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A Painful Past

  © CentiSpider4Ever
James and the Giant Peach fanfic. This takes place at a night during the journey. Butterfly confesses to James and Centipede about her past. The first ones she truly told the whole story to.
I only own my OC Butterfly.

Babysitting Little Scarlett (JatGP Fanfic)

  © CentiSpider4Ever
Credit to ghostwolf23 from here! She is who inspired me of writing this and helped me too.
Miss Spider leaves to go to the Spider Club for the first time after Scarlett was born, hers and Centipede's 9 month old daughter and Centipede and Butterfly have to babysit that night. It was hard but they were able to handle little Scarlett and it was her first time being separated from her mother.

Rose Petals

(2 chapters) © kittypaw187
This is part of Olivia's entire story. Olivia is Jack's adopted daughter, she was created by Doctor Finklestein for Jack.
This takes place on the night of (obviously) Christmas Eve.
May be continued.


Bloody Love

(13 chapters) © 4everBurtonGurl
* Picks up from the hidden ending of TNBC* Jack and sally prepare to get married but a special, and unpleasent surprise awaits them. Lol

The Birth Of Scarlett

  © CentiSpider4Ever
This is an old story I wrote months ago, just rewritten on here.

Centipede and Miss Spider were having a daughter, and were expecting her to be born in early May. But unexpectedly in late April, Miss Spider wasn't feeling well the whole day. It wasn't good for her, or the baby. Does Miss Spider get better soon? Is the baby okay? Something unexpected happens during the night.

I only own my OCs Butterfly and Scarlett in this story!

A Night At The Spider Club

  © CentiSpider4Ever
Centipede was lovesick for Miss Spider so Butterfly takes him to the Spider Club to cheer him up. A song is preformed and that's when things got all better.I only own my OC Butterfly.

Love Potion Goes Wrong (JatGP Fanfic)

  © CentiSpider4Ever
Centipede somehow has belief that Miss Spider doesn't love him the way he loves her. He needed help with this whole love thing. He talks to Butterfly, who happens to be a close friend to him and she's a total love expert. She tries to tell him that Miss Spider would love him and that he should just tell her how he feels. Centipede had fear of being rejected and even if Butterfly felt like it wouldn't happen, she decided to find a different way to help anyway. She makes a love potion, made of special ingredients only she knows about. She tells Centipede to give it to Miss Spider to drink. Centipede does it but there was ONE rule that Butterfly gave him as a warning. That is, DON'T use too much of the love potion or it'll be over done. Only a sip is needed. Though Centipede doesn't listen to that advice and gives Miss Spider too much. That's where things go wrong. Can things be saved?

Lovers Past

(2 chapters) © Narome-Asylum21
Does Jack have a past lover before Sally? Is this past lover Emily? Has their relationship caused the separation of the living and the dead? Will Emily ever forgive Jack for his decision that he made causing her to go to an asylum? Do they still love each other? Read to find out.


(2 chapters) © RosesAreRed
Rated 13+ for language and scenes that may not be suitable for young children

Quinn was just an ordinary 14 year-old-girl. Life was good; it was summer in her small hometown of Sandpoint, Idaho, and she was left to do whatever she pleased with her friends. And, when summer was over, she had high school to look forward to. Finally, she felt that she was growing up. But, of course, fate had to step in and interfere.
She finds herself in Halloween Town, and even though everyone is welcoming, she can feel that trouble is brewing, and she has the sneaking suspicion that it wasn't a coincidence she appeared in Halloween Town at the time she did.

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