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Ψ Oogie's Lair Ψ

Now it's time to die! Mwahahahah! Your very first fight with Oogie! Prepare yourself! Grinb

Go right, heal, save and do what you need to do to prepare for this match. Head on down to the first large room with two big gates. As you pass the gates a cutscene occurs.

Jack wanders by a very large gate when Oogie's voice is suddenly heard. As Jack turns around, the gates slowly open and Oogie appears to taunt Jack. Jack demands he change Halloween Town back to how it was. Oogie declines and declares himself as the King of Halloween. Jack tells him not to make him laugh. Oogie replies by saying it's his last laugh....

Boss Battle - Oogie Boogie

This will be one of the longest battles ever! You fight Oogie on his roulette platform which keeps spinning. And if you don't be careful, you'll end up slamming against a spiked wall! That's right, both sides of the arena are blocked off by spiked walls. So keep running!

You will start off behind Oogie. Run and jump in front of him. Always be in front of him, you'll end up receiving less damage. Now there is a die on the top of the screen. Oogie determines his attack by the roll of his dice. When Oogie rolls them, the die on top of the screen starts moving.

If the die lands on red, (1 or 2) Oogie will summon his King card, which will try to slash you with its swords. If your stay away from the card it can't do much. It'll move only to a little distance. If it lands on blue, (3 or 4) Oogie will summon buzzsaws. (he summons two, one on each end of the arena) They're a little harder to dodge, when they come down to slice you jump over them. (Whatever you do, don't be caught in the middle when he summons the buzzsaws!) If the die lands on yellow, (5 or 6) Oogie will start moving toward you in an attempt to back slam you. This is the hardest to avoid, depending on which end of the roulette, try to jump over him so he misses you.

The only way to damage Oogie is after he throws his dice. He will be in a weak position (I think you can tell when that happens! Tongue) and start attacking him with all you got! As the battle progresses on and as you take damage out of him, Oogie will give you less chance to hit him. The weapon of choice here can be anything, but I strongly recommend the bat Boomerang. Just to be safe. Smileb

Also, Oogie's attacks get upgraded throughout the battle. Depending on how much health you took out of him. When it lands on red, more King cards will be summoned around the arena. If you're near defeating him, four King cards will appear in each section of the arena. If it lands on blue, the buzzsaws will go faster and will last longer. If it's yellow, Oogie will move fast, making it really hard to dodge him. If you keep barraging him with attacks you can come through. Another strategy is to use a bunch of Pumpkin Bombs at the beginning when he gives you a longer chance of attacking him. If you do that, the battle can end more quickly. But if you want to play it safe keep using your Bat Boomerangs from a safe distance.

Well, after you defeat him (haters! Frownb) enjoy Jack's last dance! Grinb

Oogie sits there defeated, trying to regain his breath. Jack tells him to give up. Oogie jumps right up with a solid 'Never'. He says he'll never give up and has still one more card to play. He then escapes through the gates which close behind him. Jack yells for him to come back and doesn't believe that Oogie declares himself the Pumpkin King when he's the king. Jack then goes off to find him.
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