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Ψ Doctor's Lab Ψ

Now you're in the Doctor's realm! You're at his mercy! Grinb

The Doctor really doesn't want people to disturb him, huh? Walk down the path, but be careful of the electric rays that will shoot electricity at you. You can't destroy them but simply jump over them. Go on and save at the scarecrow. Keep following the arrows until you reach the Doctor's Lab, there's nothing more to do then to head inside.

Go up, you'll see a force field blocking one area, so ignore it and head to the area on the left. When you climb up the tower there'll be an arrow pointing left at the top. Do not go left, and instead go right. Keep going right until you reach the Doctor's experiment area where you see a note and a bottle with a bat in it. Read the note, it states that he finally completed his Bat Boomerang. he brags How he is going to win this year's Ghastly Gadget contest after that. Jack says it might come in handy, so he takes it. What ever happened to privacy!

Congratulations! You got your second weapon the Bat Boomerang! When you use it you'll throw bats at your enemies. It's good for long range attacks, but it's slower than your Frog Gun.

Go back and this time follow the arrow to the left. Do not use your Bat Boomerang when you enter the next area after the arrow. Go down instead, and go right. You'll enter an area full of electric beams shooting at you so be careful, and slowly descend to the bottom. At the bottom you'll find a present, open it and you'll get your second Pick Up, Black Candy! Why Barrel would leave his lollipop here, I have no idea. Carefully climb your way up, and this time head right. You'll end up in the second area of the Doctor's Lab. Follow the arrows and go back to where you fell. There is a bat missing a wing. Using your Bat Boomerang on it and a bridge to other side will appear. Cross it and follow the path till you get to a save point. Make sure you save! Continue to Sally's room, and defeat the bug with the arrow, then head into the next area! Boss time! Grinb

Jack walks into the Doctor's private lab and sees him entangled in a giant snake. He smiles and says that he didn't know he had a new pet. Doctor Finkelstein then cries out that it's not a pet and it captured him! A large snake head then merged from the coilings and attacks Jack!

Boss Battle - Giant Snake

The Doctor's pet really doesn't like you! This battle is harder than the one before. This time there is no pattern. Although it isn't hard to take the snake down, it's hard to hit the snake at the right time.

First, the snake will emerge from one of the walls with a trio of bugs surrounding his face. The snake will also be high or be low. If it's low, run under it and use your Bat Boomerang to hit, using it straight forward. Of course you could always use the coilings of the snake to get to it's level and use it straight forward. The method is up to you.

Then the snake will do random things, he will either emerge from a wall open its mouth and lunge at you, or emerge from a wall and shoot out a fiery purple blast form its mouth making one level of the coilings filled with fire. If he does the first thing use your Bat Boomerang. It's up to you if you want to use the coilings if he's high. I didn't.

Anyway, you may take some hits from it if you attack straight forward on your level. If he does the second thing, jump to another layer and attack him when you get the chance from there. Basically after a chain of these two attacks the snake does his first move with the bugs revolving around his face. He'll stay put and open his mouth. That's the best time to hit him, because he stays like that for a couple seconds and goes back. Then he'll start doing his other two random attacks until he does this one again. So hit him whenever you can and avoid being hit by the flames on whatever levels the flames are on.

You'll eventually beat him if you watch yourself and continue hitting him whenever you can. He is harder to beat but he has really low health, so you'll beat him in no time.

Aww, you killed the Doctor's pet! Frown Oh well, you've just beaten your second boss, so yay! Now sit back for another Jack dance!

The Doctor explains Jack a giant snake appeared while he was doing his research, he then tells him to save Sally. He states Lock, Shock, and Barrel kidnapped her. Jack then ponders why the three would do such a thing. He then says he'll retrieve Sally for her. The Doctor then tells Jack to keep the Bat Boomerang and to use it to save her. He then rolls off. Before he leaves he tells him that the Corpse Kid was here when the snake came, and ran away when it did. He says that he probably ran to the Pumpkin Patch. He then goes back to his research.

Go back the way you came to exit the lab. Before you go hit the bat behind the force field in the first area of the lab. Then exit. Make sure go through all possible areas before the entrance to the lab, then go to back to the entrance to Halloween Town Square.

Ψ Halloween Town Square Ψ

Keep going right from the Doctor's Lab until you reach the doorway to the Pumpkin Patch. Make sure you save! Once you're there, head inside.
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