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Ψ Oogie's Lair Ψ

Whoa oh! We're gonna have a fun time exploring this one! All right, letís start this puppy! Go right, in the next area a cutscene will occur.

Jack hears a loud scream that makes him worry. Suddenly the Clown with the tear away face wheels in yelling that he can't see. He bumps into the trees and suddenly notices that someone is in his presence. Thinking that it's Jack, he calls out for him, then Jack tries to calm him down and tells him to explain what happened. The Clown explains that the bugs came from everywhere so he ran away. But bugs were still there. He was so scared that his face fell off and now he doesn't know where it is. Jack apologizes and asks if he's seen Sally. The Clown tells him he has not seen the face but then says that before his face fell off he saw her but doesn't remember where. The Clown then tells Jack that if he had his face he could think more clearly. So Jack goes off to find the Clown's face.

Now continue right. Conserve your health here because there are obstacles everywhere. Anyway, heal with the Electric Chair and save with the scarecrow. You'll be facing all your past enemies and some new ones. Beware the trees with scary faces, they will spit out rolling rocks at you. So try getting out of that area as quick as possible. Keep going right till you go up the long ladders. Keep climbing and past the obstacles as you're climbing. When you're at the top, head left.

Use the ladder to head down. Explore it till the end then go back and climb it up. Now jump on the ledges and head to the other side to get to the next area. As you cross, be careful not to fall and pace yourself when it comes to the revolving swords. When you get across, you'll see a gate and another bat switch. Use your Bat Boomerang to hit the switch and go down the path until you reach a present.

Be careful about the hives, use your bats on them before they spit out bees. And even if it does, your bats will easily kill them. But make sure you're attacking from a distance. Get to the present at the end of the trail to receive Fog Juice! Now retrace your steps and keep going on the original trail you were traveling before.

Your next task will be climbing up a large scale wall, while dodging swords. It might get a little frustrating. Anyway, keep going through the obstacles until you reach another ledge with a ladder leading down. Go down it (nothing is there) then go back up and continue crossing the area till you get to the other side. Keep on going through the rooms until you reach a dead end. You'll reach a weird strange place with piranhaís flying from behind pillars. The piranhas are green; there is only one orange piranha which is holding the Clown's face in its mouth. Every time it passes damage it until you completely destroys it. Take the face and then head back to the Clown.

The Clown cries with glee and thanks Jack for all his help in finding his face. As a thank you for Jack's help, the Clown upgrades your Pumpkin Bombs. The Clown then tells Jack that he saw Sally near the tree house. He also tells him that a lot of bugs are coming from that building also. Jack thanks him and goes off to find her.

Now go right until you see a cage and a lever attached to the rather large tree house. Go inside the cage, the cage will go up but will stop and then itíll go down ascending into the depths of Oogie's Lair.
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