced ever since she was created.

And she never told a soul... and years later, She had Kye, Katie, and Jonathan, and the Skellington family's adopted daughter, Emily. Would they be surprised to know they all had an older sister. A piece of Sally that has been missing for seventeen years.


Thanks for reading Chapter 1, Chapter 2 is going to come pretty soon. All your comments will be appreciated, and I'd like to say thank you to JacksLament13 for giving permission to use characters from Loyalty's Heir. Thanks ^^

Chapter: 1 2

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