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Ψ Halloween Town Square Ψ

Jack arrives in a deserted Halloween Town. He then suspects that something terrible's happened, so he goes off in search of his friends.

Go keep going through the course and follow the arrows. There will be arrows to guide you to the place you need to go. It's fairly easy now since its the beginning, I'm trusting that you can go through it yourselves. Do not worry, because there are stone tablets, telling you the controls as you progress. Just ignore the enemies for now and go on, to the fourth area.

The Mayor comes tumbling over calling your name. He explains that bugs have overruled the town and that all of their residents are hiding. Jack states he needs to get to the bottom of this and the Mayor praises him for volunteering. He then gives you the Frog Gun your first weapon. The Mayor then wishes you luck and rolls off.

Now that you have your first weapon you can kill all those nasty bugs! Grinb

Keep going and follow the arrows. When you reach the first interjection instead of going in the direction the arrow points (up) go down. Keep going down until you reach a place where you cannot go any further. This is just to clear the area so it won't be a surprise later. Now then go back up and this time go where the arrow points (which is up).

Not long after that, you'll see an arrow pointing right, ignore it for now and go up where there's a ladder. Face the obstacles, (they aren't that hard) and keep going till you have come to a dead end with a present. Walk toward the present, it will open and you get.... a shoe!! As a matter of fact it's Sally's Shoe (I wonder how it got there! =o).

Go back, and this time follow the arrow until you meet the Mayor again. He will ask you if you want an explanation on Pick Ups and Shrunken Heads. (I would say yes! Smile)

After his explanation (or not Tongue) continue until you reach an arrow pointing up. Go right on a ledge, you will see another present. Go up to it, and out comes a Shrunken Head! Congratulations! You found your first one! If you said yes to the Mayor, he'll give you a hint that there is a Shrunken Head nearby. Looks like you found it!

Continue through the Halloween Town Square following the arrows. If you need health use the Electric Chair once you come to it, after that there's a Pumpkin Jack scarecrow. Those are save points, if you haven't realized, press B and save your game 'cause it's almost boss time!

Once you see the Mayor, approach him.

Jack sees the Mayor in distress as he goes through Halloween Town. He explains that the bug before him is different. It's a big one, holding an arrow pointing right. The Mayor then says that its boss is in the next area (the crypt). He wishes Jack good luck for the upcoming fight and tumbles off.

Kill the bug, and continue onto the crypt area. Boss time! Grinb

As Jack walks into the crypt he notices something. Just when he thinks is nothing a huge spider comes down from the ceiling of the crypt and attacks!

Boss Battle - Mega Spider

Does this spider remind you of anyone? Think of it when Oogie scared Sandy Claws with that spider from his head. The one you got a close up on. Grinb

Anyway, the Mega Spider has an attacking pattern, when it goes up into its spider web, don't worry. You'll see the layout of the spider go down and a few seconds after that the spider descends onto you. It'll stay put so start hitting it with your Frog Gun. then the spider will go up, you'll see its outline again. Right when it goes up run to one of the corners and duck, the spider will come mid way and start swinging around.

It'll then go up and baby spiders will start coming down. Immediately when the spiders hit the ground they come scurrying toward you. Use your Frog Gun to easily dispose of them (while you're ducking still).

Right when you kill the baby spiders the Mega Spider will come down and shoot several spider webs at you. Don't move. You're in the corner and the spider webs won't reach you.

For its last attack it comes down, (remember to spot the outline) it stays put for a few seconds so start hitting it with your Frog Gun. After a few seconds run all the way to corner, because if you wait long enough the spider will start swinging around and it'll hurt you. After hitting it a few times run to the corner so its swinging attack won't hit you, then when it swings to your side, use your frogs breath attack to hurt it. The Frog Gun will reach it.

After it swings a few times it'll go up again. When it comes down it starts again with its first move which was staying put. Go to it and give it all you got. You should defeat him by beginning of the second revolution of the pattern. When the spider is defeated it'll burst into blue flames and its guts will splatter all over the screen. (Darn you! Frownb)

Congratulations! You defeated your first boss! Now enjoy it by watching Jack dance!

After the battle, exit the crypt and continue on the path. After the first area you'll come to a door, a sign saying "Jack's House" and an arrow indicating to go pinto it. Follow the directions and head inside.
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