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Ψ Pumpkin Patch Ψ

You are now entering the frustrating part of the game! Welcome to the Pumpkin Patch at sunset!

Remember that wall you couldn't climb before when you were here? Well, now you can climb it! You'll reach a vine ladder which will lead you right into the area you left off last time you were here. Anyway head left and follow the arrows. The first arrow you see pointing right, head left instead. Climb up the wall and avoid the spiked roots. Get to the top and enter into a small area where another present waits for you! You'll receive a Plasma Pumpkin!

Anyway, go back and follow the arrow this time. Make sure you save and heal yourself with the Pumpkin King scarecrow and the Electric Chair. As you go on you'll see an area blocked by Pumpkin King Blocks. You can't break the barrier yet so continue on the direction you were going. When you see an arrow pointing down go left instead, another area is blocked off by a gate, a bat with a missing wing lies on the other side. Unfortunately your Bat Boomerang can't penetrate it, so go back and follow the arrow now. Keep on going until you meet the Tall Witch.

Jack meets the Tall Witch on his way through the Pumpkin Patch. Jack is glad she's ok, but the witch hasn't the slightest idea what is going on. Jack explains that Halloween Town is being overrun by bugs! The witch then offers her services. She tells Jack that her sister, the Short Witch, is looking for an ingredient to finish Jack's Pumpkin King 'elixir'. The Tall Witch then assures Jack he'll trash those bugs with it. She then tells Jack to go find her sister and to retrieve the final ingredient from her, suspecting that she already has it of course. She then warns Jack about the 'Noise Gnats'. If the bugs hear you you'll be flown back to the start of the area. She then gives him some advice to duck under mushrooms when the gnat is looking for a sound. Jack then goes off to find the Short Witch.

Pass the Tall Witch to enter the first Noise Gnat area. If their eye is blue then continue the path, but when their eye turns red/yellow hurry and duck under a mushroom before it releases its gaze (its eye will be completely red). If you're not under a mushroom you'll be transported back to the start. Anyway, pace yourself to get through the next several areas. It will get difficult when you have to start ducking under moving mushrooms. There will be plenty of obstacles to go through. Just take your time and pace yourself. And whatever you do, don't bang your head against a wall! Grin

Now, when you reach your first room with moving mushrooms take your time to destroy the Pumpkin Block barrier. When you manage to break it go down into the acid bath. And as a melted Jack go through the remainder of the area while ducking under mushrooms. The next area is easy, and then you hit another Noise Gnat room. This time mushrooms are blocking your way. It's pretty straightforward, easier than the last Noise Gnat room. The next room is another easy one, then another one, and then you'll reach the Short Witch. Easy, huh? Well, for now you get to relax but in a couple of seconds prepare to be on the run!

The Short Witch exclaims she is happy Jack is here. She then tells him to deliver the ingredient to her sister, the Tall Witch. The Short Witch then hands over a mushroom with an evil grin. She explains that it's the final ingredient to the elixir but then says that the mushroom will explode not long after you pick them. Jack is in shock as he is faced with a life and death task. The Short Witch then tells Jack to hurry and flees the scene on her broom leaving Jack with an exploding mushroom.

There's a timer in the corner stating when the mushroom is about to explode. Don't waste and hurry through the previous areas, but do NOT rush the Noisy Gnat parts. Forget the time and do it right, if you become flustered and frustrated you probably won't make it out of any of those areas. So be patient as you travel through the Pumpkin Patch. Make up for time when you reach areas without any Noisy Gnats. Good luck and go!

In the area after the Noisy Gnat after where you met the Short Witch don't jump down. Instead destroy those mushrooms on the ledge. Go on and continue to destroy all of them. Once they are all destroyed, hit the ghost block and head down as quickly as you can. On your way back you'll see a bug with an arrow pointing right. I bet you noticed a weird area while you were coming through here, anyways destory the boss's minion and continue toward the boss. Remember the clock is ticking!

As Jack races through the Pumpkin Patch a rather large Rolly Polly appears and attacks Jack!

Boss Battle - Rolly Polly

This is a large area to fight. Anyway, this boss battle is easy. The Rolly Polly has a hard shell so your Frog Gun and Bat Boomerang are useless for now. Its only attack is to roll at you and to shoot baby rolly pollies at you. Easily use your Frog Gun or Bat Boomerang to dispose of the babies when they're thrown at you. For the second attack, there are going to be exploding pumpkins scattered throughout the arena. So jump behind one of those pumpkins and as it rolls toward you it'll explode making the Rolly Polly lie on its back. Then use your Pumpkin Bombs/Bat Boomerang to blast it until it gets back up again and starts rolling at you. Each time you hit it more the less time it'll give you the opportunity to attack. Also, if you're at a dead end and there are no exploding pumpkins and the Rolly Polly is rolling at you, simply jump over it and start running until you find an exploding pumpkin to hide behind. Repeat the process until you've cracked its shell. (If you attack it with Pumpkin Bombs the battle will go by much faster)

As the Rolly Polly lies dead, its belly opens and a larger more deadlier bug emerges!

Boss Battle - Enormous Polly

Now it's on! This huge monster is one to reckon with. First run up the exploding pumpkins and start slamming it with your Bat Boomerang or Pumpkin Bombs. As you stand there you'll will be bombarded by acid and rolly polly balls. The attack won't last long as the pumpkins will explode. You have no choice but to wait on the ground till they materialize once again. As you wait, protect yourself with your bats against the rolly polly balls. Anyways repeat the process, it doesn't really have that much health so you'll be fine. It may be intimidating but it's pretty easy once you've got your game on!

Now see Jack dance for the fourth time!

Hurry to the Tall Witch.

The Tall Witch welcomes Jack back and tells him to give her the mushroom so she can finish the elixir. When Jack presents the mushroom to her, she screams saying it's way to close. Jack then asks what he should do, the witch in reply tells him to throw it far away. And so Jack throws it, it ends up landing in front of the Witch. She screams as it explodes and blasts her out of the area. When the smoke clears Jack and the Tall Witch are back in the same area, he then asks if she's ok. The witch then gives him the elixir which will transform him into the raging Pumpkin King he is. The witch then tells Jack she spotted Lock, Shock, and Barrel at Spiral Hill. Jack thanks the Tall Witch and heads for the Graveyard.

You now have a new weapon! Spicy Bottle! But it is only to be used sparingly. Don't waste your attacks and head out of the area. There's a couple of areas that need exploring before you head to the Graveyard.

Before heading out back to the Graveyard via the coffin. Stop at the barrier of Pumpkin King Blocks and use your Spicy Bottle to blast through it. Past the Noisy Gnat obstacle and head into the next area. Yay! You found a present, approach it to get Barrel's Ball and Chain! Now, head back to the underground portion of the Pumpkin Patch and use the coffin to get back to the Graveyard.

Congratulations, you have completed all areas in this section of the Pumpkin Patch. Although there are still some more areas to explore later, forget about them and head to the Graveyard where you'll be exploring its final area.
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