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Ψ Jack's House Ψ

Now you're in the area before Jack's House. Shall we, then? Smileb

Go through the path, eliminating all bugs in your way! Here you'll encounter catapults, which will launch cannon balls at you. You can easily destroy them by using your Frog Gun. Other than that, nothing new. In the third area you'll see Lock, Shock, and Barrel walking around in their bathtub. Approach them.

Lock, Shock, and Barrel spot Jack coming, and run. Then you hear a familiar scream. The Mayor tumbles into Jack's presence and then explains that Lock, Shock, and Barrel have been racing all over Halloween Town. The Mayor then asks Jack why Zero's not with him. Jack then gets an idea. He states that if those pranksters are up to no good, Zero can sure sniff it out. Suddenly after that Lock, Shock, and Barrel race past them bumping the Mayor making him tumble away. The Mayor's screams are then heard again.

Continue on, until you reach an Electric Chair. Then go on, and save at the Pumpkin King scarecrow. Continue down, before you reach the eighth area of the map, you'll see a gate and a bat missing one wing behind it. Ignore it, but remember it later as you proceed to the eighth area. Now you'll be at Jack's front porch, go inside his house.
Looks like his house is infested with bug! And you think you could get a good night's rest in it. In the first area, there are two exits out of the house, climb the ladder and go right (you'll end up on the roof =o) and if you go then normal way you came in you end up on his porch.

Go through his beetle infested house (there's only one path you can take here). Then in the sixteenth area of the house Jack finds Zero. As he goes to pet him a gate closes him into the room. Jack ran over to see Lock, Shock, and Barrel. They laugh at him and tell him he's trapped, they then run to get their Newt Nugget reward. Jack then ponders on a way out.

You're trapped! Big deal, you now have Zero with you! Continue straight, until you reach a bunch of Pumpkin Blocks blocking your way. Go over to the fireplace and use your Frog Gun. The attack will knock the wood over, leaving the fireplace open. Go over to it and press B. Zero will then go into the chimney and lead Jack out of his own house. How it is done, I do not know.

You will now control Zero, it's easy to control him and the course isn't that hard either. But keep your eyes peeled because there is a Shrunken Head in the chimney. Cross the course to exit on the roof of Jack's House.

Now that you're out of the house, exit the map and go back the way you came from, to Halloween Town Square.

As Jack is about to exit he hears a large rumbling noise. The Mayor then cries for Jack as he spins over to him. He then says it came from the Doctor's Lab. Jack says he'll check it out and hopes the Doctor and Igor are ok. The Mayor then mentions Sally, Jack's never heard of her. The Mayor tells him she's a living rag doll the Doctor made. He then says that the Doctor's Lab was locked and that he unlocked in order for Jack to check it out. After that the Mayor spins off.

Continue out of the area and exit to Halloween Town Square.

Ψ Halloween Town Square Ψ

Back in Halloween Town Square continue to the area next to Jack's House. You'll see another doorway, a sign saying "Doctor's Lab" with an arrow point up towards it. I think you know what this means! Now go on and enter the lab!
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