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Winterland Frights

(16 chapters) © Halloween Town Tales
Two sisters, the hyperactive eight years Lola and the more quiet sixteen years old Layla wins a month trip to Christmas Town. Where they get to learn about the elf's life and help Santa prepare for the big night. But when rumors speard about a once ruin Christmas, Layla can't seem to get involve in the Holiday spirit. Until she meets a strange, but friendly stranger who tries to clear her worries. However, they soon must work together and get out of their trouble and get back before Christmas ends Wink

Christmas Crisis

(17 chapters) © Halloween Town Tales
With a full year has pass, Jack plans on making Molly's first Halloween a special one. But, he soon start to grow weary of the Holiday once more. When Molly finds an old book that tells about a certain night, she fears that history might repeat itself, as Jack plans to take over Christmas yet again! Oh It is now up to her, Spook and Mum to stop the Christmas Crisis and save the Holiday!

Nightmare in the Woods

(12 chapters) © Halloween Town Tales
An abusive and street smart athlete named Luke Long grows tried of the selfishness of his arrogant father and the cruel people of his hometown. He runs away along with his dog, Amy to an unfortunate smaller town of little hope. While camping out near a woods on top of a near by hill, they discovered a particular seed that grows into many trees with iconic Holiday designs. Playing Robin Hood, he steals from the Holiday worlds to bring life to the poor town. He success however leads him to face the terror of the night! Smileb

Molly's Halloween Life

(13 chapters) © Halloween Town Tales
Molly had chosen to stay in Halloween Town. This has indeed changed her life forever. These are 12 mini stories of her Halloween life, her activities with her new friends, Spook and Mum, learning new spells as a human witch and handling her relationship with her guardian, The Pumpkin King. These stories will eventually lead up to her very first Halloween festival. ( Stay tune for part 3 of the Molly's Beginnings saga

Mysterious Teen-age Boy.

(18 chapters) © Halloween Town Tales
Fifteenth years old Mary finds a teen-age boy, an odd one as that! Tall, pale and completely black eyes! As she tries to get his memory back, she'll soon learn that she's in for a real treat!

Molly's Beginning

(17 chapters) © Halloween Town Tales
A young girl named Molly lives her life in peace with her brother, Matt. But after hearing a ghost story at a camp out, she and few others tries to solve a mystery that happen many Christmas ago. She then encounter the stranger in her dreams a few years back and changed her life forever! (This is the series of Halloween Town Tales) Lol

Harry's Nightmare Before Christmas

  © JaneSkellington93
Harry took a walk near the forbidden forest when he came across a circle of trees. On each of the trunks were a carving of a holiday: New years day, St' Patrick's day, Easter, Halloween, Valentines day, Boxing day and Christmas. While looking at the carvings curiosity got the better of him and he soon found himself in Halloween town. Now he along with the Pumpkin king have to work together to stop Oogie Boogie from destroying the Holidays all together. Can they stop him in time? Lol

Friday Skellington Life Story

(2 chapters) © bloody moons 101
This story will go back and forth with how Friday experience of life. Especially in Halloween Town. He's got the most wonderful parents, his mother as the famous clothes maker and his father as the scariest monster of Halloween also the leader of Halloween!

He would even make friends along the way and fall in love with a human girl who saves the other monsters from the Underground! Also get a glimpse at his first child too!
Hope you all enjoy this story and yes I'll be containing crossover for Nightmare Before Christmas too. So Please Enjoy!!! Grin

Nightmare Under Halloween (Undertale Crossover)

(11 chapters) © bloody moons 101
Things began to get mysterious when the pumpkins in the pumpkin patch began to come up missing, then the decoration began to be destroy. Everything was going wrong in Halloween Town. Then two skeletons and a human child came to Halloween Town! It's up to Jack Skellington to help the two skeleton brothers Sans and Papyrus and the human child Frisk to go home and figure out who's trying to ruin Halloween.
Hope you'd enjoy this crossover story, I've seen some crossover story of Nightmare Before Christmas on here and wanted to do one with Undertale. Since no one done that yet, I guess I'll be the first to do it. I know it's a little too early to do this story since it's a Halloween story but who cares I'm a creep anyway.
P.S. Frisk is a female in this story so don't judge that if you know what I mean. That is if you're in Undertale fan then you know what I mean.

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