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Ψ Graveyard Ψ

Phew, back in the Graveyard... again! Go follow the arrows, save, heal, etc. Use your Spicy Bottle when you're confronted with Pumpkin King Blocks. Jump and become a flaming rocket, continue to attack in mid-air as you go through the next area. Do NOT stop, keep going across the huge gap until you get across to the other side. Then stop!

In the next area Lock, Shock, and Barrel ram a lamp until it breaks making the Graveyard dark. No big deal! Continue after them by following the arrows. Keep going until you meet the Mayor and approach him.

The Mayor cries to Jack that Lock, Shock, and Barrel are destroying the street lights. He explains that the whole town is becoming dark and no one can see! The Mayor then smiles and says that he is lucky he had a 'Bat Lamp' with him. The Mayor then gives it to you and tells you to go after the trio. He then tells him once he finds them hiding, blast them with your Frog Gun to "put their lights out". The Mayor wishes you luck and spins off.

Go straight and kill any enemy in your way. Be careful of the red spikes on the ground in some areas anyway. If you see blue flames in the air with evil faces attack them so they can light up the area you're in for a few seconds. (Hey, better than nothing! Smileb) As you continue beware of the jumping Beetle Bugs that'll explode after a time their on you. In the third room from the cutscene you'll have to climb up to the top and step on the red spikes. While you're flashing use that to your advantage to run and jump to the ledge on the other side. Hey, you've got to make sacrifices! Well, in the next room use the ghost at the far end and then go back to the beginning of the area to reach the next place.

Your first LSB! Use your Frog Gun so they can clear a path for you. Keep going until you reach another barrier. There's only one place to go and that's up, so go and chase the little trio! If you see their shadow, use your Frog Gun. There are a lot of fake ones, so once you shot them they'll vanish. Follow the trail until you find the real one. Sometimes you'll have to use your Spicy Bottle to pass large gaps you can't jump. Anyway, when you reach a dead end back track and go across the room. (Like I said, you'll need your Spicy Bottle you get across) You'll end up finding the real LSB, so shoot them so they can flee and run over the barrier they put up. Now continue to the next area.

You'll end up reaching a room with gargoyle statues shooting fire. In order to continue you'll need to use your Spicy Bottle again to get over the first one. Be careful from there and make sure you wait until the gargoyle turns around.

You'll end up reaching another barrier. You know what to do, go off and find the culprits! Passing obstacles on the way. (Oh, and if you check your map their will be an area you passed that hasn't been filled yet. Ignore it, you'll fill it in later.) When the barrier has been broken through continue after them. The chase is almost over! Anyway, continue until you reach Spiral Hill. Go up the hill and down it and keep going to the other side. Now brace yourself with a cutscene!

Jack finally corners Lock, Shock, and Barrel. The three back up and have nowhere to go resort to talking and ask Jack how he's doing. Jack then asks them why they are trying to ruin Halloween. The three accidentally spill the beans that they're working for someone. They scold each other as Jack asks them who their boss is. The three then give Jack a present and while he's distracted they flee the scene. Then you hear the voice of Lock, Shock and Barrel saying there's someone in the way so they go the other way. The Mayor tumbles toward Jack telling him that they're getting away!

The Mayor won't let you go forward so you'll have to go back to Spiral Hill. Go pass Spiral Hill and into the next area, defeat the enemies but there'll be a tombstone in the way. So go back to the Mayor. (This time you'll get to pass him) You'll now be in a room with a bunch of bones blocking your way. Now use your Spicy Bottle wisely on which barriers to break. Anyway, break the first barrier and climb to the top of the room. Then use the Spicy Bottle to cross the gap into the next area. Break the barrier there and you'll uncover a door to the Doctor's Lab! There's nothing left to do, but head inside!
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