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Ψ Jack's House Ψ

Well, you're back here again! Anyway, you'll finally get to finish exploring Jack's House!

You'll end up at the starting point right above the area you completed back in Chapter 2. Now follow the arrows straight. In this area you'll find bugs with red, green, and yellow backs. Jump on them and use them as a trampoline to bounce up to the high ledge. There will also be a skull blowing out purple fumes; if the fumes touch you then the controls will all be messed up. Basically, everything turns opposite, so to go left you press right and etc. Second room from the door is the Mayor and right beside him is one of the four Vampire Brothers.

Jack now encounters the Mayor and one of the Vampire Brothers. The Mayor explains that the Vampire has lost his mind (or regained his sanity). The Vampire starts babbling about how he's a vegetarian and he hates blood. Jack is shocked by this, and asks the Mayor about the cause of this problem. The Mayor tells him that probably a purple smoke made him insane. He asks Jack if he could find the source for this smoke in order to make the Vampire regain his insanity. Then he warns you, that you should not let the smoke get you either. Before he leaves the Mayor, he tells Jack that he locked all the doors to his house for security reasons and if he wants to open one of that, he has to light a lamp. Jack thanks him and he goes off.

Continue heading left. When you see a lamp with a jack-o-lantern face, use your Pumpkin Bombs to light it. Hurry and reach onto the ledge before the fire goes out and the doors close. This will be a frustrating part of the game. Before you go to the next area, climb up to the edge next to the door, go there and climb down the ladder. Nothing much, so exit back, this time going through the door. (Just to fill in the area Grinb)

Go through the next area and climb up from the ladder to another one. When you see an arrow pointing left, go right instead. Keep going and use your Spicy Bottle to break the barrier. You'll end up falling down so climb back up to that room. When you jump again, use your Pumpkin Bomb to light the lantern, and make sure you're falling so you can get hold of the edge so you won't fall all the way down. Now that you're familiar with it, try it again but start off at the very beginning of the area. Use your Spicy Bottle; hold it until you hear that large boom again when you're blasting off. You'll hopefully land on a ledge.

Now, this is the part where you get your Pumpkin Bombs ready. As you fall quickly, use your weapon to light the lantern and get hold of the edge. Jump on the bouncy bugs to you get to a high ledge. In the next area, there is a present and inside you can find the Clown's Beanie! Now retrace your steps till you reach the arrow pointing left and go left. Make sure you light the lantern!

Now you'll be back in Jacks House. Continue going through the path. Go across the room until you see a ghost block on a ledge, hit it with your bats. (There will be another ghost block at the beginning of the room, but ignore it) Hit it with your arrow and go up on the bouncy bugs. Lit the lantern and dash across the room, use the ghost to get upon the ledge and go through the door before it shuts.

Fall down to the bottom of the next room and keep going through the path, although the arrow points to the door that's shut. When you get to the top, prepare your Pumpkin Bombs for another fall. Time yourself and hit the lantern. There is no rush! Except for Oogie slowly bugging up Halloween Town Smileb When you get to the bottom, go where the arrow points you to go.

You end up outside again. Use the bouncy bugs to get up the area. Then go down and land on another bouncy bug, use your bombs to break the barrier and continue. Now beware of the purple smoke again, they'll screw up your controls! Eventually you'll have to light a lantern, dash across the enemy and smoke infested room in order to reach the other side before the door closes.

If you passed all the obstacles you'll finally get to an Electric Chair. (I know you'll need to heal Smile) Anyway, continue and you'll be back in Jack's House. Save and keep on going until you see a large bug with an arrow pointing right. You know what this means.......Boss time!!

Jack enters into a very large room in his house, when suddenly the ground begins to quake! Jack bewilderedly looks up to see a giant moth glide right past him. Then it flies up and slowly descends to start its attack on you!

Boss Battle - Colossal Moth

Huge buggy! Anyway, this can be very easy or very hard depends on when do you have to attack. Now, stage one of the battle is simple. Go to the middle of the room where the moth is, then duck. The moth's first attack is to slam down on you. If you duck, it won't be able to. When it gets to a normal position, it will breathe two mists of purple smoke that will go towards you. Run to the corner until the smoke fades. The go back to the middle and use your Frog Gun on him. It'll start going up and down throwing these spheres from its mouth, don't worry though, the attack from the Frog Gun will destroy it before it reaches you. Then once it stops, duck for the slam attack. Keep doing this until the cuts on the mouths wings start to appear and leak drops of acid.

The moth will ascend to the very top of the room, and create a pool of acid. Now stay cool and go on one of the left or right ledges. Wait until it summons its poison smoke, then jump to the middle platform and use your Frog Gun. You will get hurt each time it comes down so conserve your health while fighting the moth in the first stage. The acid will slowly rise up as the battle progresses but don't worry.

If you keep following the pattern, you'll eventually defeat him. It's not much from a hard boss. Well at least not health wise.

When you defeat him, the moth's color will fade and it'll burst into flames. Once again enjoy the musical stylings of Buena Vista and Jack's dance.

Head across the room to the other side to get to a gate and a bat. Use your Bat Boomerangs on the bat with one wing to lower the gate. Keep going up until you see two ladders. Go on the one on the right and go back to the Vampire on the Mayor.

The Vampire is now himself. He asks Jack what happened, and Jack makes sure he's back to normal by asking him what comes to mind when he says "blood'. After the Vampire tells him that it reminded him of lunch, Jack is relieved that he's ok. The Vampire then tells Jack that Dr. Finkelstein gave him something and was asked to give it to him. Jack then receives an upgrade for his Bat Boomerang. Jack then remembers he has to look for Sally. The Vampire tells Jack to go check the Tree house if the trio is involved. The Vampire explains that it's an abandoned building on the outskirts of the town. He tells him that he can go into it by going through the doors on the very edge of Halloween Town Square. Jack thanks the Vampire and says he'll go check it out.

Awesome! You can now throw multiple homing Bat Boomerangs! Now, before you leave, there will be one area on the map that hasn't been filled. Remember you couldn't get your Bat Boomerang to go through the gate? Well, go back to that very place and use your NEW weapon against the evil gate. You'll end up going through the place where you were trapped before, but anyway, when you reach the gate, use your bat Boomerang and voila! It opens! Go through the raging battlefield and collect your prize! You get Behemoth's Axe! Another Pick-Up! Aren't we on a roll!

Yay! You have officially completed Jack's House! Now keep going until you get back to Halloween Town Square.
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