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Ψ Oogie's Lair Ψ

We're getting cloooser! Grinb

From the cage go right and start passing the obstacles set out for you. It will get harder and harder since you're at the end of the game. Now, in the second area Jack will start exclaiming how creepy this place is and that he has never seen something like this in Halloween Town before. After his short talk, continue going right and when you enter into that large room, go to the end of it and find a blue skull, climb down it (extend into a skeleton) and you'll be in another big room. Be careful not to fall to the bottom since it's all spiked. Go to the right end of the room. There will be a ball and chain. The ball has a little saucer in the middle with spikes on the top. Jump to that saucer and use climb upon it; you'll get hurt but use it as a boost to get up to another ledge. You'll have to do this a few times here. It might be a little difficult but with enough practice you'll get it done!

Continue down the path, you'll end up jumping on more balls and chains. Keep on going pasting numerous obstacles and enemies that keep interfering with your journey. Also, conserve your health, because you'll take a lot of beatings out of this chapter.

Keep going; you'll eventually get to a snake with wings. It's the same thing with the orange snakes at the acid baths. Use your Frog Gun to guide yourself to the finish line. Anyway, you'll do this quite a few times here. Keep following the trail; you'll be tested on everything you ever did before Oogie's Lair. All obstacles have came back and you must past them all to reach Oogie. Heal yourself at the Electric Chair and save at the scarecrow.

You'll end up in front of another arrow pointing bug! It's a boss time! And not only that, you now get to meet Oogie! Mwahahaha!! Now prepare for one of the best moments in the game and TNBC history! Destroy the bug and head inside!!

Jack enters a dark lair when a voice booms asking if Jack is the Pumpkin King. Jack is angry and he tells him to show himself. Suddenly a spotlight appears and out appears Oogie Boogie, who introduces himself as the King of All Bugs. Jack yells that he is responsible for all this. Oogie then explains that Halloween Town is now his and he is going to turn Halloween into his own holiday Crawloween. Jack tells him that he cannot allow this. Oogie then laughs and jumps to his platform and starts twirling his wheel summoning a large centipede to attack Jack!

Boss Battle - Zombie Centipede

The centipede will start off by flying at you going up and down. Use the two pillars to jump over him when he comes toward you. After it does that a couple times, it will come toward you and its body will become a pillar and slam at you. If you're far away from it, then it won't effect you. The only way to hurt the centipede is by hitting its body when it grows a scary face. Hit it the parts of his body until to turns grey. When he is slamming himself at you keep using your Bat Boomerang. Then it will throw its body at you, but if youíre far enough away, it won't effect you. After that the centipede will either do his first attack or second attack. Keep going and keep hitting him until his whole body turns grey.

When his whole body turns grey it is destroyed. The head with a mouth and eyes will close and one big eye will appear on it. It will slowly follow you so keep attacking it. It will move toward you until it stops and starts turning around, throwing eye balls at you. It's hard to avoid, it depends where you're standing on, whether you get hit or not. As it comes toward you, jump over it and continue your barrage. The farther away you are, the better.

This is the hardest boss so far, but it's not that hard. You have to conserve your energy if you want to win.

Anyway, when you defeat it it'll burst into flames and its guts will splatter on the screen like every boss. Now stay tuned for yet another Jack dance Frownlb

Oogie admits that Jack is a formidable opponent. He then tells him that heís won this time but itís not over. Jack then tells him that itís over and to leave Halloween Town. Oogie shouts never, and Lock, Shock, and Barrel arrive at the scene. They tell him that they fixed the elevator. Oogie thanks them and tells Jack he'll be waiting for him there along with a rag doll. He then scrams with the trio. Jack figures out that the rag doll is Sally and goes off in pursuit of Oogie.

Continue through the boss arena and you'll end up back into that large room where you went down the blue skull. Go down it again and you'll end up in another big room. Use your Spicy Bottle and blast into the left part of the room. Use the ghost to get up to the ledge and continue on. This Shrunken Head is very difficult to get. You have to use the ball and chain with saucers, to get up to the top. It'll take a lot of patience, and I know as a fact you'll get frustrated. Keep facing the very difficult obstacles. If you manage to pass, you'll receive a Shrunken Head!

Now head back to the cage and go back up to where the elevator lever is. If you need to use the Electric Chair near the Clown, go on ahead. After that, come back and use your bomb on the lever making it turn. Then go back in the cage and head up to the real Lair! Grinb
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