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Ah, mother! You care about m

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 09, 2018 12:44:04 am    Post subject: Ah, mother! You care about m Reply with quote

Ah, mother! You care about my life and study, I have tried my best, I have exercised a lot of heart, let me grow up in happiness, and I have made great progress in learning. I want to repay you!mother is not tall, with a face of a melon, her eyes round, like a big almond; her nose is like a small onion, looks very good; her mouth is not too big, like a red cherry. Especially the mother's voice is very big, when I call me, I can hear it from far away.ther asked me to make a few more pages of "Dianzhongdian" to consolidate the knowledge of the day. The next day, my mathematics actually took the first class in the class, it was incredible!ut my mother has a little headache for me. My mother's temper is very big and I can't change it. I remember an exam. I only took 90 points. My mother said to me loudly: "You know how to play all day, don't study hard, and the exam is careless." I was very ashamed, thinking that I must correct the mistake. Thehis is my mother, although she is a bit tempered, but she is very cute.Holding a sports meeting is common to everyone, but for me, this year's sports meeting is an extraordinary experience Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping.game will begin! As usual, we first conducted a broadcast competition.t is the individual project competition, there are many personal projects, throwing softball, standing long jump, 50 meters running...
When the referee said: "Please ask the second-grade students to participate in the men's softball to check the basketball court." When I heard this sentence, I was uneasy and trembled to the checkpoint. Suddenly, the referee began to announce the order of throwing softball. I didn't expect the first one to be me. I picked up the softball and threw it forward. I saw the softball flying, turning into a beautiful arc in the air Marlboro Gold, I looked at the sky and smiled. I threw it twice again. The track of the ball thrown every time was so clear, the curved lines were so beautiful, I was very happy because I felt that I was throwing it well today.second item is running. I walked to the runway where I was, with just the joy. I ran out as the referee made an order. I didn't know anything about the results Marlboro Red 100S, I returned to the rest area. Soon after, I received a cruel news: I didn't even enter the top six this time. As soon as I heard it, the tears flowed down, and the joy just turned into sadness How Much Is A Carton Of Newports. I can't figure out why I tried to run so hard, but I didn't even get the top six! Can I really run fast? Thinking of this, I am even more sad, tears are more. But I turned to think, if I cry again, the collective project can not be compared. So, I wiped away my tears, regained my original smile and state, and greeted the next three items.tudents in our class have performed well in the following three group projects. I feel that I have succeeded because I am one of the participants in the collective project!
hough the sports meeting is only half a day, I understand in this half day: When there is always a failure Marlboro Cigarettes Online, we can't stay in the place of failure. We must learn
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