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Ψ Oogie's Lair Ψ

Well, the easy stuff is done! Now for the hard stuff to start! Smileb

You're now in the Tree House, the real lair. This will be last level you'll pass. Go right. There are some new enemies in this part of Oogie's Lair. There will be axes and knives stuck to the wall. Be careful not to hit them, some are fake and some are real. (You can tell though Wink) Also, if you see a firecracker nearby, be cautious when you attack, because if an attack hits the firecracker it'll come shooting toward you! In the second area after the entrance there will be a cutscene between you and the little pranksters.

Lock, Shock, and Barrel greet Jack. Jack's very angry, ad asks them where Sally is. The three say that they can't tell or Oogie will beat them up. Jack then warns them it's him they should be worried about. The trio scared make a break for it and Jack runs after them.

Continue left, passing the obstacles as you go. Beware the flying axes from the walls! Anyway, go up and you'll eventually come to two ladders. One leading up and one leading down. Take the one that leads down to claim nothing. (Remember filling in areas?) Go back up and this time take the other ladder.

You'll end up facing buckets that will fly at you and spin around. Destroy one with your bats and the other two will fly away. If the three buckets fly around you, it'll make you go slow. Continue through the path, defeating enemies and passing various obstacles. When you get through the up and down fiasco there will be an intersection at the end. Go down.

Keep going until you reach the present at the end. Inside are Doc's Shades! Go back, and this time go left. When you reach a large room with those boxing bugs there will be a ghost in the bottom right corner of the room. Use it, and then go to the ledge on the other side of the room. Use the ghost to get to the next area. Keep on going until you reach an Electric Chair. Heal, then save with the scarecrow in the next area. You'll meet with Lock, Shock, and Barrel!

Jack finally meets with Lock, Shock, and Barrel. The three kids yell at each other on whose idea was it to go this way. Then one of the kids say that the room they're in has many nasty surprises. Jack who overhears them asks them about the surprises they're mentioning. The Lock, Shock, and Barrel laugh and run away. Jack wonders what kind of traps are set up for him. He then goes off after them.

Go right and the next room will contain large skull smashers that go up and slam down upon you. Pace yourself and run to the next point when the trap rises up. You'll encounter this through the next room too. But in the second room there will be more obstacles you'll be facing while you dodge the smashing pillars. Climb up the ladder and prepare for a boss fight.

Boss Battle - Lock, Shock, and Barrel

This is a very easy battle. What you do is push them and as you push different traps and obstacles will try to hurt you. Pace yourself, the trio will throw cages of bugs at you, so don't go to fast. Keep pushing them throughout the room until you reach to corner them onto the spiked wall at the end of the room.

When it's over you'll appear in the room before the trapping rooms. Another cutscene will occur.

Jack asks once again where Sally is. The trio apologizes and tells him that she's with Oogie. They also give Jack a present for all his trouble. They then throw a bomb of smoke at Jack and use that to escape down the ducts to Oogie's Lair. After the smoke clears Jack claims they could get to Oogie if they find the ducts. He then goes in search for the entrance.

Go left and there is the entrance! You're going to have to use Zero to get through here, though. This will be the last time you'll need Zero's assistance. Don't forget to get the Shrunken Head while you're in there. Press B and head into the belly of the beast! Grinb
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