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Villa decoration

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 09, 2018 1:01:24 pm    Post subject: Villa decoration Reply with quote

<p>The basement of my house will always be very wet, do not know how else? Basement so much moisture in the end come from? If it touches the rainy day, my basement just flooded like floods, wet and Decking Veneer Sale dry everywhere, really uncomfortable. Do not want to put something to put ah, afraid of moldy bacteria ah. The most let me not understand is that the weather will be wet when the weather is good, I really do not understand, this water come from? Strange strange. " PANHOO Moisture Information Editor replies: "The moisture in the basement comes from under the ground, and when it rains, rainwater seeps into the earth, so the entire surface of the Earth is mostly wet, and in our more rainy places </p><p>The water content inside the soil is very high in the rainy area, otherwise, no spring water will be formed and the grass will grow, and the water in the soil will be easily transformed into the water vapor rise due to the natural environment This is what we are saying is how fix a old pontoon bout that there is a resurgence of the home, a resurgence, and the fact that the underground moisture runs to the ground. Some people say: My home floor is poured cement ah, how to run up? This you have to figure out the structure of the cement layer, the cement layer inside there are many, many gaps, like human capillaries, so called cement pipe joints.</p><p> This gives the moisture a way out, so the moisture can rise to the ground through the cement layer. Well, deal with this phenomenon. We have a way: that is, to the ground to apply moisture-proof material, the moisture-proof how to build a wood patio deck material is called moisture-proof liquid, the construction method is the same as the water sprayed onto the concrete floor, the moisture will automatically down infiltration, seepage into the cement layer two or three centimeters away Stopped there. This forms a moisture barrier. So why is it damp-proof? With PANHOO moisture barrier, PANHOO moisture barrier will be encountered in the cement layer after the moisture comes up, then our moisture-proof material will expand due to its material characteristics with water expansion, it expands a few hundred times, It will be the hole inside the how to build a wood deck on concrete patio cement layer to the block to a very tight. In this way, the moisture will not come. "</p>
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