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Thanks a million times to Disney for inviting us to the World Premiere of The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D! Here's the premiere's review that was written by Oogie, who was representing us there! Smile

Hollywood. 6:00 PM, El Capitan Theater in California. Briana and I get there and try to find some way to get in. To tell you the truth we didn't know where the entrance was. We checked in with this guy and he told us we weren't even on the list. I told him we were on Tim Sovay's list, so he directed us to go on the other side of the black carpet. So Briana and I walk all around this building and we start to wait in line to get in.

I was wearing my traditional Nightmare Leather Jacket, a Hollister shirt, a backpack of Alice in Wonderland with half a Scary Teddy stuffed inside and the other half stuck out, so everybody could see it. As we wait in line Briana tells me that the singer from Fall Out boy is five people ahead of us. I check and sure enough there he was. We have seen our first famous person of the day. Briana and I quickly call up our friends and tell them who exactly we saw. Naturally they freaked.

Security stood along the barricade of the line, the people in front of us were dressed in different Halloween variations. One person painted his face to make him look dead and wore a Santa Clause hat holding a sign declaring "Christmas will be celebrated on Halloween". When we finally reach the checking in part, I go to the person under my last name letter. I tell her who I am and she gives me two tickets as well as our credentials. She told us to see one man who wanted to talk to me. The man informed me what was happening, what was going on, and what there is to do. I started to talk with him about *ahem* which made him very excited. He was glad to have site representatives showing up at the premiere. He refered me to Tim Sovay himself who was standing right next to him. I turn and greet him, and we discuss as well as his job. After saying goodbye, the other man told us we could walk the 'black carpet' at any time.

Walking along the black carpet made me feel like a movie star. Masses of press shined there, cameras in my face and illuminated the whole black carpet. It was decorated with various Jack figures and pumpkins. As I took a bit of pictures Briana told me to move it because people were coming behind us. So I trail after Briana, and we end up in the front of the El Capitan Theater. A lady takes our cameras away, so unfortunately we couldn't capture any pictures inside the theater. People littered the lobby, we went to our seats and started to ask one of the women working there, if any other famous people are here. She told us she didn't know, that is, until she pointed out the two infamous twin stars of 'The Suite Life of Zack and Cody'. Nothing too special, they were sitting in the section next to us a few rows down. Our seats were on the balcony, it was a very nice seat that overviewed the theater, which of course was very beautiful.

Our ticket provided us with free popcorn (in a TNBC container) and a drink. After loading up on our treats we took a pair of 3D glasses for the show and settled down in our seats. I proposed we look at the Puppet Exhibit downstairs in the lobby, so Briana and I walk down there where a sign waited for us, as well as an archway covered with black streamers. Going through we are greeted from the left by the original Oogie Boogie puppet that they used in The Nightmare Before Christmas. I almost died. I couldn't beleive it was standing in front of us. Next to Oogie were the original puppets of Lock, Shock, and Barrel. Next to the trio was our dear Sally, and then it was Jack Skellington himself. Next to Jack was the Mayor and next to him was Dr. Finkelstein. Then it was the chunky little boy in the pajamas chased down by a Pumpkin Jack in the box. Next to the boy was Mrs. Clause, and then next to her was the various Elves from Christmas Town. Not only that, but stations between the coffins with TVs in them playing Oogie's Revenge, was the very famous and original, (and not to mention all natural) Spiral Hill.

Across the glass casings of the puppets were several booths where one could go and play The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge. The booths were shaped like coffins and provided with an X-Box controller. As all the systems were X-Box. After Briana and I beat Chapter 1 of the game, we decided to go check out the store that stood adjacent to the lobby. I browsed through various Nightmare Before Christmas goods, and a jar shaped and decorated like 'Deadly Night Shade' caught my eye. I decided that I would buy it after the show.

Going back up into the balcony, Briana and I settled into our seats and waited for the show to begin. An organ player was playing the organ on the stage as a method of entertainment before the show started. They played from Phantom of the Opera to The Nightmare Before Christmas until it was time to see the show. Briana and I were chatting with one of the employees of the place, she told us of the various people that have attended the theater before. After a while the lights darkened, and the screen came one warning us that the movie will commence. A Jack-in-the-box appeared and said the movie would start in 3, 2, 1, and a Pumpkin head popped out of it.

Then it was time to see the movie. Of course I enjoyed it, the 3D effects made it look very real. The puppets stood out and it felt like you could actually touch them. All in all the movie experience was great, I may have spilled some of my drink, but all was good! After the movie we left the balcony to the lobby. Briana and I checked to see if there were any more famous people, and that's when Marylin Manson walked next to us toward the exit. Briana went crazy and so she went up to him and shook his hand. I laughed as she continued spazzing out when I noticed someone next to me.

00 The man who was a main role in the making of TNBC, Danny Elfman himself. I didn't beleive it at first, and had to squint my eyes to see. We decided to follow him, the employees ushered everyone toward the after-party across the street. I tried to snap a picture of Danny, but he was too fast for me and instead I got his head from behind. The entrance to the after-party was great, clowns in black on stilts decorated the entrance of the club where it was hosted. Danny Elfman was still in front of us, and after the guards saw our creden- tials we went inside.

The club was dark and fog was littered everywhere. Dark colors were used, nothing light. Black, purple were the basic colors. We saw Marylin Manson sitting at a reserved table while Danny Elfman proceeded to the center of the table area. Of course guards were everywhere so we couldn't go near him. Briana was hungry, so we decided to get some food. The club was decorated with TNBC decorations, a huge Spiral Hill stood on a stage-like thing as a background scenery. The food was appropiate, salad, stuffing, chicken, biscuits. For desserts they had pumpkin cookies, sundaes, cheesecake. Very delicious. Briana and I ate outside, and when we went back inside, we almost ran into Napoleon Dynamite a.k.a. Jon Heder and his brother. After a while we decided to end our night of ghoulish fun, so we exited the club. They handed out a free complimentary special edition of The Nightmare Before Christmas with a bonus CD on it featuring new artists' versions of some songs.

And so that ended our journey of the World Premiere of The Nightmare Before Christmas. It was a great experience that I could never have enjoyed without Diabl@'s help. Thank you so very much! I could not have written any of this without you! I hope you all end up seeing The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D one day, because the experience is absolutely amazing! I recommend the Pantages Theater, because it has some of the original puppets used in the actual movie. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the review! Smile

~ Oogie ~

Thanks a lot to for letting us use some of their photos!

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