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Simply Fluff( like a marshmallow)

  © 4everBurtonGurl
Rated 10+ just to be safe. Some fluffiness of characters. It won't be like "moments lost, pennies saved" I will tell you before hand what couple it is. Go ahead and request/ suggest a chapter( story)

Who?: 4everBurtonGurl
Where?: a time share
When?: August 11, 2012
Why?: Because I Want to!!!!!!!

The Moonlight Legend

(14 chapters) © ghostwolf23
Sakura,daughter of Kaze and Luna lived a life she thought she belonged in.She believes she is REALLY a dog insteid of a wolf,but when she discovers the truth and runs away from home,will her parents and family miss her?Will she discover who she really is and where she belongs?
Some scenes in this fanfic you might reconize from a few movies. Smile

Avenging Sweeney

(15 chapters) © karutimburtonfan
Avenging Sweeney is the 2nd to "Sweeney Todd the Demon barber of Fleet Street"
Everyone Knows the Story of Benjamin Barker, His wife Lucy and his Daughter Johanna. But little did people Know, Johanna was his 2nd born child. A Year before Johanna's Birth Sandi Barker was Born.
The Story takes place after Sweeney was Murdered by Toby Sandi Breaks out of the Orphange only to Find her Father was dead. Murdered By a young Boy. Toby. Sandi swore she'd Have Vengance. So She brings Sweeney Back from the grave with a witch craft spell.
Rated 13 plus for Possible Swearing and possible other stuff XDD

Unsinkable Love

  © 4everBurtonGurl
This is sorta like a Jack and Sally version of The Little Mermaid. The first chapter is just an introduction. The second chapter is where the Little Mermaid story kicks in. The 1st chapter is important though. I hope this turns out well.
The story sorta originated from a picture I drew so you might wanna check that out. But most important ENJOY!!! Lol

Luna's Stories

(30 chapters) © ghostwolf23
Find out what's been going on with Luna and the gang before and after the madness started.Join Luna,James,Kaze and the gang on a series of stories taking place before or after the Luna and the Giant Peach fanfics. Smile Please enjoy! Wink

A Vixen's Revenge

(9 chapters) © pumkinghost
After Jack and Sally got married they're on their way to Valentine's town for a few weeks for their honeymoon as well as get Prima back home. Meanwhile in Spook vile Anna was plotting revenge after the wedding incident however she knew she'd be disinherited if she ever went or contacted halloween town. Yet it didn't say someone else could contact Halloween town for her.
*rated M for some foul language as well as other scenes*
All characters that are not mine belong to their respective owners.

Return to Wonderland

(7 chapters) © Dr Who
Imagine growing up thinking that nobody wanted to have you, never realizing that the world that was waiting for you was just through a rabbit hole.


(3 chapters) © lockshockbarrelcrazed
Shock. That's all I felt. Complete and utter shock.

A Devil's Tail

(6 chapters) © TheEvilThreeLSB
(Ok I'm just going to start this one now only because since I only have one chapter to go on Inteview With The Cast and it will give something to do besides just writting chapters for Beginning Of The End.)

One day a small young boy wakes up to find himself in a forest somewhere. As he explores he stubbles upon the seven holiday doors. When he decieds to go through the Halloween door, that's when his life changes for good. If you know who this boy is then good for you. If not keeping reading the title until you figure it out.

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