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This walkthrough was originally written for the Japanese version of Oogie's Revenge back in 2004, but it works just fine with the American and European versions too, with one exception. In the Japanese one you cannot run in battles, you can only walk and jump. So when it says "keep jumping/dodging around", simply running might be much easier in the other two. When I refer to something as "hard", that means it's hard in the Japanese version, and probably easier in the others. Some items or other things might have slightly different names as well. Lastly, this was written for the PS2 version, so on the Xbox you will have to use different buttons.

If you just want to know how to finish a certain chapter, you should probably just read the walkthrough for that one. However, these chapter walkthroughs presume that you have read the first two tutorials, at least because they might answer lots of why's about strategic stuff, and because some terms are only explained there.

The game has several secret places, called Hidden Places. Since these are area-based, and not chapter-based, they are only included in the chapter walkthroughs when you need to get to one of them, or for tips. For a full list of them, check the Maps Section.

Storywise parts are written in italic letters. Things you have to do are listed with ♣s.

Have fun! Smile

~ Diabl@ ~

Tutorial - Game Basics

Are you completely new to the game? This is where you should start!

Tutorial - Controls and Fighting

This tutorial tells you how to control Jack in his various forms, what enemies you will encounter, and how to fight against them. It also has videos demonstrating Jack's various attacks.

Tutorial - How to Dance!

Many people seem to have problems with dancing effectively (meaning getting all or most of the buttons right). While there's no real recipe to that, this tutorial has several tips to get you started.

Collection - Items

Are you missing any Golden Pumpkins or Crystal Skulls? Do you just want to know what all those items are for? Then this is where you should look!

Collection - Figures

Are you trying to complete your figure collection, but it's not going so well? Then you've come to the right place!

Maps, Hidden Places

Can't you find some Hidden Places? Are you lost in the Hinterlands? Maps are your friends, then!

Movie Clips List

Have you finished the game, but some movie clips are still missing? No wonder, not all of them get unlocked automatically. Here's where you can find/unlock them all.

Walkthrough - Chapter 01 - Jack's Return
Walkthrough - Chapter 02 - The Witching Hour
Walkthrough - Chapter 03 - The Hanging Tree
Walkthrough - Chapter 04 - Grave Danger
Walkthrough - Chapter 05 - The Crypt Creeper
Walkthrough - Chapter 06 - The Doctor's Hunch
Walkthrough - Chapter 07 - The Lightning Round
Walkthrough - Chapter 08 - Changing Brains
Walkthrough - Chapter 09 - Pumpkin Patch Possession
Walkthrough - Chapter 10 - Barrel's Maze
Walkthrough - Chapter 11 - Peril in the Pumpkin Head
Walkthrough - Chapter 12 - Runaway Clown
Walkthrough - Chapter 13 - The Vampire Brothers
Walkthrough - Chapter 14 - The Mayor's Madhouse
Walkthrough - Chapter 15 - Rooftop Rumble
Walkthrough - Chapter 16 - The Grisly Gauntlet
Walkthrough - Chapter 17 - Casino Clash
Walkthrough - Chapter 18 - Spiral Hill
Walkthrough - Chapter 19 - The Hinterlands - Part 1
Walkthrough - Chapter 20 - Fire and Ice Frenzy
Walkthrough - Chapter 21 - The Hinterlands - Part 2
Walkthrough - Chapter 22 - Christmas Town
Walkthrough - Chapter 23 - Saving Sandy
Walkthrough - Chapter 24 - Taking out the Trash
Walkthrough - Secret Chapter - Deadly Nightshade
Walkthrough - Secret Chapter - Bone Biscuit Burglary

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